God's Gift

God s Gift Missionary work in Africa was the most difficult and faith affirming labor James Graham had ever faced and warm homey presents from a Good Samaritan back home gave him hope to carry on But an injury

  • Title: God's Gift
  • Author: Dee Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780373785216
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Missionary work in Africa was the most difficult and faith affirming labor James Graham had ever faced, and warm, homey presents from a Good Samaritan back home gave him hope to carry on But an injury halted his work and sent him home to Chicago.There, James met Rachel Ashcroft, who d sent those thoughtful gifts, and he was intrigued by the sadness that shadowed her featuMissionary work in Africa was the most difficult and faith affirming labor James Graham had ever faced, and warm, homey presents from a Good Samaritan back home gave him hope to carry on But an injury halted his work and sent him home to Chicago.There, James met Rachel Ashcroft, who d sent those thoughtful gifts, and he was intrigued by the sadness that shadowed her features Bringing the light back into Rachel s face gave him new purpose, but was this respite only temporary Or could James release his past and open his heart to receive Rachel s gift of love

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    1. Here is another Christian fiction I think you will like. God's Gift by Dee Henderson. When I bought it, I thought it was her latest book. I think because sent me an email saying it was new. Now, I'm wondering if the ad said it was now available on the Kindle. Doesn't matter. I still enjoyed it. At the end of the book, I learned it was her second book and came out in 1998. Due to an unknown illness, thirty-five year old James Graham is sent home from Zaire after six years working in missionary c [...]

    2. A review from my old blogI fell in love with Henderson's O'Malley series. I felt connected to these characters even though all of them were ten to fifteen years old than me. Her combination of suspense and romance went right up my alley.This book, published before the O'Malley series but after the prequel Danger in the Shadows, did not have that same vibe. I struggled to enter the book. Henderson loaded a good deal of back story even before the twentieth page.The relationship between Rae and Leo [...]

    3. Dee Henderson is a great writer. However, its obvious that she took her different writing sessions and literally stuck them in her book without re-reading to see how the different sections flowed together. Too bad! Just a few transitions and this five-star book would have stayed five-stars, but the lack of editing bumped it down to 3-stars.Example 1: Character is walking through the airport, then wham! We're in the church nursery in the very next paragraph. (It needs a page break - stars, dash, [...]

    4. Wonderful storyI loved so much about this book. The character development was great with a good story line. I also liked the ending. It is not your typical tied in a bow everything is fairytale wonderful kind of an ending. More realistic than most endings! It I a great read!

    5. BeautifulGreat read. Beautiful story, well developed and written . The characters struggles are moving and pull at your heart strings. Good lesson about faith and trusting God in the darkest of times.

    6. Good to read a book based on Christian faith and a romance but mostly from the Man's point of view. Enjoyed.

    7. I so waited for Dee's first books to come out on ebook. I read her other books and wait to hear what her new one will be called. Dee has a perspective that's her very own n I see many authors she has helped develop their writing skills with her mentoring. Strong professional women and friendships that have developed in childhood seem to be a theme in her books. (I feel I missed out both by not having deep friendships/ education opportunities). I see familiar first names Dee has used in her books [...]

    8. Engaging, easy to read, gentle, tactful. Dee Henderson presents great pictures of good, deep friendhips. She handles the romantic relationships in this novel very well. I enjoyed reading this book and it was just what I needed on a cold, snowy, icy night.Is God good? Are the circumstances He allows into our lives always for our good? Why does He allow bad things to happen to us? Why does He allow us to have a dream or desire and then take away the fulfillment of it? These are some of the questio [...]

    9. A lovely story.It was quite slow paced, which under normal circumstances I wouldn't appreciate as much. But the theme of the story was powerful, & to capture the nuances, a slow pace was needed.I don't know whether I have the exact same illness as James, but if not, it is definitely something similiar, & I could relate to him very well. The difficulties he experienced, the adaptations to life he had to make, the bother of burdening others, the hurt of dreams perhaps not being fulfilled, [...]

    10. This book is the "other side" of inspirational romance. Rather than the ecstatic "sexual love shows us God's love" version, this is the very chaste "let's limit ourselves to one kiss per date" romance. The writing here isn't very good. Everything is left very general as though the author didn't want to research anything. (The hero has "a disease" and takes "some medicine". The couple watches "three movies" [no titles:].) Even the big break that comes between them is really not faced head-on. Alt [...]

    11. God works in mysterious waysI had difficulty getting into the story. And it would have been helpful if there had been a break in the lines as the "scene" changed. I had to re-read many times to realize a new situation was taking place.Why did God allow the accident to happen in order for Rae to realize what James was going through with his illness and pain? Why did it take almost losing Rae to make James realize how much he wanted to marry her, no matter what her end result might be.Dee's writin [...]

    12. I was given an opportunity to read this book by one of my very good friends. I think Ms. Henderson consistently finds a way to take everyday events, adds her blend of humor, friendship, love, romance, and impeccable sense of timing to make Christian fiction fun to read. I'll admit that I haven't read Ms. Henderson's books in chronological order. As I understand itis one was her second book to write. You couldn't prove it by me. It is as good as her more recent books. I truly believe Ms. Henderso [...]

    13. My guess is that this is one of Henderson's earlier books. I can see themes in it that she uses in many of her books (the people who are crazily well-connected, the tragic events that force people to see the light, that sort of thing). This one wasn't too bad but a little on the boring side. This is what I get for pulling from the library shelves without really looking to see if it's very good.

    14. I enjoyed this book, the romance was gentle and progressed at a more natural pace than most of these kinds of book. I found Rae just a tad annoying but I suspect that is because I saw a lot of myself in her and I have been annoying myself a little of late!!I would have liked a little more dramatic tension, but that is just me being picky.Plenty to chew on in the "Everything happens for a reason" and "God has his own plan for you" arenas.

    15. I thought it would be better than it was. You can tell that this was one of her first novels= before the O'Malley series, and I really enjoyed that series. I thought I would be able to relate well to this book because it deals with a person who has cronic pain, that has to quit his livelihood because of the pain- right up my alley right= but it just wasn't well written, the plot was really thin in places, and unrealistic in many instances.

    16. An easy read. It lacks the intensity of the O'Malley series, however, was enjoyable and made me a little teary eyed. A reminder to not get distracted in life and see what really matters, as well as a beautiful look to pray in all things. Also, one of the chapters even convicted me about being in God's word every morning. A lovely story, I recommend it if you are looking for light reading that has a happy ending.

    17. Was a nice love story that stays true to the writers Christian morals.I appreciated that they could enjoy being friends/dating without having to go past that to draw people in to read it.It was also nice to see there are struggles in life that can change what you had planned for your life, but still see how God will use it.

    18. I have read many of Henderson's books and loved them all. If I had read this one first I would probably not have continued. It is good but just average. Nothing to draw you in. Everyday characters. Not well developed, a plot you can predict. It is one of her early books so guess she had not developed her strong emotional writing style yet.

    19. I loved, loved, loved this book! I related to Him as he left Africa. His feelings so raw and so real to me at this time in my life. I'm not quite sure how he moved on but this book turned into a very beautiful love story.

    20. I generally like this author and the story was sweet. But it was her second novel published and you can tell she's still finding her way as a writer. Interesting, but pick up her O'Malley series instead.

    21. A man has to put aside his missionary work because of the aching in his muscles/joints. When he meets a young lady, he wonders if she could be meant for him, but she has her own pain (not physical) to get through.

    22. I grabbed this book to read simply because it was by Dee Henderson. I was shocked to find out it was about a missionary in Africa and I was leaving for Africa in 2 weeks. Scared me! But the book good. A quick read and thoroughly enjoyable and believable.

    23. While I have enjoyed Dee Henderson's novels, this book was not one of them. Honestly, I was very disappointed. I never felt like I connected with any of the characters. I wouldn't reccommend that anyone waste their time on this one.

    24. as usual w/ Henderson's book, it was one i could NOT put down! and, that was DESPITE it NOT being one of her mysteries! for anyone who likes a little romance, along w/ a more realistic story line, and more REAL people, this is one to put on your list!!!

    25. This is a great book to read I highly recommend it. It strengthens your faith in God and shows you no matter what your going through their is a solution you can live with. All thing are possible when your love and faith are strong.

    26. When we do things for others we never know what may come from it. Someday some one we help may be just the one who helps us so the cycle continues. NEw friends are sometimes brought into our lives to help us in way no ther can.

    27. Dee Henderson is a favorite, but these characters seemed one dimensional. This was not my favorite of hers, and in the future I will read her suspense/mysteries which seem to be her strongest genre.

    28. Great bookGives a great understanding of physical pain and the loss of dreams. Her books are a pleasure to read as well as an inspiration.

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