The Puzzle Of Ancient Man: Evidence For Advanced Technology In Past Civilizations

The Puzzle Of Ancient Man Evidence For Advanced Technology In Past Civilizations None

  • Title: The Puzzle Of Ancient Man: Evidence For Advanced Technology In Past Civilizations
  • Author: Donald E. Chittick
  • ISBN: 9780964097834
  • Page: 221
  • Format: None
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    One thought on “The Puzzle Of Ancient Man: Evidence For Advanced Technology In Past Civilizations”

    1. This book was fascinating, I certainly would have liked more information on many of the items covered. Some of the claims are perhaps a little fantastic I think, but in a book like this one is free to wonder about what ancient man could do. This is not to drawback from the more concrete examples of fascinating intelligence of ancient man. This is a great book to have because it shows the falsehood of the idea that humans are developing upward. Yes we have marvelous things these days, never seen [...]

    2. The Puzzle of Ancient Man is a fascinating little book. This is by no means an in depth study of ancient man; this is an overview of a very interesting subject. Chittick achieves his goal (at least in my case) of awakening a desire in his reader to further study the topic.He briefly touches on the evidence from several different cultures that ancient man was not primitive and dumb but was, in fact, quite technologically advanced. This is an excellent and very quick read.

    3. This book does well in challenging the notion that ancient man was 'primitive' and gives some fascinating insights into artifacts and objects which appear to testify to the advanced knowledge, technology and capabilities of the people who made them. I would like to have seen a little more emphasis on non-American cultures, but as the author is American I suppose such was to be expected. Often, it seems that only some cultures are given credit as being more advanced than others around them, but k [...]

    4. I have heard of the idea of ancient man being more intelligent than modern man before, and it fascinated me. I appreciated this book, which was written from a strictly Christian point of view (believing that the Bible is the absolute truth, the infallible Word of God), but I can see how someone who does not believe the Bible would disregard this as nonsense. However, the book was filled with many examples and documentations from non-Christian sources. It gave a good overview of the evidence for [...]

    5. "The Puzzle of Ancient Man" by Donald E. Chittick is a book that follows those in the vein of "The Genius of Ancient Man". There's not really much too say. It includes a little more detail than the aforementioned book but is presented with few photos, and some of them are too small for words. The book was enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile. The only problems I had with "The Puzzle of Ancient Man" were some funky layout problems (paragraph spaces during some sentences) and a 2+ page diatribe i [...]

    6. The point was well made. Ancient man was not stupid. He was much more technologically advanced than we give him credit for. Some of the evidences are a little speculative. As the author explains, the Bible clearly teaches that men have been and always will be the same. We were made in the image of God. We just chose sin over obeying our Creator. I appreciated his debunking of some of Von Daniken's ancient astronaut theories.

    7. I really liked the subject matter of this book. It interests me greatly; however, I feel that it suffers from its lack of academic fortitude. It relied heavily upon extended quotes from other sourses and many of the "finds" are not cited as being thoroughly examined. For example, I don't recall the authors verifying many of their "facts", they simply relied on one or two sources.

    8. I wish he'd put the DNA and Fossil evidence (or lack of depending on your worldview)at the beginning of the book. Love that he was taking on Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods 25 years before the show Ancient Aliens. This is a very accessible read for people not already into the Creation/Naturalism conflict.

    9. This book took a loong time to read, but now, as it sits upon the shelf, I look upon it with fond memories of concentration, hard things and broadening of my understanding of the fascinating time of ancient men. Highly recommended!

    10. This book is talking about weather ancient people were as advance as people now. This book is from a christian perspective. I really enjoyed it because I enjoy reading stuff about mysteries and stuff like that.

    11. Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research.Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.Read for personal research- found this book's contents helpful and inspiring - number rating relates to the book's contribution to my needs.

    12. I am learning an amazing amount from this book! I knew in my heart the Bible is true, but it is a boon to have historical artifact after historical artifact back that up. It's amazing to read how the archeology of ancient cultures supports my faith.

    13. Excellent, thorough and now I need to read it again before giving a proper review because considerable time has passed since reading it. Very good information and most intriguing read.

    14. Amazing!! It shows that our ancestors were more technically advanced then we are nowwhich I belive. I already had faith in that, but proof to back us christians up is pretty cool.

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