Write Here, Right Now

Write Here Right Now Mel Henderson is a laid back No Cal party girl headed to the big city but does she have what it takes to be a Flirt girl in this metropolis

  • Title: Write Here, Right Now
  • Author: Nicole Clarke
  • ISBN: 9780448442631
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mel Henderson is a laid back No Cal party girl headed to the big city but does she have what it takes to be a Flirt girl in this metropolis

    One thought on “Write Here, Right Now”

    1. Nice book! A story about few girls on their summer-holiday dream job in a big magazine company. It tells how the survive the job pressure and get along with each other. Easy-reading book.

    2. Melanie Henderson, came far away from California, got an opportunity to do internship in Flirt Magazine, the chicest magazine in New York. She started her day with a total mess, even she had flirt with her editor! With another interns, Kiyoko, Alexa, Olivia, Genevieve, and Charlotte, they made their best to meet Josephine Bishop' wants - the highest editor of Flirt. Mel got her position in Feature, it means she will edit the editorial with Bishop. At first she had to deal with her idealism: writ [...]

    3. the book was okay i started off very excited to read the book because it seemed like a teen version of the devil wears Prada, but the book read very slow for me and i lost interest in it, so the book was hard to finish. the book started off good tell the story of a home town girl going to New York to start a writing internship. Mel was the main character she was also my favorite, because she reminded me a lot of myself want to search for adventure and do big things. i also liked Mel for her fami [...]

    4. This is really just a clean ripoff of the Devil Wears Prada, which wasn't good either. Mel, a smart girl who is interested in journalism (Andy), travels to NYC to work at Flirt magazine (Runway) for the main boss/bitch Josephine Bishop (Miranda Priestly). Along the way she makes some good friends, Olivia and Kiyoko (Emily) and learns that she has to work to become a great journalist, it's not going to just spring upon her when she snaps her fingers (etc. etc.) Well, isn't that lovely. Basically, [...]

    5. Upon reading a few chapters, all ll I could think of was Flirt: Write Here, Right Now is just a ripoff from The Devil Wears Prada. Why? here goes Mel, a smart girl who is interested in journalism (Andy), travels to New York to work at Flirt magazine (Runway) for the main boss-bitch Josephine Bishop (Miranda Priestly). Along her journey, she meets her friends Alexa, Olivia, and Kiyoko (Emily) who helps her in dealing with their boss-bitch Ms. Bishop. Although, what I liked about this book is how [...]

    6. I love this series, and the characters but Mel in Write Here, Right Now is my favorite one of all! She's so optimistiic and full of good luck and good karama, except when it come sto that one guy whos just has to have a super hot model girlfriend. I can relate. Sorta. I loved the fashion, the challenges and the freedom that this book explored and the diversity of the characters. Something I am very big on in books and movies. I happened upon this sereis by chnce and I have absolutely no qintenti [...]

    7. The whole plot was interesting. Teenager working for a fashion magazine. Ends up in all sorts of trouble. My kind of story. The only problem was, it was something you couldn't relate to. I mean, I can relate better to all those preteen books with mythology written all over them than this one. The dialogue didn't sound like teenage girls at all. The main character was too nice. And everything went too well for her.Overall, it was okay. Good for passing the time.

    8. This is probably a book for all you fashion diva journalists. It's not the best, but I like it. About: California girl jets off to NYC, interning for popular fashion magazine, but is more save-the-Earth type than fashion type. When given a job to write an article about an animal destroying makeup company, she goes a little to far behind the scenes. Watch Melanie Henderson try to keep her job and dreams of becoming a journalist in Write Here Right Now!

    9. Thanks Joanne for a copy of this book. :)And I really liked it!BUT is it just me or Mel is just so utterly stupid?? I mean, why does she always see GOOD in people when it's so utterly obvious that those people have something up in their sleeves?! And when I say "people" I mean Genevieve.Other than that, I love Mel all throughout.

    10. Ages 11+ Light humorous girl fiction about six culturally diverse interns working at a NYC fashion magazine. Will appeal to younger girls who aren't quite ready for the spoiled New Yorkers of Gossip Girl, as this series comes without the sex and language. (There is, however, underage drinking and henna tattooing) If you like Devil Wears Prada, the television series Ugly Betty.

    11. This was a good start off to the FLiRT series. I think Melanie was my favorite character to read about in all the books. When you think about it, it's pretty realistic. A huge magazine having interns for the summer (all from different places and social statuses) and them having to work their tails off to stay. :]

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