Run One of the year s most acclaimed thriller debuts Douglas E Winter s Run is a no holds barred breakout blockbuster of suspense the story of a legitimate arms dealer making an illegal gun run When he i

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  • Title: Run
  • Author: Douglas E. Winter
  • ISBN: 9780451409805
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the year s most acclaimed thriller debuts, Douglas E Winter s Run is a no holds barred breakout blockbuster of suspense the story of a legitimate arms dealer making an illegal gun run When he incurs the wrath of cops, coworkers, and criminals, he s left with no options but to run.

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    1. Burdon Lane works for a legal gun dealer who also dabbles in some illcit side deals. When a gun deal goes south and a political figure winds up assassinated, Burdon's friends turn on him and he goes on the run. But who can he trust?During our third booze-soaked meeting, Kemper gave me two books: Seveneves and this one.The book started slow. The first 35% was setup, introducing all the players and getting them into position. The remaining 65% was an orgy of violence and betrayal.Run could have ea [...]

    2. This is the book so nice I bought it twice.Well, actually it’s a pretty violent and dark story so it’s not all that nice. And the reason I ended up with two copies is that I’d bought it when it first came out in those bygone days before the world moved on when I’d browse the tables and shelves of the nearest Border’s and might just take home something with a snazzy cover that looked fun. Years later after I had moved a couple of times and sold or donated a lot of my old books another c [...]

    3. Douglas Winter writes with great style. This book has a hard boiled noir feel, but it's a new, faster breed. Some of the most propulsive fiction I've read. I remember a paragraph where the criminal protagonist looks lovingly over his collection of guns that read like free form poetry. Very cool. It ain't deep, but it is tough as hell. Since it all takes place in New York and DC and on the Amtrak train that runs between the cities, I knew the settings intimately, which added to the excitement as [...]

    4. Douglas E. Winter, Run (Onyx, 2000)Douglas Winter, whose sole excursion into publishing previously was editing a number of excellent anthologies, heads to the front of the camera, as it were, with his first novel, Run. One wonders, idly, what took him so long-especially after reading this.Burdon Lane is an arms dealer-mostly legal, with some grey-area stuff around the edges to supplement the income. All of it is well-known and well-sanctioned by his employer, UniArms, who do the same thing, just [...]

    5. This is one of the best cheap (40 cent) paperbacks I ever read. Action packed, takes you on a road. I don't know why it was so unpopular. Maybe it was the N word or something.

    6. This was a real sleeper and surprise. Constant action and quick read. Dialogue is fun and he knows his guns. Didn't figure it from his background blurb. Buy it and read it.

    7. This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Lots of guns and great characters. I want to cast the movie.

    8. Have you ever watched French Connection LOUD and on a BIG TV, and you seen the part where the car narrowly escapes hitting the lady with the baby carriage and you literally leaned to one side as if your efforts would allow the drive that extra little nudge as to avoid IMPENDING DOOM?That's what it is like to read this novel.That plus a lot of people shooting each other and REALLY VIVID descriptions of guns.

    9. Brandon Lane seems to be doing alright for himself. He's got a townhouse in D.C. and a sorta-girlfriend. To all outward appearances he's just another businessman trying to make it. But Lane's line of work is a little different, he's an arms dealer, and enforcer that makes sure the shipment gets through and that his group gets paid. When he is assigned to take part in a "milk run" taking guns and ammo from D.C. to NYC he is hesitant. Members of a D.C. street gang are brought into the mix to facil [...]

    10. This book kicked me in the chest and knocked me down. Winter (a long-time editor of various horror anthologies and, I think, a DC area lawyer or some such) writes the sordid , blood and cordite-streaked 1st person narrative of a weapons merchant caught between a rock and some hardcases with a fluid intensity that keeps the action moving virtually nonstop. Burden Lane is probably not your average antihero, but he's familiar enough. He isn't a bad-bad man, he doesn't shoot nuns or rape dogs, but h [...]

    11. Story:Burdon Lane seems to be your average ordinary guy. The type of guy that goes about his life and no one takes notice of him, but Burdon Lane wants it that way. See Burdon is a gun runner and a good one at that. A potential big score goes south though and Burdon finds himself running for his life and everyone is after him.Thoughts:I had a lot of time to kill waiting on flights and such, so picked this book up on a whim from a stack of books sitting in a MWR room. I was not disappointed. The [...]

    12. I have read this book multiple tymes. I used to read it about once a year. I have to say that it is meant to be a nonstop action book based on the way it was written and I feel like it is. There are small character developments, but for the most part you just get the main guy and his outlook. I would love to see this made into a movie. Small disclaimer this book lacks alot of proper punctuation. It was the fast paced style the author was going for. I have read to many reviews that were turned of [...]

    13. Riviting story about a guy who sells guns on the black market. He winds up in New York on a guns for money exchange with two gangs. Everything goes bad when a prominate anti-violence figure is assinated. He has to make his way back to Washington DC with the help of one of the gang members. Probably one of the most action filled, page turners I have read in some time. Different stuff happening throughout the book. Well written and very entertaining.

    14. A few years ago Brian was reading this book and when he finished it he told me I ought to give it a try. I definitely enjoyed it. The main thing I remember about the book was that the author did a really good job of capturing Alexandria, VA in a crime-novel setting. I might have just liked it because a lot of the locations were familiar. In any event, if you're from Alexandria and like crime novels, it's worth reading.

    15. At the start of this thriller, featuring a gun runner sent on what should be a milk run, I really enjoyed the author's voice and the frantic action. The middle bogged down though and, by the end, my suspension of disbelief had run its course.

    16. Read this one a long time agoere's as many bullets as there are pages in the book, but it's surprisingly decent. The pace is fast and frenetic, the plot decent, but the character development was lacking. Decent book, not great.

    17. Ci si mette un po' ad entrare nel libro, poi improvvisamente esplode l'azione ed è impossibile staccarsi.

    18. Nothing short of awesome. This book is slam bang from the opening page. A lot like the Charlie Huston book "Caught Stealing" and its successors.

    19. this one is mean and quick and muscular, if maybe a bit overstylised (or it's just me, non-native english reader). a good read

    20. This might be my favourite book of all time. When I find copies in stores I often buy it just to give to someone else.

    21. Not much to add to the other reviews. A good stripped down thriller with a nice pace. The plot gets a little ridiculous towards the end but if you want a tough punchy read then give this a whirl.

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