Buffy cazavampiros: Spike & Dru: Bonitas doncellas, todas en fila

Buffy cazavampiros Spike Dru Bonitas doncellas todas en fila Con motivo del cumplea os de Drusilla Spike decide regalar a su amada un legendario collar m gico La b squeda de la joya le conducir al demonio Skrymir que le ofrece un trato el collar a cambio de q

  • Title: Buffy cazavampiros: Spike & Dru: Bonitas doncellas, todas en fila
  • Author: Christopher Golden
  • ISBN: 9788495070487
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Con motivo del cumplea os de Drusilla, Spike decide regalar a su amada un legendario collar m gico La b squeda de la joya le conducir al demonio Skrymir, que le ofrece un trato el collar a cambio de que Spike se infiltre en el cuartel general del Consejo de Vigilantes y robe la lista de todas las j venes que pueden ser elegidas como Cazadoras Despu s, deber ir mat ndoCon motivo del cumplea os de Drusilla, Spike decide regalar a su amada un legendario collar m gico La b squeda de la joya le conducir al demonio Skrymir, que le ofrece un trato el collar a cambio de que Spike se infiltre en el cuartel general del Consejo de Vigilantes y robe la lista de todas las j venes que pueden ser elegidas como Cazadoras Despu s, deber ir mat ndolas una a una Shopie, la Cazadora actual, y Yanna, su Vigilante, tratar n de impedir que Spike cumpla su misi n.Si no lo consiguen, no una, sino todas las posibles Cazadoras estar n en peligro

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    1. *Book source ~ LibraryDrusilla’s 80th birthday (of becoming a vampire) is approaching and Spike wants to get her something especially nice. For the first time Dru has actually asked for a specific item, so he sets out to find it. As WWII breaks out in Europe, Spike and Dru travel to Norway to seek out a myth, a legend, the ancient Skrymir. They’re surprised he’s actually alive and even more surprised when he strikes a deal with them: kill the Slayers-in-training and then the Slayer and he [...]

    2. Being a huge fan of the Spike&Dru relationship from the first time I watched season two of the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", this was a book I just HAD to own! Taking place rougly sixty years before the vampire couple turns up in Sunnydale, this is a must-have for fans who want to know more about the previous doings of the two.Dru's anniversary as a vampire is drawing near and Spike wants to give her a present worthy of her charm, and so, he decides to find the necklace Freya's Stran [...]

    3. This was the first novel I read by Christopher Golden, and I enjoyed it so much that I was inspired to search out his original fiction (which is also excellent). Like so many, I loved the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show; Spike was my favorite character. So, when I saw this book I decided to delve into the Buffy novels. I have read several books in the Buffyverse, but I think this is by far the best. First, Golden perfectly captured the spirit of Spike and Dru as portrayed by James Marsters and [...]

    4. Great fun read! It has been forever since I have seen the show, but reading about two of my favorite characters from it brought back some nostalgia. More violent and gory than the show itself but that helped make it take place in a world of it's own and not have it be hampered but the show. Spike and Drusilla are portrayed accurately and you can easily imagine James Marster and Juliet Landau delivering the dialogue. It is good to see vampires being the evil demons that they are and having a blas [...]

    5. OMG! This book is so awesome. I can't believe the levels of depravity that Spike and Druscilla's love reached in this story. I knew Druscilla was was bent because of Angel's treatment to her before and after transformation to vampirism, but to read it in a love story concept with Spike was extremely exciting. There was a great deal of love making and fighting and I found self wondering why Spike would ever be satisfied with Buffy. Tremendous adventure across sea and land. Must read!

    6. I loved everything about this book. I loved spike and Dru, i loved the slayer and her watcher, (not buffy and Giles), i loved the villain of the piece, and i loved learning about the slayers to be waiting for their time.Skrymir Rocked as a villain. Both Entertaining, action packed, chilling, horrific and suspenseful.

    7. This is one of the more interesting of the Buffy spin-off novels, featuring our favorite vampire couple in 1940 and a birthday celebration for the ages. It gives a fresh viewpoint into the development of the characters, and an idea of just all of the things they experienced before fate brought them to Sunnydale. It's a good story, and one needn't be conversant with the tv show to appreciate it, though there is one vexing point made late in the book that contradicts the established continuity.

    8. wow dru is so wow just read it this is a great addition to the buffy universe omg i loved this book cause it really took me all the places i needed to be

    9. i really do need to get around to making a shelf for "its trashy but i'm reading/rating/enjoying it for its trashyness, ya feel?"

    10. I love Spike, which was why I chose to read this book in the first place. The minute I saw his face on the cover I snatched it up and raced for the checkout. Golden's portrayal of Spike and Drusilla was spot on. Everything he had them do and say fit the characters perfectly. The story was interesting and kept me turning pages at a frenzied pace.No matter how much I devoured it to start out with, though, by the time I finished, I was mentally disturbed and more than a little unhappy. For one, it' [...]

    11. Okay I have to be honest. I was really disappointed in this book. Christopher Golden has written some really good Buffyverse novels and been part of the team involved in creating the Watcher's Guide guidebooks and I expected more.The Characters of Spike and Dru were written well, the sounded right and I could see them in my head and they acted exactly how I would expect from them. But, the story itself was and I hate to use this word boring! This book seemed to plod along and it took me a lot lo [...]

    12. When I think of what makes a good book adding to an expanded universe, I hope it does a few things. First, I like it to add to what I already know about at least one character. Second, I want it to not contradict anything that's already established. Finally, I hope that it takes advantage of the format to tell a story that wasn't possible without the book.This book definitely delivered on the first and third criteria by telling an interesting story about Spike, Drucilla and the watcher's council [...]

    13. ‘Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row’ is a novelization using two characters from the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ television show. It’s written by prolific author Christopher Golden, who has also written for the Hellboy, X-Men, and Angel publication series, among others.I’ve never watched the Buffy show, but I loved this book!Spike and Drucilla are vampires who have made a deal with Skrymir (a demon), that if they kill off the girls in training to be Slayers, and then the reign [...]

    14. Read library copy some years back. Discussion will have minor plot spoilers. Might not be my favorite BtVS tie in, but I liked this plenty. Goes into history of slayers one of my favorite topics. Another topic it goes into is structure and pactices of Watcher's Council. Basic premise Spike and Dru during WWII try to align thereselves with a Norse ice demon in order to win its treasure; as you know, Spike can seldom deny Dru's whims and Caprices. In order to win Demon's favor Spike plans to elimi [...]

    15. What you should know from the get go is that this book has nothing to do with Buffy or anyone around her, it is about Spike and Drusilla only.Spike negotiates with a demon, he will get a powerful necklace in exchange for killing off all the potential slayers. Once the current slayer finds out she's on a mission to stop them, or perhaps get killed herself.This was the first BTVS novel I read, and it did not disappoint. The writing is spot on for the characters, and the plot was what I expected fr [...]

    16. This is an excellent novel featuring Spike and Drusilla from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe. The regular Buffy gang isn't in this story because it takes place during World War Two.What a great idea! It's a shame that a whole series of books featuring these perfect villans weren't written.I would have loved to see them do their worst during different periods of history. What starts out as an attempt by Spike to get Dru the perfet birthday gift leads to amazing plots and counter plots. I do [...]

    17. I loved this book, but there is something wrong with it. The author changed Spike's history. When he first shows up in Sunnydales, he mentions that he has killed 2 slayers. They were the chinese chik during the Boxing Rebelion and Nikki in Chicago. Well in this book he kills one in Europe. That is breaking from the story line. I love that there are books written to fill in gaps and tell more history, but you can't change the history set by Joss at the Begining of the show. That's just wroong.

    18. I really REALLY liked this book!Christopher Golden is EASILY my favourite Buffy novelist. I love his uber-violent style and spot on dialogue! Spike and Drusilla were LETHAL and SEXY in this story and Buffy and her Scooby Gang weren't missed at all.A violent, vibrant story that moves along at a whip crack pace and Sophie, the introduced Slayer, was very cool indeed. The fights were awesome, the historical setting gave it gravitas and basically, I was never bored.Loved it! (Not my most eloquent re [...]

    19. Love it. Just Spike and Dru, without Buffy, Angel, or the Scooby gang. Before the First had an idea to kill all Potential Slayers in 2003, Spike and Dru had killed many of them in the beginning of World War II, just to get a birthday gift for Dru.Kinda alternate reality from the TV show, because in this book Spike killed one more Slayer other than the Chinese girl in 1900 and Nikki Wood in 1977.One of the books which the main villains remains free and alive for other massacres in the future.

    20. I can tell how much I'm enjoying a book by how fast I read it. Earlier I read a 700 page book in about 4 days. This one, not so much. I wanted to like the book more. The story was decent. The characterization of Spike and Drusilla was very good. It was the other storyline that bogged the story down, the Watchers Council and Sophie and Yanna. I found I didn't care about them enough, but we kept going back to them. The book was well written, just a bit slow at times.

    21. This is blissfully dark and rather shocking – a lot of good characters die, and there is a surprising amount of gore. But then we are dealing with bloodthirsty creatures, and it’s nice to see what Spike and Dru were up to before the whole Sunnydale business. The only drawback, honestly, is that the writing style doesn’t always add up to the dark atmosphere and gritty portrayal of the characters.

    22. A must-read for fans of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Golden's Drusilla and Spike are just as deliciously twisted and demented as they were on the show! I could actually hear the actors' voices in my head as I read the dialogue. However, the book is somewhat disturbing and can be a little tough to get through at times. This isn't Spike and Drusilla as they acted in the lighter episodes of the series, Golden reminds us that underneath their wisecracks, Spike and Dru are indeed monsters

    23. I love this book. Of course, part of it is simply because I'm a die-hard Joss Whedon fan, not to mention a Spike fan. This story is such a thrill for anyone who wanted to know more about Spike and Drusilla's relationship. It's in-depth, always action packed, with great lines from our favorite vampires. The irony, that while they are trying to end the Slayer line, you still find yourself rooting for the bad guys. Such a great time.

    24. Lesson learned. Never read a book based off of a tv show you love. The characters are always different. I loved the fact that this was Spike without the Scooby Gang but the author couldn't quite capture the flare that James Masters brings to the character. It was a solid story and enjoyable to read but it didn't really match up with the buffyverse storyline (for example the season five Angel Ep "Why We Fight.") Ok I am now showing just how big of a geek I am.

    25. Kinda surprised me that this books plot somewhat mirrored season 7, because the book was published before the season aired. Also kinda surprised me that I can put this in my historical fiction bookshelf. I have to agree with another reviewer that Spike's actions negated part of his shows backstory, which angers and confuses all Buffy geeks; But, while not the pinnacle of fine literature, if you are a fan of the show, you may find this book enjoyable.

    26. a great book for spike and/or dru lovers. it's quite good but it'd be better if the story was told more form dru and spikes POV (point of view). dont get this book if you just love buffy, or if you love angel, because they're not in this book! angel is mentioned once or twice but he's never actually in the book

    27. At page 152 I had to stop. I adore Spike and Drusilla, yet the story doesn't appeal to me like I wanted it. I found myself skipping to the parts where Spike and Dru were present.I gave it a chance, halfway in, but I just cannot finish it.I will give it 2 starts, even though I normally only give 1 star to books I cannot finish. - 1 for Spike- 1 for Dru.

    28. Me lo compré en la última Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires porque estaba muy barato pero todavía no me le animé. Si mantiene la calidad de la serie televisiva seguro sea -al menos- un producto muy entretenido y bien llevado.

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