Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect Fern Michaels is a major New York Times bestselling author and the author of novels Fern Michaels has a long winning streak with over consecutive New York Times bestsellers Picture Perfect marks

  • Title: Picture Perfect
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780821775882
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fern Michaels is a major New York Times bestselling author and the author of 70 novels Fern Michaels has a long winning streak with over 25 consecutive New York Times bestsellers Picture Perfect marks Fern Michael s spectacular move into romantic suspense Moving into the genre of romantic suspense has increased sales dramatically for other veteran romance authors, s Fern Michaels is a major New York Times bestselling author and the author of 70 novels Fern Michaels has a long winning streak with over 25 consecutive New York Times bestsellers Picture Perfect marks Fern Michael s spectacular move into romantic suspense Moving into the genre of romantic suspense has increased sales dramatically for other veteran romance authors, such as Iris Johansen, Linda Howard, and Kay Hooper Michaels should achieve similar success.

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    1. ok this book was not what it was described to be. it was supposed to be a cunning killer in this book. the killer in this book was a stupid drunk who killed the first person in a rage of anger and killed the second person near the end of the book in another fit of rage. he was constantly being outmanuevered by an 8 yr old little boy- I'm sorry that doesnt sound to cunning to me. the guy got caught by the kid because he was stupid and continued to do stupid things throughtout the whole book. the [...]

    2. I seriously considered putting this book down multiple times but since I paid for it I felt I had to see it through. Very disappointed, the story and characters were nothing like the summary on the back cover.I didn't see Davey's parents as "nervous and overprotective" I saw them as very selfish and self centered. Davey was a young child of 7 who was afraid of the dark shadows that fall across his room at night, it's hard to believe that he was capable, under duress and health issues, to make de [...]

    3. This was the first Fern Michaels novel I have read, for while my bout with mono last October/November, my sweet friend from Austin lent me a crate of her books. Among them were Fern Michaels books, which I decided to try out. It was a-OK. Nothing unique or powerful. It was about a boy with a physical disability who had stumbled upon a murder while camping with his aunt, and ended up getting chased and searched by the murderer who was determined to silence him. The story was predictable, except f [...]

    4. For some reason, I couldn't get into this book at all. Most of the characters were unsympathetic, cold and unreal caricatures. The characters who were intended to be 'nice' were uninteresting as people and didn't have enough interaction to hold my interest. As my writer friend would say "You have to show NOT tell." This book doesn't do that feel strange giving a poor review, because I usually like Fern Michaels and loved her Sisterhood series. Not sure what happened here, but I found it a chore [...]

    5. I'm going to be really nice, here: Not really my style of reading, it was not so much recommended as thrust into my hands by a patron who knew how much I had enjoyed Garden of Lies by Eileen Goudge. I wasn't crazy about Picture Perfect, but doggone it, I finished it. I did gasp a few times, there were some thrilling parts, but the characters were 2-dimensional, and the situations over-wrought. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the whole thing with the parents. I don't get what their nonse [...]

    6. This book had an interesting cast of characters - the cold mom, the puppet dad, the overprotected but underloved boy, the fun loving aunt, and the sympathetic bodyguard. Then there's the pathetic sad teenaged girl involved with an older guy with an explosive temper. The tension and suspense build as the story develops.

    7. In this crazy world that we live in, the greatest fear for a parent is having a child go missing. No greater cruelty could befall a family when one of them has been taken by a monster. To see if Danny makes it home safe you'll have to read the book. So many twists and turns to keep you guessing and rooting to the end for his safe return. Definitely, a good read.

    8. I skimmed the last half of this book, not really reading it, just finding out how it ended. Too many unlikable characters. I love an author that can weave a tale that is fun to read or draw a character that is fun to hate. These were just unpleasant characters.

    9. By Far, the Very Best Book, Fern Michaels has came out with.Fantastic Book, the very best book Fern has come out withThis book, kept me wanting to Read and kept goingNot one DULL MOMENT, you feel like your write there and has you guessing, (like in a movie), what will happen next.As far as my Favorite character, I would have to choose Davey, from beginning to the end, he has a Hero, for a Boy who was confined to his room and his upbringing, with health conditions, he sure was a very brave 71/2 Y [...]

    10. Davy is a hemophilac. He goes on vacation w/his aunt & uncle while his parents are at a murder trial that his father is testifying at in FL. While out camping, Davy comes in contact with a young couple. Cudge just killed a man and him and his girlfriend take the body to the campgrounds to dump the body. Davy's little dog is sniffing around and Cudge worries it will bring the cops & catch him. He kicks out at the dog and the dog runs back to the camp site, but Davy trying to draw attentio [...]

    11. I've probably read other books that were populated by equally unlikable and dysfunctional idiots as this one, but I can't recall when. I don't usually like the "kid in peril" genre, and the fact that the kid in this story was the only character I had any interest in tells you all you need to know. The "cunning killer" referred to on the back cover was nothing more than a brain-damaged sadistic loser who would have been considerably more clever if he had just hit the road when he had the chance. [...]

    12. Perfect Picture by Fern Michaels is a pretty good book. It was a predictable book with a twist. What I mean by that is I knew what was bound to happen in the book based on the first couple of chapters but at the same time it was different and better than I expected. This book kept me interested while I was at my aunts house over Christmas break. Basically it is about a boy who goes on a camping trip with his aunt and since the boys parents are usually over bearing and over protective she tried h [...]

    13. WOW!! What an exciting book!! Story of a courageous seven year old boy who's parents are more into themselves than they are him. Davey is a hemophiliac and has been guarded his whole life and treated so strictly by his narcissistic mother. Dr. Lorie Ryan is looking forward to taking her nephew Davey on a camping trip. Lorie loves Davey and is the only one who gives him the freedom to be himself and gives him the love he deserves and aches for. Davey's parents have to go to Florida to testify in [...]

    14. I felt somewhat let down by this Fern Michaels book I love her "Sisterhood" series. But this novel did not strike a bell with me. Not exactly sure why, but

    15. I didn't hate the novel but I just didn't get that into it but I continued reading because I wanted to know what happens to the little boy names Davey. I was very confuse reading the synopsis on the back and on . I read somewhere that the parents were overprotective of Davey but that turned out not to be the case of all. They were complete absorbed in themselves, their wants and needs only. I felt sorry and so sad for the boy when he explain how his parents told him he can't cry or act weak when [...]

    16. I read this book within the space of one day. Within the first few pages I learned to hate Davey' s mother and wonder how his father could be so blind to the situation. Several reviewers have complained that the story doesn't match the summary on the cover. Perhaps this is true but I suspect the author might not be the one writing the summary. It didn't affect my enjoyment of the story. Davey is the hero of the story (along with his dog Duffy). I enjoyed reading his story and admired his strengt [...]

    17. Good book overall, even though it isn't quite as the back describes. It's not so much a "clever killer hiding the remains of his most recent crime" as it is "drunk, awful man can't control his temper and accidentally kills 2 people and almost a 3rd." And the camping trip isn't "deep in the woods with nobody around" so much as it is "in a campground with a couple other people, and close enough to a turkey farm that an 8 year old boy can run from the farm almost back to the campground without bein [...]

    18. I was very surprised I liked this as much as I did. At the start I had my doubts and reading more about the author I was even more doubtful. She doesn't seem to write stuff that I would be normally drawn to. I picked it off the shelf at the Tree Lakes library. However this was an excellent read that I could not put down. That being said there were very few likable characters in this book. Fortunately most of them get their due. It does have a cheesey ending but I could live with it. Stuart, Dave [...]

    19. Not what I expectedI did enjoy this book as I always do with this talented writer. The story sort of surprised me as to content but it was a page turner and kept me in suspense til the endworth the read most certainly.I will add that Ms. Michaels book "Tuesday's Child" has an ending I never saw comingither did others I spoke with read the book so this is another I would recommend.

    20. It wasn't exactly what's on my mind.Sara Taylor's death? Unexpected but didn't actually live up to what I had in mind for her, but that's no big. I don't know why Fern Michaels would kill her off so instantly, and the thing about Andrew just moving away doesn't exactly make the story click.I get the story, I just don't think that I made enough connection with the characters. Just an opinion. I gave it a shot, though. Moving on.

    21. This was a wonderfully well written book. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Taking a nice vacation and turning it into a nightmare. The suspense keeps you turning the pages. I could barely put it down. Fern Michaels does not disappoint with this psychological suspense mystery. It has two or three mini plots that get you the well rounded characters that every person loves to meet when reading.

    22. I thought the first chapter was kind of dull, but I was glad I kept reading because this book turned out to be quite a page turner suspense wise. It had me racing to the end of it to find out what happened to Davey, the little boy who was in danger. All in all, I enjoyed the plot and thought this was a good suspense read.

    23. My overall feeling regarding this book: meh. It suffered from mediocre character development, a plot that was too drawn out without enough suspense, and an unrealistic, happily-ever-after ending. This was supposed to be 'romantic suspense', but the romance element seemed like it was added in as a afterthought, not fully integrated into the story.

    24. I would give this book 10 stars SUSPENSE had me on the edge of my chair.Include a tenacious, smart little boy and delightful dog and you have the BEST story.Davey witnesses a horrible crime. The killer, realizing he's been seen, hunts Davey(who is a hemophiliac) and leaves more bodies in his search.

    25. I think I started this book about 6 months ago; it never really caught my attention, but because I can not put a book down that I started, I finally finished it. It was okay. The characters are nothing special and until the end the plot was pretty dull. Not one I'd recommend.

    26. I feel the same as everyone else. not what I thought the book would be.I HATE the parents of the boy. never came across two less likable characters. the "killer" was just a loser with an anger issue and violent streak

    27. It was hard to finish the book. I had put it down on page 79. I finally picked the book up again to finish last week. The book picked up when the little boy was lost. I couldn't put it down till I found out if he was alright. I was surprised at the end.

    28. The main character seemed a little to drama queen for me. As a bigger girl I felt drawn to the character, but I hated how she always complained about the 60 pounds she had gained, it was constant in the book, no matter how much anyone told her that she was beautiful she just kept on whining!

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