Golden Bats & Pink Pigeons

Golden Bats Pink Pigeons On this speck of volcanic soil in the middle of a vast sea a complete unique and peaceful world was created slowly and carefully It waited there for hundreds of thousands of years for an annihilatin

  • Title: Golden Bats & Pink Pigeons
  • Author: Gerald Durrell
  • ISBN: 9780671507572
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • On this speck of volcanic soil in the middle of a vast sea, a complete, unique and peaceful world was created slowly and carefully It waited there for hundreds of thousands of years for an annihilating invasion of voracious animals for which it was totally unprepared, a cohort of rapacious beasts led by the worst predator in the world, Homo sapiens In an incrediblyOn this speck of volcanic soil in the middle of a vast sea, a complete, unique and peaceful world was created slowly and carefully It waited there for hundreds of thousands of years for an annihilating invasion of voracious animals for which it was totally unprepared, a cohort of rapacious beasts led by the worst predator in the world, Homo sapiens In an incredibly short space of time, a number of unique species had vanished Mauritius, the green and mountainous island in the Indian Ocean, was once the home of the ill fated dodo, and by the 1970s it still had many unique but endangered species, hanging onto their existence by their fingernails.When Gerald Durrell went to rescue some of these creatures from extinction, he experienced danger and discomfort, but enjoyed the adventures greatly He spent nights in the jungle looking for bats and pink pigeons, and climbed near vertical rock faces to find Telfair s skinks and Gunther s geckos, spending his spare time exploring the enchanted worlds of the coral reefs with their many species of multicoloured fish By the end of his trip, he had an extraordinary collection of animals to take to his Jersey sanctuary from where the progeny could, in time, be restored to Mauritius.

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    1. Знаехте ли, че съществува риба кутия (потърсих я, наистина е правоъгълна и прилича на кутия)? А риба хирург? А риба, наречена „копнееща катерица“ (тук не съм много убедена дали на български е така, на английски е wistful squirrel, ама все си е риба катерица)?Сблъсках се за пръв път Дже [...]

    2. Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons: A Journey to the Flora and Fauna of a Unique Island is the entertaining story of Gerald Durrell's experience on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean where he collected rare specimens for his animal sanctuary. The Dodo had already vanished from the island and by the 1970s many more species were going the way of the Dodo.Durrell's tales are entertaining and funny. His description of the Jak fruit as "an obscene green fruit, covered with knobs and looking rather like the corp [...]

    3. This is a fun read, as it details the explorations and adventures of Durrell while collecting birds, bats and reptiles on the island of Mauritius and a neighbour in the island chain called Round Island. However there is always gloom and desperation as we see that man's discovery of the islands has destroyed so many creatures and so much habitat. Not alone do we get a detailed account of past ships' logs in which thousands of tortoises and turtles at a time were loaded - for food - but we see tha [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book which is the account of trips Gerald Durrell made in the 1970's to collect endangered species of Mauritius and some nearby islands to begin a captive breeding and preservation program at his zoo in Jersey. They style is typical Durrell with plenty of laughs and descriptions of the islands such that I want to pack my bags now. My only regret is that the book is relatively short at under 200 pages. However, my edition (British 2008) does have brief updates on the current [...]

    5. Daydreaming Of The Adventures I really enjoy Durrell's books. Both for the adventures and the education he provides. This one was short, a very quick read. Written later in his life, it concentrates a bit more on the conservation aspects than his earlier works. I have to wonder what it would have been like to have accompanied him on his adventures. Just the thought will provide me with many hours of daydreaming!

    6. One of my favorite parts of reading Gerald Durrell is looking up all the species he mentions to see how endangered they currently are. The exciting bit is that most of them are still around (for now), thanks to the work Durrell and the Jersey Zoo have done on their behalf. It's only a small drop of optimism, but it's still a heady one. I really enjoyed this particular adventure.

    7. I'm giving this three stars, mainly because of how incredibly picky I am when it comes to editing and why reading e-ARCs is maybe not the best choice for me. (I received this for free in exchange for an honest review.)The editing, in the beginning, wasn't so bad. But by the last couple of chapters, it became difficult for me to concentrate because of lack of punctuation, and poor transitions from chapter-to-chapter or section-to-section. I also was somewhat confused because I guess I misundersto [...]

    8. As this is one of Durrell's later books, written after his Jersey conservation zoo was established, you can see the difference in tone. The earliest books tend to be light-hearted, descriptively humorous and (one suspects) slightly exaggerated for comedic effect, while the later books still maintain the wonderful descriptions of people and animals but with much more serious undertones and the emphasis on educating - rather than entertaining - the reader, as evidenced by the subtitle: A Journey t [...]

    9. There is something so delicious and fascinating about reading Gerald Durrell’s books – they are full of humor and I relish that and they also take you to places that, frankly, I’ll never go, finding it pleasing where I am here on the coast of Maine.In GOLDEN BATS AND PINK PIGEONS, Gerald Durrell takes us to Mauritius – don’t know where that is? Visualize the map of Africa that one of your teachers might have pulled down in front of one of your long ago classrooms. See that island off t [...]

    10. Даррелл почти ничего не знал о Маврикии, пока не задумал его посетить. К тому обязывал символ созданного им зоопарка – дронт додо, вымерший вследствие деятельности человека. С чего начать? Джеральд решил обратиться в посольство острова, имея целью получить исчерпывающую и [...]

    11. Gerald Durrell never failed to write a great story!His descriptions of the places he visited and people he met are vivid and colourful.You can feel the heat and hear the crickets chattering away.This one about Mauritius is a gem.His adventures, looking for various animals and birds, whether searching the undergrowth or swimming in the ocean, are exciting and witty and typical Durrell.It almost makes me want to go exploring myself, or at least visit Jersey!The photos of his life and work are fasc [...]

    12. The British naturalist Gerald Durrell is probably best known for his trilogy about his childhood in Corfu (which begins with My Family and Other Animals), but he also wrote a large number of other books, many of them describing his journeys to faraway countries to bring back animals for Britain’s zoos.Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons was originally published in 1977 and describes a trip to Mauritius in search of endangered animals to bring back to Durrell’s Jersey Zoo. Accompanied by his assista [...]

    13. In this particular volume of Durrell’s memoirs of his journeys he travels to Mauritius with the dual aim of educating a Mauritian student in the conservation of the local wildlife and catching some of the more endangered species to take back to his Jersey zoo to start breeding programmes. It sees him and his companions encountering marijuana growers in the high forests and scrambling around on exposed rocky islands chasing after skinks, all told with Durrell’s characteristic humour and flair [...]

    14. Durrell can surely be forgiven for the occasions his writing was caught in the Zeitgeist of the 1960s--let's face it, "voluptuous air hostesses" rather dates his journey to Mauritius and surrounding islands in order to collect nearly extinct creatures for a captive breeding program. In other ways, he was ahead of his time in that he understood how zoos via captive breeding programs could insure the continuation of the rarest of creatures like the pink pigeon or golden bats or skinks, In Golden B [...]

    15. This is the story of a scientific mission to Mauritius to collect endangered animals for a captive breeding project. The writing style is accessible and humorous and I learned something about Mauritius which I had never read about before. Published in 1977, however, the book seemed dated. I kept wondering what the current state of the species is and whether the captive breeding program was successful. A thorough epilogue would have been a great addition to newer editions of the book.

    16. I enjoyed this quite a bit, but not as much as his Corfu books of course. The chapter about the coral reef was a bit boring though, at a certain point it just felt like a long list of the fish he saw. But I enjoyed the book very much regardless. The chapters on Round Island were probably my favorites.

    17. Another lovely book by Gerald Durrell. Details of the trips he made to Mauritius in the 1970's in the hope of seeting up a captive breeding program to save 6 species on the briink of extinction. The recent update indictes success with 5 of those species, with the 6th remaining in danger.

    18. It´s a very funny book of adventures. Durrell mixed the adventure of a travel to an unknown island, the educational topics about the preservation and the history on that island. Also it´s a very funny chronicle of a fascinating land.

    19. 3.5 starsThe usual charming tale from GD of a trip to Mauritius. He never seems to have a bad word to say for anyone and this, in itself, makes a pleasure of his books. No way as funny as the Corfu trilogy but a pleasure all the same.

    20. Gerald Durrell recounts his visit to Mauritius, to advise their government how best to preserve their fauna. Told in his inimitable amusing style.

    21. Durrell's first journey into Mauritius is not as good as it's follow up The Aye Aye and I but there are some good moments, especially the hunt for the golden bats. Solid but unspectacular.

    22. An especially fine memoir of a trio to the tropics, to collect the rarest specimens, for safe transport to captive-breeding programs in order to save the species from extinction.

    23. 'Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons' is educational and entertaining. Mauritius sounds fascinating, and I wish they could quarantine it so there are fewer people to protect the wildlife.

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