Death of a Neutron Star

Death of a Neutron Star An alien scientist asks to join Captain Kathryn Janeway in the investigation of an unprecedented scientific find Soon Voyager is embroiled in a battle of wills among several alien races each intent on

  • Title: Death of a Neutron Star
  • Author: Eric Kotani Dean Wesley Smith
  • ISBN: 9780671004255
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • An alien scientist asks to join Captain Kathryn Janeway in the investigation of an unprecedented scientific find Soon Voyager is embroiled in a battle of wills among several alien races each intent on decimating whole worlds in the process.

    One thought on “Death of a Neutron Star”

    1. Another entry in the book series that could have been an episode of the TV series. The basic premise is that Voyager runs into a shuttle in distress and helps them out before realizing that the inhabitants were being chased by another race, the Qavok, for stealing the craft. The two members on board the shuttle--a scientist and a guard--claim that they were kidnapped from their homeworld and that they had escaped and were trying to get back home so they could warn their people of the Qavok's int [...]

    2. I agree with what other reviewers have said. Quasi science and flat characters. While I don't mind seeing some of the story from the 'outsider's' perspective I would much rather see what is going on inside the minds of the Voyager crew. That's a personal thing. I found myself getting bored. I think there might have been a good story in there with a few more rewrites, clean up the science and if there had been more emphasis on the crew. There was something not quite right about this story and I w [...]

    3. Death of a Neutron Star appears to take place during the fourth to seventh seasons of the show, and Seven of Nine is a member of the crew. First, I must say that the Captain Janeway is a little more gung ho in the book than she is in the television series. I found her to be more like Captain Kirk in this story than Captain Janeway. And the fact that she was destroying the combative lizard-like aliens reminded me even more of Captain Kirk. The author, Eric Kotani, has created an intriguing story [...]

    4. The book is really heavy on the science, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the and inner details were lacking consistency with the canon from the show, and even within the book itself (characters referred to shields as shields and screens, a term never used in the show, and the same character would use both terms). The characters seem to border of caricature (Janeway is obsessed with coffee having 5 cups in a day, Tom Paris is an uneducated pilot). It's as if the author watched a couple o [...]

    5. Admittedly, I shouldn't expect the highest quality of literature from Star Trek paperbacks, but this was laughably bad. Forget for a moment the ridiculous quasi-science, the worst part about this book is the author's insistence on spending half the book describing coffee. Yes, Captain Janeway loves coffee. Yes, that's important to her character, but by focusing so much energy and so many words on the coffee experience, the author has made this a completely flat novel(la).I put it at 2 stars beca [...]

    6. This book goes to a place the TV show didn't — it gives an outsider's perspective on Starfleet technology and philosophy.As is a typical plot of a Star Trek episode, Captain Janeway and the crew of Voyager must unravel the competing interests of three alien races and do it before the local star goes supernova.Kotani deserves a photon torpedo spread of praise for evoking the spirit of the TV. The characterizations of the regulars are spot on. The alien, Tyla, ranks as one of the most interestin [...]

    7. I've certainly read many worse Star Trek books, but this one does share some of the characteristics of the worst of them. The plot is cheesy, the characterizations two-dimensional and rather juvenile, and the writing style, while far from the worst that I've seen, was pretty basic and elementary. I will give credit where it's due; the proofreading in this book seems to be much better than what is found in many otherwise-better Star Trek books. But while that avoids making the book worse than it [...]

    8. Voyager find out about a binary neutron star that is about to explode and potentially eventually destroy the Alpha quadrant. The science and plot are very good. Characterisations, well, lets say there is no way Janeway is that obsessed with coffee, she thinks of it all the time in this book. The other characters have no apparent depth either. A good read.

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