The Mysteries of Glass

The Mysteries of Glass It s the winter of when Richard Allen a young curate travels to a small hamlet outside Hereford to take up his first position It s in this quiet place of wind and trees birds and water that Ri

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  • Title: The Mysteries of Glass
  • Author: Sue Gee
  • ISBN: 9780755303106
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the winter of 1860 when Richard Allen, a young curate, travels to a small hamlet outside Hereford to take up his first position It s in this quiet place of wind and trees, birds and water that Richard is to fall passionately in love but he cannot find fulfilment, for his lover is Susannah Beddoes, the wife of the vicar of his new parish As Richard s feelings challIt s the winter of 1860 when Richard Allen, a young curate, travels to a small hamlet outside Hereford to take up his first position It s in this quiet place of wind and trees, birds and water that Richard is to fall passionately in love but he cannot find fulfilment, for his lover is Susannah Beddoes, the wife of the vicar of his new parish As Richard s feelings challenge him to his core, he develops a strange relationship with another woman, the solitary and eccentric Edith Clare Against the backdrop of immense social and industrial change, the consequences of Richard and Susannah s affair are dramatic as they as well as Oliver Beddoes grapple with doubt and what it means to lose faith when the great certainties are in question And throughout it all, the crossing keeper s daughter Alice Birley an observer of incidents and events she does not fully understand has her own part to play

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    1. This is the story of a young man from the lower middle classes who sets off to take up his first post as curate in a rural parish on the borderland between England and Wales. At first everything seems idyllic but he soon finds that beneath the tranquil surface lurks all sorts of unpleasantness. Sue Gee's acute physical description conjures up a powerful sense of place, and her ability to convincingly evoke an inner world allows her to explore the impact of science on faith in the second half of [...]

    2. I loved this book. It is about a young Curate taking up hs first position in a country church in Herefodshire. The vicar has a much younger wife but is terminally ill and the Curate and Susannah on meeting have immediate chemistry between them. The book is set in 1860 and is very well researched. The love story throws into play many moral issues and their relationship causes much heart-searching for two young people who have always followed the teachings of the church. Many people's lives are af [...]

    3. I highly recommend this novel to anyone at least for its wondrous Nature descriptions. Beautiful , you can feel the seasons changing.

    4. It’s the winter of 1860. Following the death of his father, the young Richard Allen takes his first position as curate in an isolated Herefordshire parish. At first Richard is eager to do well in his new post – but then he falls in love and finds that his faith is put to the test.The Mysteries of Glass was nominated for an Orange Prize back in 2005 and I can see why, because Sue Gee’s writing is beautiful. I have rarely read a book with such a strong sense of time and place. The book is se [...]

    5. I found this a beautifully written story about a young curate and his forbidden love for the wife of his senior colleague. In it Susan Gee does not bow to modern sensibilities but examines what such a love would mean to these individuals and the environment in which they live. I read it in a single day as it was due to be discussed at a reading group meeting though I rather wish that I had given myself more time to appreciate its graceful pace. Sue Gee evokes her rural setting and the passing of [...]

    6. This is the strongest book on feminist issues I have ever read - and I only realised when I was finished that it was a feminist book. So much of it describes the incredible beauty of nature, of the curate's love of nature and his place in it. This really slows the story down, but then, it's not a story to be rushed: boy loves girl, boy can't have girl. It's as simple as that. But of course, there are layers to this: every female character, in today's world, would not be forced to endure their na [...]

    7. (in addition to what Brian already says) the 'loss of faith' is not the tradional one accepting that modern science rules it out, instead a faith remains whose details are to be sought beyond the narrow confines of the Anglican faith of the period especially, maybe always.The descriptions of the scenery and rural life of the Kington area are superb and help take one into looking at the story in the context of the period the extent that it is possible to do, though that begs the question of wheth [...]

    8. I found this book astonishing. I loved her painterly, evocative language and in no way did I find it slow. I was seeped in the period of the time, the slow changing of the seasons, the wonderful descriptions. A reviewer wrote that Gee "is a magical writer" and I agree.Without spoiling the story - I found the loss of faith of one of the characters a little hard to believe, but otherwise a perfect, beautiful and wrenching book. I was sorry when it ended

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, about a young curate starting out in his first job in Herefordshire after leaving his widowed mother and sisters at home and living away for the first time.The author writes so descriptively and it is easy to imagine the scene. The story was beautifully written and is a gentle read for the most part, reminding us of perhaps a simpler time when life moved at a less hectic pace. However there are dark cadences within the story and subjects are introduced which are s [...]

    10. This book follows the story of a young curate in a simple village. He falls in love with the current minister's wife. Minister dude is really ill. Curate and the wife have an affair. He's kicked out of the village and the story ends with him leaving. I really enjoyed reading this book, but I hate the way the story turned out. I don't like books that have no ending or a lack of redemption. I love the way this author writes, but eh, I wouldn't recommend this one too highly.

    11. An interesting story based around the conflicting emotions faced by a curate who falls in love with a married woman. At times the story was quite slow but on the whole a good read.

    12. I loved this book. Originally, I thought it was Austen-esque, but I think now, that it is more Bronte-esque. A wonderful love story that is well-written and thoughtful.

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