Green Mountain Ghosts, GhoulsUnsolved Mysteries

Green Mountain Ghosts GhoulsUnsolved Mysteries Aimed at adults teenagers and tourists this is the most comprehensive collection of tales legends folklore ghost stories and strange but true facts ever assembled about Vermont and the surroundi

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  • Title: Green Mountain Ghosts, GhoulsUnsolved Mysteries
  • Author: Joseph A. Citro Bonnie Christensen
  • ISBN: 9781881527503
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aimed at adults, teenagers, and tourists, this is the most comprehensive collection of tales, legends, folklore, ghost stories and strange but true facts ever assembled about Vermont and the surrounding areas of New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Quebec one that can be used to find these haunted sites.

    One thought on “Green Mountain Ghosts, GhoulsUnsolved Mysteries”

    1. This book was a great pre-Holloween read. I love true scary stories and regional folklore as well as unsolved mysteries. Complete with ghost, Champ, and more than a few Bigfoot stories.

    2. What I Learned: I'm sure that every state has its ghosts and monsters and mysteries, but when i read Citro's books, i feel like Vermont is that much more unique.

    3. I ended up reading this book as one of my employees is the #1 fan of the authors work. She recently had a star struck conversation with him, and was recapping it to me, which lead to her loaning me a pile of his books.I started with a collection of stories, rather than one of his straight up fiction novels. Having been a Vermonter for my first 21 years (Windsor, Pomfret, and Wilder and a year at Castleton State College in the mix, as well), and lived the rest of my life thus far just over the Co [...]

    4. Who knew that the Green Mountain's held so many secrets? Author Joseph A. Citro takes you on a very entertaining and informative trek through Vermont's stranger people, places, and things. Yes THINGS! That is where I found myself zipping through this book, devouring each word about Champ, Memphree, Goonyak and more monsters than you care to meet in the woods. Citro shows an obvious affection for his research of the mysterious subjects and a pleasing ability to express that to the reader. He teas [...]

    5. this was a very interesting collection of mythology and ghost stories, etc. from Vermont, I just wish it had been not written in quite such a pedestrian manner.

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