Hart and Soul

Hart and Soul Raised by the Kehani tribe since birth orphaned Niann remains an outcast denied even a visit to the dreaming place to discover his spirit guide Compelled to make the journey anyway Niann is chosen

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  • Title: Hart and Soul
  • Author: Nica Berry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Raised by the Kehani tribe since birth, orphaned Niann remains an outcast, denied even a visit to the dreaming place to discover his spirit guide Compelled to make the journey anyway, Niann is chosen by the Kala Deer, known for its ability to strengthen the animal spirits of others through sex Now the tribe s shaman is determined to use Niann s power to transcend into thRaised by the Kehani tribe since birth, orphaned Niann remains an outcast, denied even a visit to the dreaming place to discover his spirit guide Compelled to make the journey anyway, Niann is chosen by the Kala Deer, known for its ability to strengthen the animal spirits of others through sex Now the tribe s shaman is determined to use Niann s power to transcend into the spirit world Hunter and carver Jennar swore to love and protect Niann always, but when his attentions interfere with the shaman s plans, he s forced to leave the tribe and Niann Haunted by dreams of the Deer, Jennar returns home, horrified to find Niann changed in body and mind from living under the shaman s influence To save the man he loves, Jennar must face his secret shame and risk the destruction of the spirit world by the shaman s relentless ambition Previously published, newly revised by author.52,000 words

    One thought on “Hart and Soul”

    1. This may be the worst book I have ever read. In my life. Jenner and Niann live in some sort of tribe. Niaan has been an outcast since birth, but Jenner has a special connection to him. The tribe's shaman realizes that Niann may be a "chosen one," a kind of a sexual healer and he hopes to use Niann's energies for his own gain. Once the tribe realizes what he is, they all use him. Jenner is probably the only person who loves Niann, and has to fight against everyone to set him free.I knew this was [...]

    2. The writing was competent, and I cared about the resolution of the story enough to stick with it, but that's all I can say for it.The content just didn't sit right with me. Frequent rape scenes that the author didn't seem to condemn, a whole host of awful female characters who are awful for no reason other than to make the relationship between the leads seem better.The portrayal of gender could have been affirming and interesting, but by the way it was framed it instead felt abusive and incredib [...]

    3. No romance here! This is a study in how sex can be a link between the physical and spiritual worlds and a battle for good versus evil. The implied, if not downright explicit, sexual violence was too difficult to read and made me skip often. I've never read anything like this and hope never to again. I have to give the author props for having an imagination, even if it made me squeamish!

    4. I remember that this book made me feel so frustrated. I was so mad at the people in this book. I wanted to jump into the story and, after punching everyone out, explain to them that they were being idiots. Especially Jennar because he didn't do anything! Even after he was given pretty specific instructions/advice on what he was to do to start fixing all that was going wrong There were beautiful, neat and interesting parts in the story, but the frustration overshadowed those, for me. I was glad i [...]

    5. Unique Isn't Always a Good ThingJennar was five years old when he watched the women of his clan provide the bare minimum of assistance to a pregnant outsider who stumbled into their settlement in the throes of labor. The unknown woman died, but the baby survived. A baby that those women thought should die along with his mother. Jennar was the one who gathered the infant, cleaned him, swaddled him, and named him Niann. He promised the baby he'd protect him even as strong feelings for the tiny chi [...]

    6. Note: This review is for the Carina Press reprint.OverallAlthough there was plenty to enjoy in this story, there are some large parts of it that are difficult to get through, and I could see this stopping some readers from finishing it. I struggled with it and ended up skimming the parts that made me uncomfortable and would have preferred them not be in the story at all. I internally debated if they had a purpose, aside from plot and the author's attempt to show not tell about events, but couldn [...]

    7. Disclosure: I know the author.I do have to say that I think it's more of a book about love overcoming abuse than an m/m romance--yes there's a HEA, but the heart of the story is more about good overcoming evil. Or rather, balance and love overcoming lust and the search for power. The romance feels tangential to that.I read this more as a fantasy first and a romance secondary, which may be why I had less issues with it than other reviewers.There is dubious consent/rape in the book. I think Ms. Be [...]

    8. I was drawn to this book's premise right away. Native American type setting? Shamans? The stolid protector trying to do right by someone he's loved from afar? I am so there.For the most part I liked it. Like many of the reviewers who have posted about this book, I was bothered by the sheer amount of squicky, violent, dubious consent sex in this book. But the writing was lovely, and I did find that I cared what happened to these people. And there was a character who reminded me of something out o [...]

    9. Reviewed at: Library of LightsDate reviewed: 20 May 2011Review link:/?p=292 mykindalandAll right, truth be told, I don't exactly fancy homosexual fiction, but since I've requested this book by mistake for reviewing purpose, I might as well give credit where credit is due. Overall, while the story was highly original, I did not like the violence implied in this story. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I find it difficult to read the book til the end.This book is not my type of book, and I'm not [...]

    10. OK this book made me uncomfortable for the most part due to some of the sexual violence that was implied if not spelled out in all its, not so, glory. But having said that I found the story addictive. At one point I decided I was going to stop reading it but then found I picked up my ebook reader and turn to it wanting to know what happen next, and having finished it I still dont know if I can say I liked it. What I can say is reading it was an experience, it was beautifully written and painted [...]

    11. This was a very hard book to read and several times I considered not finishing it. However, there were also parts of the book that I enjoyed and the details about the world Jennar and Niann lived in were fascinating. The reasoning behind many of the scenes that made me uncomfortable were revealed towards the end of the book and this better understanding led to a greater appreciation of the story.

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