Moonstone MOONSTONE A Fictionwise Fantasy bestseller Young Adult A sickly mom A tiny house trailer High school bullies and snarky drama queens Bad guy dudes with charming smiles Allie has problems And then ther

Moonstone Meaning Healing Properties Energy Muse New Beginnings Protection GroundingBlack Moonstone holds the energy of the New Moon and new beginnings Whether it s the start of a new project, a new pregnancy or setting new intentions, this is a wonderful stone to connect with during that new moon period. Moonstone Meanings and Uses Crystal Vaults Moonstone Goddess Crystals Moonstone honors Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddess of Inspiration and Knowledge She rules the gifts of prophecy and magic, and powers death and rebirth. Moonstone gemstone Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicate Na,K AlSi O of the feldspar group that displays a pearly and opalescent schiller An alternative name is hecatolite. Moonstone Etsy You searched for moonstone Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one of a kind products and gifts related to your search No matter what you re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. What Is Moonstone Gemstone Moonstone Stone GIA Moonstone is a variety of the feldspar group mineral orthoclase During formation, orthoclase and albite separate into alternating layers When light falls between these thin layers it is scattered producing the phenomenon called adularescence. The Meaning of Moonstone and How to Use It Moonstone is a master healer for women it brings soothing, healing, calm energy and helps regain your power and inner balance If you wear your moonstone often, you will also start receiving insights into how you are mistreating your personal energy and how to learn to love and heal yourself. moonstone Natural Moonstone Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Knot Pendant w Jet Genuine Exquisite Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk Tower Jumbo Facet Free Booklet Jet International Crystal Therapy Aura Rock Crystal Natural Polished Earth Spirit Balance Point Gemstone Spiritual Chakra Balancing Psychic Gift Therapy Massage Healing Vibration Wand Moonstone Jewelry by Moon Magic Worldwide Delivery You ve earned free shipping within the US Almost there Add to receive Free Shipping moonstone eBay Sri Lankan Silver Moonstone Platinum Over Sterling Silver Ring TGW . Moonstone jewelry, Find a Healing Moonstone Bracelet and More The Moonstone crystal carries colors and dimensions that are constantly shifting and changing.The healing energy of Moonstone jewelry has been valued for centuries in a variety of cultures the bringer of peace, balance and dreams. The Moonstone The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins is a th century British epistolary novel.It is generally considered to be the first detective novel, and it established Moonstone Definition of Moonstone by Merriam Webster Recent Examples on the Web The brand is known for its use of unorthodox materials, from earrings made of pebbles and sapphires to bracelets formed from moonstone, aluminum, and nutwood. Moon Magic Exclusive Moonstone Jewelry With your help we have already been able to plant than , trees view The Moonstone TV Mini Series A fresh adaptation of English literature s first great detective novel When Franklin Blake returns to England, he is forced to face the ghosts he fled a year ago when the Moonstone, a priceless Indian diamond, was stolen. MoonStone Home Facebook MoonStone South Seneca Suite , Wichita, Kansas Rated . based on Reviews First time to visit The energy is amazing as well as the SparkNotes The Moonstone Plot Overview The Moonstone opens with a written account of the large, yellow, Moonstone diamond, sacred to Hindus as the centerpiece in their idol of the god of the Moon It has been commanded that three Brahmin priests must always guard the stone John Herncastle, while fighting for the British Army in India in Moonstone Books AWAKEN YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE Moonstone is a fun little company who works ridiculously hard to bring escapist entertainment to the masses, whether it be in the form of comic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, novels or short story anthologies. The Complete Guide to Rainbow Moonstone including little Rainbow moonstone was popular in Ancient Rome, China, and India, and remains an extremely well loved stone for its unique look In the ancient world, India was well known for its beautiful rainbow moonstones, which were a huge source of wealth and prestige for those who had access to them. Moonstone Gemstone Information GemSelect Moonstone Gemstone Information Buy Natural Moonstone from GemSelect Moonstone History and Introduction Moonstone is the most well known gemstone variety of orthoclase feldspar, a potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstone Buy Moonstone Gemstones at Wholesale Prices Moonstone Moonstone is the most well known variety of orthoclase feldspar A colorless to yellowish gray, highly translucent to semitransparent stone that reflects light in a distinctive shimmering phenomenon known as adularescence. Silestone Moonstone Silestone, leader in high quality quartz surfaces for the world of the design and architecture, presents his color Moonstone Moonstone Metaphysical Healing Properties Moonstone is a traditional stone for attuning to the ebb and flow of the moon s energy For this reason it can be helpful in stabilising female cycles and can help males be come attuned to the subtle hormonal shifts they experience during the moon phases. moonstone gemstone High quality moonstone gemstone round size with pong basket WensLTD_ PC Boho Jewelry Silver Natural Gemstone Marquise Moonstone Personalized Ring. Moonstone Jewelry Overstock Overstock uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site If you continue on our site, you consent to the use of such cookies. Moonstone jewelry Etsy You searched for moonstone jewelry Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one of a kind products and gifts related to your search No matter what you re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Moonstone Value, Price, and Jewelry Information Pierre de lune Inde , moonstone, India, by Gry Parent.Public domain Moonstones are prized for their adularescence, an optical phenomenon that creates the appearance of billowy clouds of blue to white light with a moonlight sheen. SparkNotes The Moonstone The Moonstone is a novel by Wilkie Collins that was first published in . Moon Stone Bulbapedia, the community driven Pokmon Main article Moon Stone Vending S The Moon Stone was released as a Trainer card in the Pokmon Trading Card Game during the Japanese Original Era with Extended Sheet

  • Title: Moonstone
  • Author: Marilee Brothers
  • ISBN: 9780980245349
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • MOONSTONE A Fictionwise Fantasy bestseller Young Adult A sickly mom A tiny house trailer High school bullies and snarky drama queens Bad guy dudes with charming smiles Allie has problems And then there s that whole thing about fulfilling a magical prophecy and saving the world from evil Geez Welcome to the sad, funny, sometimes scary world of fifteen year old AllieMOONSTONE A Fictionwise Fantasy bestseller Young Adult A sickly mom A tiny house trailer High school bullies and snarky drama queens Bad guy dudes with charming smiles Allie has problems And then there s that whole thing about fulfilling a magical prophecy and saving the world from evil Geez Welcome to the sad, funny, sometimes scary world of fifteen year old Allie Emerson, who s struggling to keep her and her mom s act together in the small town world of Peacock Flats, Washington An electrical zap from a TV antenna sets off Allie s weird psychic powers The next thing she knows she s being visited by a hippy dippy guardian angel, and then her mysterious neighbor, the town witch, gives her an incredible moonstone pendant that has powers only a good hearted Star Seeker is meant to command Who, me is Allie s first reaction But as sinister events begin to unfold, Allie realizes she s got a destiny to live up to If she can just survive everyday life, in the meantime.

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    1. 4 Stars:Full Disclosure: I participate in reviews with Netgalley and an e-copy was provided to me by Netgalley and/or the publishers. No payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was not any obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book's publisher and publicist, or the readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part [...]

    2. Disclosure: I received a free special eBook version of this series, including all four books in one, from NetGalley in return for an honest review.Synopsis Book 1: Moonstone: A sickly mom. A tiny house trailer. High school bullies and snarky drama queens. Bad-guy dudes with charming smiles. Allie has problems. And then there's that whole thing about fulfilling a magical prophecy and saving the world from evil. Geez. Welcome to the sad, funny, sometimes-scary world of fifteen-year-old Allie Emers [...]

    3. I can really go either way with this novel. I had read some great reviews and the story just did not live up to them (in my opinion). I hate to be the one to say that I disliked this book, a lot.Allie was a good main character, but it took me awhile before I started to really like her. In fact, in the end, I'm still not sure if I did like her as a character. Her mother, on the other hand, I despised. This is what I wanted to say to her: Get off your *&$@ing @#$ and get a job (use your imagin [...]

    4. Moonstone is a half-way decent YA urban fantasy. It's the story of Allie who I guess is a witch although that's not entirely clear. She lives in a trailer with her mom, goes to a public school and can look into people's minds. She is entrusted with a magical gemstone called the Moonstone and it's her job to protect it from the powers of evil. I quite enjoyed this book but I think there was a little too much going on. There were a bunch of characters who really didn't need to be there and parts o [...]

    5. Interesting premise, but that special attachment that endears you to the characters was missing and left the story a little flat for me.

    6. Originally published at Epic (Chocolate) Fantasy.Bite-Sized ReviewI'm honestly not sure what to say about Moonstone. It contains many things I don't really like – a prophecy, overly credulous characters, simplistic designations of good and evil – but as much as these things irritated me, I never found myself wanting to put the book down.King-Sized ReviewMoonstone begins the day before Allie's fifteenth birthday, when she first discovers her paranormal abilities. Events progress rather quickl [...]

    7. I got a copy of this book through NetGalley(dot)com as part of the entire series. It wasn't a great book, it wasn't a bad book. It wasokay. (Most of) the characters were likeable and the world building done well.The story is pretty simple. It basically involves Allie discovering her powers and trying to keep away from bad people. Nothing in the story was very surprising. You pretty much knew who the bad guy was from the outset. In fact, one character was so obviously dropped in for just one purp [...]

    8. Allie Emerson sometimes wishes she could change the life she has. She lives with her rather lazy mother in a dumpy trailer with their only income being the monthly welfare check. She’s constantly picked on by bullies, has never met her father, and is sure her aunt wants her gone. But there are some things to look forward to, namely weekend visits to her eccentric but lovable neighbor Kizzy and hanging out with her good friends Mercedes and Manny. But then strange things start happening to Alli [...]

    9. Netgally provided me with four books in this series as an exclusive review set and it appears that there must be at least one more to the series because at the end of book 4, although Allie had found the person she needed to help her, she still hadn’t saved the world from the threat of the Dark Fey and the Trimarks.The Moonstone series is about Allie, a fifteen year old girl who lives in a small town in Washington State. In the first book, she gains psychic powers, is given a magical moonstone [...]

    10. I kinda expected something different for this book, however, I was not too disappointed. What I liked about this book was the supernatural stuff, the mystery and the anticipation. There were times in the book where I felt like oh, this person must be the bad guy, however, I was often sorely mistaken. I loved the hippy-dippy guardian angel. She made me laugh. A lot. I loved the idea of having a guardian angel who not only gave me answers but was funny. Though there were not many scenes where it d [...]

    11. With so many paranormal young adult books out right now it's hard for each one to be different or stand out. Marilee Brothers succeeds in creating a fun original heroine in Allie. Allie is smart, sassy, she stand up to bullies and fights for her mom. I really liked the setting that Marilee plopped Allie down in-it's refreshing to see a character that isn't immediatly popular, rich, and has everything work out perfectly. Another review on labeled Moonstone as "Stephenie Meyer meets Stephanie Plu [...]

    12. This was a good read. The author provided a great paranormal concept. BUT I didn't like some of the elements in the story. There is a lot of teenage bullying and I found it to be unnecessary. The bad boy, Junior, was a previous gang member and the bad boy. When the main character describes Peacock Flats, she makes it sound like some hillbilly town. A Gang member, really?Then, there is her trashy family. They are the picture of a low income family with no ambition. (Of course, not the MC)She gets [...]

    13. Allie Emmerson (Alfrieda Carlota Emmerson para ser exactos) tiene una vida bastante poco convencional:Su madre Faye "padece" (en su mente mas que en su cuerpo) fibromalgia, lo cual le da una buena escusa para no trabajar y vivir del cheque de asistencia social, su padre desapareció hace años, vive en un pequeño remolque aparcado detrás de la finca de su tío Sid, cuya religiosa esposa lo único que desea es echarlas, no es popular en la escuela ytiene 15 años. Como si eso no fuera suficient [...]

    14. I read the first four books in the Unbidden Magic Series at once. To review them, I wrote a mini review of each book followed by an overall review of the complete series. For the full review of all four books, see Chronicles of a Book Evangelist.Mini Review:I have to be up front and say that, had I not been given copies of the Unbidden Magic books to review, I probably would never have made it through to the end. That is not to say that the series wasn't good; it, in fact, was. My problem would [...]

    15. (Note: This book was provided by the author, in exchange for my honest opinion.)The cover of this book drew me in right away, with its mysterious atmosphere and lovely tones of blue in the night sky. As I began to read, however, I wasn't quite sure I would enjoy this novel. I didn't particularly like the mention of "landing in a bull pie" right at the beginning of the story. While I must admit it was funny, it was also pretty gross. Still, I kept reading, because I do believe in giving every boo [...]

    16. RECEIVED FROM: Net Galley For Review***NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS***Alfrieda Carlotta Emerson, better known as Allie, thinks she’s just having a really bad day when she falls off a ladder shortly before her fifteenth birthday and winds up in a bulls pen. But when the bull charges something strange happens, then her vision goes into this odd tunnel mode and suddenly the bull is running in reverse – Allie is alive when she shouldn’t be. Things only get weirder from there when a p [...]

    17. Originally published at Nose in a BookSo this one is the whole series put together, offered by NetGalley. I’ll be reviewing them one at a time, just so I can keep to my review schedule. So Allie is poor and lives with her mother (who Allie calls Faye, which is an anvil if I ever saw one) in a trailer park. Her “spirit guide” shows up smoking a joint. One of her mother’s friends is a Romany gypsy. Which is all very convenient for a girl about to discover her powers. And you know what else [...]

    18. A sickly mom. A tiny house trailer. High school bullies and snarky drama queens. Bad-guy dudes with charming smiles. Allie has problems. And then there's that whole thing about fulfilling a magical prophecy and saving the world from evil. Geez. Welcome to the sad, funny, sometimes-scary world of fifteen-year-old Allie Emerson, who's struggling to keep her and her mom's act together in the small-town world of Peacock Flats, Washington. An electrical zap from a TV antenna sets off Allie's weird ps [...]

    19. I won a signed copy of this book, but I was in no way compensated for this review.Moonstone is the first book in the Unbidden Magic Series. After reading it, I'd say it's mostly appropriate for young teens. However, I immensely enjoyed it myself & I plan to read the series to my kids after I aquire the rest of the books - as long as they are as clean as the first. I know at least that my kids would love this first book.The book starts out with young teenaged Alfreida Carlotta Emerson "Allie" [...]

    20. tThis is a very rare book - cos I think this is the 1st time I am seeing a nice strong heroine in a shitty stupid plot.Seriously.The plot is so ridiculous and stupid that it doesnt make any sense at all.There is no reason to a lot of things that happen in this book, no fantastic feel to the whole idea of moonstone and why and where of it.It is like - WHATTTT!!!The sheer number of stupid things in this book is amazing, so let me start with some I find superbly ridiculous.1. Allie stays with Kizzy [...]

    21. Title: Moonstone (Unbidden Magic #1)Author: Marilee BrothersRating: 4/5Summary: Allie lives in Peakcock Flats, Washington with her mom. Every day life has the typical filler of every fifteen-year-old’s life: high school bullies, snarky drama queens, bad-guy dudes with charming smiles. Oh, Allie also has this prophecy to live up to about saving the world from evil. Her psychic abilities are jump started by an electrical jolt from a TV antenna which brings forth a hippy-dippy guardian angel and [...]

    22. Moonstone was a really fun and exciting book. The plot was original and by the middle of the book there was a lot of excitement. Mystery and suspense on every page, you never knew who to trust. At first I couldn't really get into it, but pretty soon I couldn't put the book down, I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. There were a lot of sub-plots as well that really kept the book interesting. I was wondering how all the points would work out in the end, but they did. Moonstone definitel [...]

    23. As a long time fan of YA fiction, I'm always ready to discover something new regardless of genre. I'll admit though that at heart I'll always be a fantasy & urban fantasy type of girl- there's just something about having a "Sweep" type series that just captures the audience's wish fulfillment needs.Allie's never really known "the good life". The only life she's known has been one where she's lived in a trailer behind her uncle Sid's house with her mother, a woman trying to gain disability fo [...]

    24. Overall, I enjoyed this story. While I certainly respect the opinion of other reviewers, and I can understand where many of the negative reviews come from, I have to somewhat disagree. Granted, this was not a "deep" story, but we are talking young adult here. One of the things I liked about this book was that it was easy to read.I'm not a YA addict and most of the YA books I read are ones recommended to me by my sister, who is a 5th grade teacher and avid YA reader. I liked that this book was no [...]

    25. Allie Emerson has had to grow up too fast and too soon. She's had to take care of her mother and her imaginary ailments for as long as she can remember. While this doesn't necessarily bother, she wishes for a different life sometimes. Caring for her mother is a full-time job, and it's slowly taking its toll.An unexpected accident soon brands her with unexplained powers. At first, she wonders if what's happening to her is a side effect from the zap she received from the TV antennae. Yet as the li [...]

    26. I got a copy of this book through NetGalley(dot)com. This was a book I had had on my "to read" list for a while. It was an okay book, a quick read and the characters were likable but not incredibly original. There are two more books in this series so far Moon Rise and Moon SpunAllie lives with her chronically sick mother in a trailer on her uncle's property. Her life isn't great, but it could be worse. Then she gets zapped by a power-line and starts being able to move things with her mind. When [...]

    27. This is yet another book I got from Netgalley to review. It came in a bundle with the other 3 books of this series.When I sat down to read it, I thought that it will probably be just like any other light book, but honestly - I liked it. It had a constant diary style voice, and in my opinion that fit with the narrator - 15 year old Allie (Alfrieda). I loved her feisty character, loved how much she cared about the people she loved. Well, I didn't like it when she was trying to lie to her mom, but [...]

    28. Moonstone Series by Marilee BrothersCan you imagine being struck by lightning? It can happen if you hear thunder you can be hit according to science. Now move you attention to accidentally touching a fence powered by electricityouch.Moonstone written in the YA Urban Fantasy genre by talented and imaginative author Marilee Brothers is a fun, easy read. Ms. Brothers' main character is a normal 15 year old teenager by the name of Alfrieda Carlotta Emerson, also known by her nickname, Allie. Due to [...]

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