Never Tell a Lie

Never Tell a Lie Like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller this realistic novel begins in an everyday suburban situation and rapidly escalates into fast breaking terror and uncharted suspense A yard sale at an old Victorian

  • Title: Never Tell a Lie
  • Author: Hallie Ephron
  • ISBN: 9780061567155
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, this realistic novel begins in an everyday suburban situation and rapidly escalates into fast breaking terror and uncharted suspense.A yard sale at an old Victorian house, hosted by a young couple, the wife eight months pregnant with their first child Among the eager bargain hunters is a barely recognized former classmate of these happilLike an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, this realistic novel begins in an everyday suburban situation and rapidly escalates into fast breaking terror and uncharted suspense.A yard sale at an old Victorian house, hosted by a young couple, the wife eight months pregnant with their first child Among the eager bargain hunters is a barely recognized former classmate of these happily married high school sweethearts This aggressive, nervous woman, also expecting, talks her way into the aging mansion She is never seen again Suspicion begins to slip around the necks of the young couple when incriminating evidence is found, the husband is arrested for murder The wife, left to investigate on her own, begins to realize that she scarcely knows the man she married What she doesn t yet know is that the surprises have just begun.

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    1. Picture this; a creepy girl from high school shows up at your yard sale but now she’s a weird pregnant woman. She obviously wants something, and is making you a little uncomfortable. You’re saved by your gallant husband who offers to show her the house. You breathe a sigh of relief until she turns up missing, and yet with dozens of witnesses, no one can confirm they saw her exit your house. The clues start to pile up, and they threaten to ruin your life. And so goes Hallie Ephron’s Never T [...]

    2. DNFThis sounded like such a great story. Terrible formatting, missing words and missing letters made it difficult to read, and I didn't have the patience to finish it.

    3. Hallie Ephron's book has a blurb on the cover describing it as "compelling,chilling 'unputdownable'". One would expect this mystery novel to be a gripping, suspenseful tale, but she has failed to meet expectations. I soon developed suspicions of the solution of this contrived plot, which in the end proved to be correct. Somehow, this book was just an ordinary "teaser", with few redeeming factors.In all fairness to Ms. Ephron's efforts, I probably should have rated this with three stars because s [...]

    4. I literally could not put this book down and powered through it in a matter of hours. It's a gripping tale of a young couple who have a yard sale one Sunday that an old high school acquaintance shows up at. This is an innocent start to a nightmare that threatens to shatter, even end, their lives. Pay attention--there are clues throughout the text.

    5. Prompted by the title, I must admit that I found this book to be quite a disappointment. The story manages to be both incredibly predictable while also incredibly implausible. Reading it exercises all of your eye-rolling muscles, that’s for sure! The characters, straightforward and simple, aren’t engaging enough to compensate for the shockingly trite plot. It completely spoils the reading experience. And Ivy’s pregnancy only adds to the ridiculous nature of the majority of her actions. At [...]

    6. 4.0 out of 5 stars Suspense thriller for the squeamish, July 17, 2009This review is from: Never Tell a Lie: A Novel of Suspense (Hardcover)This is not the typical suspense thriller on the market today -- in fact, I enjoyed it even more because it didn't contain grisly details of torture and murder! Sure there's murder -- but -- is there?This is a really fast read that grabs you and keeps you glued to the pages through the night. Easy to finish in one sitting, it's a great debut mystery novel by [...]

    7. I thought this was your typical, predictable psychological story at the beginning of the story, but my opinion changed as I read more of the book. It was a guessing game until the last page!It all begins when Ivy , eight months pregnant and her husband David decide to clean out the junk from previous owners by having a garage sale. An old high school classmate , Melinda comes to the event and asks to be shown inside the house where she used to play. She was bullied in high school and still has a [...]

    8. Never Tell a Lie, by Hallie Ephron, a "new to me author", is a must read for anyone who enjoys a fast paced thriller. I read half of the book last night (hated to stop for sleep), and then I woke up early today to finish it. I could not wait to see how this one ended.Ivy and David Rose are a young couple expecting the first baby is just a few weeks. The live in a charming old Victorian home in (fictional) Brush Hills, MA. Amy convinces her husband to have a yard sale to clean out a bunch of junk [...]

    9. Even though in the title it says this is a novel of suspense, it wasn't suspenseful to me in the slightest. I had it figured out early on. Too many clues thrown straight at you. It just made me want to scream at the main character for taking so long to figure it out. I just skimmed through the last third of the book. Thank goodness I got it on my Kindle and saved some money. Fortunately it is a very fast read.

    10. This book was very fast-paced. Like the cover read, it was "unputdownable". The ending was a little abrupt for my liking, but overall I really enjoyed the book.

    11. had me wondering till the end the who dun it part. lost me in sections of extraneous words but overall enjoyed it.

    12. Sometimes I pick up a book or decide to take a quick look on my Kindle with no intention of reading it right then, and, of course, I end up reading it through non-stop. Never Tell a Lie by Hallie Ephron has been on my Kindle for a bit, and in looking through the books on my Kindle, I came across it, wondering why I hadn't read it yet. So, I decided to take a quick look, and finally at 3 a.m. and 61% into the book, I got some sleep and finished it the next day. The story grabs you, period. I had [...]

    13. Never Tell A Lie was a totally gripping, bone-chilling and spellbinding read!Ivy and David have purchased an old Victorian house with an attic full of things left behind by the previous owners. They decide a garage sale will help them get rid of a lot of the things they don't want and what's left David would haul to the dump. During the garage sale a woman named Melinda shows up and introduces herself to Ivy and David, reminding them that they had attended high school together.Ivy and David reme [...]

    14. Oh, my goodness, this is a nail-biter! I started to read this in a chain bookstore, couldn't afford to buy it that night and so put it on hold for myself at my local public library. I can't remember the last time I have anticipated a book so eagerly. And then, when it finally came in for me, I devoured it. Ivy and her husband, David, are having a yard sale of all of the stuff that the previous owner of their old, Victorian house left behind. A woman shows up who says she went to high school with [...]

    15. tinyurl/cs3ghoThis is the first mystery by a woman famous for having written the bible on how to write mysteries (Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel)? Huh, I guess practicing what you preach is a lot harder than it sounds.I've never seen so many telegraphed clues in one book; I think I spotted at least 6. Anyone who's read at least a dozen mysteries will be able to spot them all as well, I guarantee it. This means that by page 25 I knew the outcome of the book. I even bet my husband a thousa [...]

    16. When a novel is tagged as a thriller by reviewers, I expect to read one. I expect to read a lot of intrigue, suspense plot and a consistent plot. Also the story has to be fast paced, it cannot leap all over the place and the plot must interest me enough to keep reading. There are many accolades about this book and I left wondering about all the critical acclaim. In the beginning of the novel, it started off good, learning about David and Ivy garage sell, meeting Melinda after years but then the [...]

    17. Never Tell A Lie is a mystery novel about a missing woman. Ivy and David haven't seen Melinda in years, until she turns up at their yard sale. Immediately afterwards she disappears and evidence points to David's involvement. Ivy is heavily pregnant and wants to believe her husband, but as he's clearly lying about some things, how can she know what is true?The book takes a few chapters to get going. Initially my impression was that the writing style was somewhat pedestrian and the dialogue felt j [...]

    18. Harlan Coben, move over, there's a new girl in town.I got an ARC of Never Tell A Lie in the mail today from Hallie and started this book at the gym. Ate nuts and yogurt for dinner so I didn't have to stop and cook and finished it in one sitting when I got home. I really needed to know what happened. A true page turner. The prose was lovely with many turns of phrase that gave me author envy. I can't say much about the plot without spoiling things, but a pregnant protagonist certainly turns up the [...]

    19. I'm a big fan of the mystery genre. I can honestly say I enjoyed this novel. It was just a creepy, fun read. I really liked Ivy, and I loved that only knowing what she knew. I have read a lot of mystery novels where the woman never questions what a man tells her, and has an unwavering belief in his innocence. Ivy is not like that. She wants to believe her husband had nothing to do with the crime, but when the evidence mounts against him, so do the doubts in her mind. Ivy is a likable protagonist [...]

    20. Got an ARC of this last week and stayed up VERY late the last two nights reading it. A great tale of suspense written by one of THOSE Ephron women! Very suspenseful, fast-moving, never-a-dull-moment kind of book. It was very well-plotted and kept me on the edge of my seat. The good character development, showed them with all of their flaws. This kind of book demonstrates that an author can write a thriller without all the blood and guts that genre usually has

    21. It starts out innocently enough--a couple, expecting their first baby, are having a yard sale. An old, rather strange high school acquaintance shows up. And then the problems begin. This is an involving mystery/psychological suspense tale that involves old secrets and new lies and nobody being quite who they seem. Pay attention, there are clues throughout that lead to an amazing conclusion. I really couldn't put this book down!Jackie

    22. COULD NOT put this book down! Hooked from page one! If you are into suspense and twists and think you know whats going to happen but love to be surprised, this book is for you! Great author, especially for her first novel!

    23. Pretty standard story line. Had some twists but nothing which really stood out in the story and make it pop. I did enjoy the book, but it didn't have a "wow" factor to me.

    24. I read about a chapter before I realized I knew the plot, as I've seen the Lifetime adaptation. The book revolves around a young couple, Ivy and David, who are expecting their first child, shortly after moving into an old house in the town they grew up in. They decide to have a yard sale to get rid of some of the leftover things in the house, and a pregnant woman, Melinda, who they went to high school with shows up asking to see inside the house. She says she used to play in it as a child. No on [...]

    25. I swear I saw this as a "Lifetime"movie a few years ago. That did not diminish the excitement or the twist at the end, made more urgent by Ivy's labor. I loved the set up for this, new house, yard sale, nosy neighbors, unpleasant dog and a baby on the way. All regular FAMILIAR things that anyone in suburbia would feel comfortable with. There are so many other things that lull you into a false sense of comfortableness in the beginning, but little stabs of uneasiness start showing as soon as the y [...]

    26. Never Tell a Lie starts out with great promise but quickly turns into a Lifetime movie story. A well-worn scenario not even given an original twist. There are enough holes in the plot to drive several trucks through. A sad humorless tale which actually starts out well, then drags in the middle and quickly wraps up in a most unsatisfactory end. There are wrongs from the past which have no consequencesunanswered questionsoh well 300+ pageslong enough. The end. I do not recommend this even for an a [...]

    27. Suspenseful and a little bit fun, I enjoyed this one. 8 months pregnant Ivy has a yard sale and encounters an old classmate who disappears soon after, making her husband David and her suspects. I'd tell you what movie this reminds me of, but it would give away too much of the plot. Some of the writing didn't seem natural, and that prevented me from becoming completely engrossed in the story.

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