Vegan World Fusion Cuisine: Over 200 award-winning recipes

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine Over award winning recipes Vegan World Fusion Cuisine a groundbreaking work that has won national awards Cookbook of the Year Best New Cookbook Best American Vegetarian Cookbook and Best Book by a Small Press The book is a

  • Title: Vegan World Fusion Cuisine: Over 200 award-winning recipes
  • Author: Mark Reinfeld Bo Rinaldi Jane Goodall
  • ISBN: 9780975283721
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vegan World Fusion Cuisine, a groundbreaking work that has won 4 national awards Cookbook of the Year, Best New Cookbook, Best American Vegetarian Cookbook and Best Book by a Small Press The book is a celebration of international gourmet vegan cuisine that introduces us to the simplicity of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle Much than a cookbook, this artistic treasure cVegan World Fusion Cuisine, a groundbreaking work that has won 4 national awards Cookbook of the Year, Best New Cookbook, Best American Vegetarian Cookbook and Best Book by a Small Press The book is a celebration of international gourmet vegan cuisine that introduces us to the simplicity of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle Much than a cookbook, this artistic treasure contains stunning food photography, inspiring graphics, natural food cooking charts and kitchen wisdom for all A foreword by Dr Jane Goodall highlights its aim to inspire peace and understanding amongst individuals, cultures and all who care about our planet Vegan World Fusion Cuisine contains 200 sumptuous recipes from the award winning Blossoming Lotus Restaurants, uniting cooking traditions from around the world Its an all encompassing guide to health, beauty and an inspired lifestyle It s the perfect gift for anyone into art, culture and sustainability Mark and Bo s aspiration is to awaken people to the healing potential within themselves Through conscious and wise food choices we can heal our bodies and restore balance to our planet while supporting local farmers.

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    1. ★★★★★ - Took Mark's course last week (taught by the ever awesome Deb Kay) in the first step toward getting "certified" and it was fabulous. Absolutely wonderful book.

    2. Just as the review says. This has become my favorite cookbook. The images consist of various photos and artwork all with sacred international vibes, and every page has some sage quote garnered from people of all spiritual traditions. It gives a concise briefing on the nature and context of the vegan diet in the beginning, and various technique tables at the end. The recipes themselves are, so far, seemingly all good. There is a lot of raw stuff. The recipes aren't too hard or complex, and there [...]

    3. This beautiful book is by the group that owns and manages the Blossoming Lotus restaurants in Portland and Kauai. The pictures of both the food and sites around the world are gorgeous. I have to admit that the book sat on my shelf for some time, in part because of my meat-a-tarian boyfriend and in part because the recipes were at first a little intimidating because of ingredients I wasn't familiar with (spelt? sucanat? nutritional yeast?). In the last week, though, I've tried several of the reci [...]

    4. this book rubs me the wrong way. cultural appropriation to the max! the recipes require you to make about 3 of the other recipes from the book and it makes for some expensive cooking. i recieved this as a gift, i wouldn't have bought it for myself.

    5. This is a beautiful book, great presentation, gorgeous photos. A mixture of raw food and wholesome cooked vegan dishes, these recipes are sure to satisfy any eater.

    6. Since it is a cookbook, I have read & reread numerous times, most recently to choose recipe for Vegan Society of PEACE 2nd Saturday vegan potlucks where the theme was vegan fusion. Never gets old, really, with its "healing recipes & timeless wisdom from our hearts to yours." Inspirational quotes interspersed throughout the gorgeous food photos make for a truly lovely book.Includes a special forward by one of my favorite She-Roes, Dr. Jane Goodall. The recipes are from those served at Por [...]

    7. This is a truly beautiful book. It's lovely enough to be considered a coffee table book. It’s from the Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Hawaii. I’d love to go there! It's supposedly a recipe book, and there are gorgeous photographs of the food and also of places around the world. It’s chock full of information about veganism and the environment, and there’s a resource section with contact information for groups promoting world peace, world hunger issues, the environment, animal rights. The [...]

    8. Although the recipes in this book that I tried were very delicious, that's not the only criterion I use to evaluate a cookbook that works for me. I don't live in a large urban area with well-stocked co-ops or ethic stores. I need cookbooks that meet the limitations of the ingredients sources available. I tried five recipes. One I had to wait two weeks to make until I tracked down all the ingredients locally, with rose water being the most difficult to find. Another called for three types of mush [...]

    9. I love this book, and wish I had my own copy (someday!) The Blossoming Lotus is an AMAZING restaurant, their food is absolutely to die for. There are a lot of hard to find and/or expensive ingredients included in many of these recipes, although I've been able to substitute more common/cheaper ingredients in most cases with great success. I love the section that organizes the recipes into categories like: heavy/filling foods, lighter meals and raw foods. These aren't exact, but it's helpful for p [...]

    10. I love this cookbook and the photography is gorgeous, but many of the ingredients are impossible to find in the Midwest, or really anywhere in the US outside of Hawaii. My husband's favorite recipe is Bilbo's Taters, and I have fun making and modifying the stuffed bread, spanikopita, and buckwheat pancakes. There are great little recipes in the back for quick meals and condiments. Hmm maybe I need a trip to Hawaii to test out the recipes involving ulu.

    11. Amazing Vegan cookbook! Definitely one of THE BEST I have come across. Most Vegan cookbooks are packed full of soy recipes and different ways to use tofu. This book has very few recipes that contain tofu and, for those of us who choose to avoid soy products, it is a very welcome change from the norm. The focus of this cookbook is on veggies, veggies, veggies - which makes this girl a happy girl:)

    12. I'll admit that I'm not the most talented in the kitchen; been vegan(ish) for six years and have never tried tofu (let alone cooked with it); eat peanut butter with rice cakes for meals more days of the week, on average, than not, but I can usually follow simple recipes. I have had this book for years and haven't found one that I have even wanted to try to make.

    13. This is such an awesome cookbook. I love the spanokopita recipe. I serve it all the time to non-vegans and they love it too. Great cookbook to have if you're vegan, particularly if you do a lot of entertaining for people who aren't.

    14. "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ---Albert EinsteinGorgeous large-format book packed with recipes and photogaphs of food and countries of origin! Will try some new recipes!

    15. This is a prize-winning, exemplary, animal and earth-friendly guide to international dishes. It's packed with philosophical quotes and glorious color photos of not only the dishes, but the countries of origin.

    16. Beautiful bookace, love, and vegan cooking from a Hawaiian restaurantlove the raw recipes and "loving preparation"

    17. Recipes ranging from str8 tubby to raw sprouting perfect vegan delicacies - cheesy (teesy/cheezy) spiritual photos!!

    18. I like this book as it ventures far away from "standard fare" and really takes you over seas.Another vital vegan cookbook

    19. Well done cookbook with good advice for people learning how to appreciate the vegan lifestyle. I wasn't crazy about the recipes, but it did give plenty of references and ideas to think about.

    20. All natural, vegan recipes with a lot of flavor that help return you to a simple life. This book has beautiful photos of food and Hawaii where the recipes originated from.

    21. Never been a cookbook fan, and this one was not the end-all/be-all on vegan, gluten free cooking (like I hoped), but it had a few good recipes worth keeping. Pictures always help.

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