One thought on “Marriages and Infidelities”

  1. "The Lady with the Pet Dog."You may read online here.Opening lines:Strangers parted as if to make way for him.There he stood. He was there in the aisle, a few yards away, watching her.

  2. I thought Marriages and Infidelities was a great collection of short stories. It was almost as good as her collection, The Wheel of Love I read a couple of weeks ago. Every story is well written and enjoyable and make Marriages and Infidelities a strong collection. Like The Wheel of Love, there are no clunkers and every story earns its place. The stories in Marriages and Infidelities have similar themes to the stories in The Wheel of Love and I’d say they are companions to each other. I’d on [...]

  3. not worth reading; read pretty much because it was there and I had not yet discovered that I had better things to do. Some really good stuff; "The Turn of the Screw" is deservedly a widely anthologized story, and there are others that are worthwhile, but obviously for those looking to read Oates, something like Blonde is much better.

  4. Some excellent short stories in this, and a few that fell flat. An overall depressing tone, but well worth it.

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