Earth & Heaven

Earth Heaven In this beautiful novel Sue Gee has dared to take on a difficult grief stricken period of English history and done so with sensitivity and understanding EARTH AND HEAVEN is the clever compelling r

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  • Title: Earth & Heaven
  • Author: Sue Gee
  • ISBN: 9780747268079
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this beautiful novel, Sue Gee has dared to take on a difficult, grief stricken period of English history, and done so with sensitivity and understanding EARTH AND HEAVEN is the clever, compelling result The Times

    One thought on “Earth & Heaven”

    1. This is my second Sue Gee book, and as with The Hours of the Night, the descriptions she uses makes the book come alive. You are walking through the country lanes at the height of summer, then shivering in the cottage in the depths of winter with the Walter, Sarah & Meredith. The characters are likeable, and you feel their grief and pain when their worst nightmare happens. I can't wait to read another Sue Gee very soon.

    2. A delightful read taking one into an intertwining of 3 worlds. The art world of the 20s and 30s, the Kent countryside and farming of that period and that of reactions to bereavement.I suspect some slight agricultural anachronisms as well as the artistic one she confesses to, but that is nit-picking compared to the evidently very thorough research. Also some over-use of formulas for mixing future with present, no doubt a feature of the 'creative writing' course SG is a party to.Look forward to co [...]

    3. A very complex book, slow paced. I did enjoy it but felt there was too much left unsaid and the end left me unsattisfied

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