Kamichama Karin, Vol. 07

Kamichama Karin Vol With Karin s tender loving care Kazune finally recovers But then Kirio develops a dastardly plan to kidnap Yuuki and the gang must rush to save the day At the Karasuma residence Karin stumbles upon

  • Title: Kamichama Karin, Vol. 07
  • Author: Koge-Donbo*
  • ISBN: 9781598168839
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • With Karin s tender loving care, Kazune finally recovers But then Kirio develops a dastardly plan to kidnap Yuuki, and the gang must rush to save the day At the Karasuma residence, Karin stumbles upon a mysterious ringd the secrets of the past begin to unfurl Don t miss this exciting last volume of Kamichama Karin

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    1. Oh my goodness! This maga is soooo cute and dramatic! I love it! If I remember correctly, it is the first mana in general that I ever read! I still love it! So many unexpected twists and turns.!

    2. La verdad es 4.5Haber que puedo decir me vi el anime antes (como siempre) hace como 3 años si no mal recuerdo y decidí leer el manga por una imagen en tumblr que me hizo recordar el anime y luego me quede pensando de que iba para concluir que me dejo media confusa (espero no ser la única) no recuerdo al 100% el anime pero si lo básico y uno que otro spoiler (no se lean los comentarios por mas curiosidad que den o se pongan a leer la , pero eso lo hice hace 3 años) la cosa es que el tema de [...]

    3. After finishing the series, I made the decision not to write a review for all of the books and instead simply write a review on Volume 7 that would cover my thoughts on the series as a whole. I. Loved. It. This was my third manga series, and I loved it just as much as anything else I've read. The art, for one, was spectacular. Sometimes mangakas don't pay attention much to their characters outfits, which is something that bothers me, being the fashion guru that I am. But in this book the outfits [...]

    4. All's well that ends well. Or so I think. I really did enjoy the finale and would have given this volume 5 stars if only it hadn't seemed so rushed. I understand that things are explained in the sequel Kamichama Karin Chu but I still think too much information was given in too little a space.I only ever managed to read the first volume of the sequel series which was also a very long time ago so I can't really remember if this issue was dealt with in that one or the volumes following it. However, [...]

    5. -Kamichama Karin (かみちゃまかりん?, lit. Mini-goddess Karin) is a Japanese manga originally written by Koge-Donbo about a seventh grade girl named Karin who finds out that she can transform into a goddess.

    6. Kamichama Karin is so awesome! The drawings are adorable and the storyline is intricate and intriguing. I would recommend it to all anime and manga lovers!

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