One thought on “The Balmoral Nude”

  1. Liked the history part of this book, but the main mystery is so unevenly written that it was a struggle to finish.The heroine has almost no impact on the 'solution' of the mystery and spends most of the book unaware of all the plotting and intrigue going on around her.So much information we are given, concerning the mystery is stuff we learn that the heroine isn't ever told. The cast is mostly unlikable and one of the few sympathetic ends up being a victim of the killer.The reveal of what's behi [...]

  2. This is a mystery about the artwork of a Victorian era artist. Classic old style mystery with everyone and his brother or sister a suspect at one point or the other. I picked this up at a library sale when the books were $1.00 for whatever you could fit in a plastic bag. Truth to the old saying, "You get what you pay for."It's not a lengthy read but I wouldn't go crazy to get it. GR also lists it as #4 in a series, which I did not realize at the time I decided to read it.

  3. The Victorian history and art restoration aspects were intriguing as always, but the main mystery just fell flat for me.

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