The Poison Heart

The Poison Heart A modern Gothic novel about yet another dysfunctional family involving deception seduction incest and murder from the author s website

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  • Title: The Poison Heart
  • Author: Amanda Hemingway
  • ISBN: 9780671709754
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A modern Gothic novel about yet another dysfunctional family, involving deception, seduction, incest, and murder from the author s website.

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    1. A book that will surely leave many thinking. The love/hate of an unwanted child for her sister. A plot spinning around a father incapable to accept that his wife's death is not the child's fault. His hate for her and his unwillingness to even acknowledge her existence, in contrast with the twisted love he feels for her sister, whom far too much looks like her mother. Another death, that of the girl whom everyone feels will surely have a brilliant future and the struggle of the unwanted child in [...]

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