The Corsican Woman

The Corsican Woman In Sybilia a young woman living on Corsica at the end of World War II who had fallen in love with an American soldier discovers a terrible secret about the death of her lover a discovery tha

  • Title: The Corsican Woman
  • Author: Madge Swindells
  • ISBN: 9780446513715
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1970, Sybilia, a young woman living on Corsica at the end of World War II, who had fallen in love with an American soldier, discovers a terrible secret about the death of her lover, a discovery that sets the stage for conflict and tragedy.

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    1. This is a reread, one I wanted to do for twenty years now!It is a story, so profound, so heart-stopping, it cannot be forgotten. It is a riveting tale of a young woman being 'sold' into an arrange marriage, forever being removed from her own family and having to start, as well as survive, a life with her new Corsican family on the the other side of the mountains. The Second World War, with the dark period of German occupation, becomes part of her existence and love comes in many disguises from d [...]

    2. Set during the Second World War life in Corsica was tough for women. When Sybilia married she gave up on so much for a marriage that was doomed from the start.Sybilia's talents however were recognised very early on as being useful to their resistance and was used to full advantage by them. It however brought her in touch with an American whom she would fall in love with and have a child with. Cast out as a whore by the village mainly encouraged by her father in law who is enraged that the marria [...]

    3. When an American soldier in World War II falls in love with a beautiful Corsican girl, he promises to return for her. Thirty years pass, and Sybilia suddenly discovers that her soldier never made it off Corsica alive--and is gripped by a terrible need for vengeance!

    4. Sybilia a young Corsican girl was forced into marriage at 16 to the son of the powerful Xavier Rocca. The marriage is not a happy one and Sybilia is dominated by her cruel father in law and so is not upset when her husband dies. With the war and German occupation comes Robin the an American soldier and the love of her life, but one day he disappears without a word leaving her pregnant and alone in a deeply Catholic conservative country but how much did her father in law know about this!A great h [...]

    5. There are only three other reviews of this 1988 novel on and one of them labels this novel erotica. Let me set the record straight and let you know that this novel is most certainly not erotica. In fact, it was almost disappointingly barely PG13. The Corsican Woman folows the sad story of Sybilia Rocca, a young woman in Corsica who is forced into an arranged marriage at 16 to the (gay) son of the powerful Xavier Rocca. Sybilia makes the best of her situation, and ends up helping with the resist [...]

    6. One of the most fascinating books I have ever read! I had to read it twice! The first reading was about six or ten years ago, and when I recently came across it again, I had to buy it. It is now in my library. It is the story of a courageous woman who was victim of an arranged marriage, her love, her loss and her love again. She was a spy and radio communicator during WWII, her husband was taken prisoner, tortured and killed. Later she was taken prisoner, tortured and rescued by an American mili [...]

    7. It was quite an interesting book. I learned a lot about this country. However, I feel the characters were a bit boring. Sybilia, the main character, was quite annoying. All she did was cry, burst into tears, and sob uncontrollably. I suppose we're supposed to feel sympathy for her hardships, but I felt nothing more than mild annoyance for her. Her heroism during WWII didn't endear her to me. She felt flat, like her sole purpose was to be attractive so men could fall in love with her at first sig [...]

    8. First off, why any of the reviews below mention erotica is beyond me, it's nothing of the sort. I picked this book up because I needed something to read, thinking it would be a silly romance, but it turned to be really good historical fiction, taking place on the island of Corsica during WW II. It does have romance, but of the tragic sort, not sappy. A very intriguing story, I enjoyed it.

    9. This book was my first brush with erotica. I stole it from the bedroom of a much-older cousin when I was about ten. I remember being absolutely shocked by parts of it. I was thinking of it fondly the other day; I'd like to re-read it for old times sake.I'm curious to see if it's as filthy as I remember.

    10. The mystery starts in the first chapter and nothing happens afterward. A little history that happened in WWII. Maybe you will like it, enjoy.

    11. I liked it. Historical novel. A fast read. Learned some history that had past me by. Main character is a beautiful woman with a tragic fate

    12. This book takes place during World War II. It follows the life and struggles of a woman living on the island.

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