One thought on “Bartleby: A Novel”

  1. A précis of the plot will prove impossible, since there is no plot to précis. The novel’s hero, openly cribbed from Melville, is a precocious five-year-old with an unparalleled amorous capacity, and the novel chronicles his attempts to locate his missing ward. Making use of imitative Sternean English, the various interruptions and insertions and digressions, the novel plays around with the picaresque form, Dickensian grotesques, and the notion of authorship in the wake of Barthes. A full-on [...]

  2. This novel is a total train wreck. Probably a very well designed trainwreck. You ever go out and try to like artistically assemble a trainwreck? Not easy. Maybe you've got this HO layout in your basement and maybe you've got this one stretch of track and you thought (maybe inspired by a real wreck you saw on the news last night about one of those North Dakota coal trains derailing and falling into the Columbia polluting that year's salmon run) Hey! maybe I should model a trainwreck. Not easy. An [...]

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