Here Is Where We Meet: A Story of Crossing Paths (Vintage International)

Here Is Where We Meet A Story of Crossing Paths Vintage International One of the most widely admired writers of our time returns us to the captivating play and narrative allure of his previous novels G and To the Wedding among them with a shimmering fiction drawn from c

  • Title: Here Is Where We Meet: A Story of Crossing Paths (Vintage International)
  • Author: John Berger
  • ISBN: 9781400079339
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the most widely admired writers of our time returns us to the captivating play and narrative allure of his previous novels G and To the Wedding among them with a shimmering fiction drawn from chapters of his own life.One hot afternoon in Lisbon, the narrator finds his long dead mother seated on a park bench The dead don t stay where they are buried, she tells hiOne of the most widely admired writers of our time returns us to the captivating play and narrative allure of his previous novels G and To the Wedding among them with a shimmering fiction drawn from chapters of his own life.One hot afternoon in Lisbon, the narrator finds his long dead mother seated on a park bench The dead don t stay where they are buried, she tells him And so begins a remarkable odyssey, told in simple yet gorgeous prose, that carries us from the London Blitz in 1943, to a Polish market, to a Paleolithic cave, to the Ritz Hotel in Madrid Here Is Where We Meet is a unique literary journey that moves freely through time and space but never loses its foothold in the sensuous present.

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    1. CIÒ CHE IL TEMPO FA SENZA DI NOI C’ero una volta io, seduto su una panchina a leggere il mio libro. Non mi sono accorto che un anziano signore si è seduto accanto a me. Lisbona, Alfama. L’incontro con la madre morta.Senza che io aprissi bocca, mi ha parlato del libro che stavo leggendo, mi ha raccontato tutto quello che c’era dentro, e anche intorno, prima e dopo, lo conosceva meglio di me che lo tenevo aperto in mano. Mi ha consigliato che musica ascoltare mentre lo leggevo, che illustr [...]

    2. The land of the living is also the land of the dead… The departed are still with us…Since last January, I wonder where we shall meet… A venetian church, a tram in Lisboa, the hill of Pnika? I shall notice him first… John will be writing something in his notebook… Or sketching…

    3. یکی از بهترین کتاب‌هایی که خوندم!فضاسازی بی‌نظیر، روایت‌های جذاب، فرم متنوع و بازم جذاب!از این کتاب نمی‌شه خسته شد. پر از جزئیات زیبا. باید با دقت و ملاحظه خوندش و باهاش عیش کرد و چشم‌ها رو باهاش باز کرد.

    4. this is a beautiful, beautiful book. john berger has the ability to paint a beautiful picture with his words. my words will never do it justice. seriously one of the best books i've ever read. it's just beautiful. my favorite quotes:"If you have to cry, he said, and sometimes you can't help it, if you have to cry, cry afterwards, never during! Remember this. Unless you're with those who love you, only those who love you, and in that case you're already lucky, for there are never many who love yo [...]

    5. از همین فصل ۶ کتاب به حدی لذت بردم که پنج تا ستاره رو بدون اینکه منتظر باشم ببینم بقیه کتاب چطور پیش میره بهش میدم این کتاب قشنگه بهترین کلمه ای که میشه بهش نسبت داد اینه که این کتاب واقعا قشنگه.انقد تصویرهای قشنگی رو جلوی چشم آدم میذاره که وقتی دارم هر فصلش رو میخونم انگار وارد [...]

    6. Billed as "A Fiction" on the cover, Here Is Where We Meet is a mixture of memories, ideas, and experiences with people the author has met in different places and at different times. The book begins with the narrator meeting his mother, who has been dead for 15 years, in Lisbon. She tells him to "do us (the dead) the courtesy of noticing us." From there, the book entails a visit to Geneva to meet with his daughter to visit Jorge Luis Borges' grave site; a visit to an old art school classmate who [...]

    7. هنا حيث نلتقي- Here is where we meetفي الفصل الاول من الكتاب يلتقي بيرغر أمه المتوفاة في لشبونة، حيث أصبحت تعيش. تقول له أن الناس بعد موتهم يختارون أماكن جديدة للعيش، وهي اختارت لشبونة. وتقول له أن يمنح الموتى تكريم ملاحظتهم. فيكون هذا ما يفعله في بقية الكتاب.إنه يحدثنا عن أشخاص موتى عر [...]

    8. John Berger is an English speaking man who speaks a universal language. His books are like music, with intros, crescendos, choruses and bridges. His prose moves with the promise that every word is written with perfect intent. Often times it felt as though a relative were telling me story of their past and that there was a grand moral lesson to be learned. The book is less about a blatant narrative and more about the underlying narrative of life, not bound by time, history, borders, or geology. I [...]

    9. همه جا درد و رنج وجود دارد؛ و مصرتر و گزنده تر از آن، همه جا انتظاری همراه با امید وجود دارد.

    10. جان، همه چیز زندگی، مسئله خط و مرز کشیدن است، و تو خودت باید تصمیم بگیری این خط را کجا بکشی. نمی توانی برای دیگران خط کشی کنی. البته می توانی سعیت را بکنی، ولی عملی نیست. پیروی از قوانینی که دیگران برای آدم وضع می کنند احترام به زندگی نیست. و اگر می خواهی به زندگی احترام بگذاری با [...]

    11. The power and the poetry of this novel (which can as easily be classified as a memoir, probably) sneaks up on you, and it's the kind of novel that will undoubtedly reward re-readings. It's retrospective travel literature of the most touching order, tender ghost stories of love and compassion, and is filled throughout with Berger's trademark power of visual observation, his awareness of the poetry of the everyday."Life depends on finding cover," the narrator writes. "Everything hides. What has va [...]

    12. This rates, for me, somewhere between "just OK" and "better than "OK", so perhaps a 2 and 3/4 rating. Although the concept is immensely seductive -- the idea of meeting the beloved dead in places across the globe, and having a conversation with them once again -- the "truth" of it is not all that engaging. In engaging in the delightful fantasy that something like this might be truly possible, I would find myself asking much more considered questions; would find myself expressing all the things I [...]

    13. I've read the English pocket edition which has been published by Vintage International. John Berger's "Here is where we meet" is fiction at it's best and tells the stories of the narrator's encounters with people that are dead for a long time. And these people played an important role in the narrator's past. By the way, there are also translations of this book into German and other languages. The book starts and ends with a talk that the narrator has with his dead mother. At different places in [...]

    14. I find these days I tend to read more male writers than female and one of my new favourite male writers is John Berger. In Crossing Paths he not only chose the same title as myself for a book but he has written in a way that suggests he really is a kindred spirit and that similar themes are important to him too.In Crossing Paths the protagonist John is travelling to some very fascinating places and meeting with the dead -with the people that have influenced him the most. Early in the novel John [...]

    15. Ci sono libri che ti prendono e ti sorprendono, coinvolgendoti a un livello profondo. Ed è difficile parlarne senza lasciarsi trascinare dalle emozioni. Questo è uno di quelli. Le città hanno un volto definito, un carattere preciso, che scopri osservandole con attenzione e con lo sguardo di un amante. Sono diverse tra loro, eppure a volte basta un particolare anche insignificante, come il gesto di un passante, un colore, una voce, a ridestare un ricordo e una somiglianza con un luogo lontano [...]

    16. Though critics can't agree exactly what genre Berger is working in ("autobiographical fiction, fictional autobiography, or maybe a hybrid of breviary, consecration, and ancestor worship," says Harper's), the praise for his writing comes so close to unanimity that classification seems beside the point. It's one thing to earn artistic freedom, something this British author has done with classic works of fiction (the trilogy Into Their Labors) and art criticism (About Looking and Ways of Seeing); i [...]

    17. John Berger propose ici un pur plaisir littéraire, une oeuvre à la jonction de formes et d'esthétiques diverses. De même qu'il abolit les frontières entre les genres (récit, voyage, souvenir, nouvelle, notes, poésie), de même il abolit les frontières du temps et de l'espace, mariant avec un immense bonheur la rencontre de vivants et de défunts, le passé, le présent et l'avenir, l'ici et l'ailleurs, la fiction et la réalité, l'histoire et la géographie. M. Berger conduit avec intel [...]

    18. A book of of life, learning, love, loss, leaving, lament, even lepidopterists. "Ways of Seeing," a book and series that has been a life-long inspiration, and before his death, was all I had known John Berger for. "Here is Where We Meet" is his first fiction I've read, and includes much of the challenging ways of viewing the world that made "Ways of Seeing" such a ground breaking work. The story crosses from England to Poland, from friends to lovers, from birth to death, reminiscing and peering f [...]

    19. what a unique book. it was unlike anything i have ever read that i can think of. its a fiction but feels like a memoir of sorts. its not very long but it took me forever to read. certain parts i found very enjoyable and well written and insightful without being pretentious or pedanticose parts were greatd few. for most of iti really had no idea what berger was trying to say or what was even really happening plot wise unless i read back to see where I was in the book. I feel bad giving it two sta [...]

    20. Ranging across Europe with settings in Lisbon, Krakow, London and elsewhere these stories recount the narrator’s meetings with the dead of his past. Married to this theme of movement via time and place is that of migrant populations, propelled by economic necessity or other kinds of searching. The intellectual nomadism of Berger’s novel is conveyed through writing that is both poignant and deeply sensual.

    21. Brilliant. Probably my favorite and most-read book ever - poetic and anecdotal, dreamy and so alive. Berger is one of those dream-dinner-guests for me. I visited the aqueduct in Lisbon to walk where they did in the story. An ideal companion to serious thinking and walking.

    22. john berger racconta storie. davanti agli occhi scorrono immagini, città lontane, ricordi ancora presenti, volti, emozioni discrete. si chiude il libro e le parole rimangono nel cuore- emozionante.

    23. I wasn't sure whether to give this book a 4 or 5 star review, until it settled on me how much Berger accomplished exactly what he set out to do with this piece of writing. Subtle and beautiful, very much like life, or a life, and one to dip back into, beginning from any page."I risk to write nonsense these days.Just write down what you find.I'll never know what I've found.No, you'll never know. All you have to know is whether you're lying or whether you're trying to tell the truth, you can't aff [...]

    24. This stands alongside my favorite short story collections. A painter as well as a writer, Berger is an absolute master of creating a profound, detailed picture in the reader's mind using as few words as possible. That's the whole ballgame in writing. Can't remember when I read a collection of stories so infused with joy and delight without ever seeming precious or banal. He goes places most writers are afraid to and pulls off the impossible. Stunning.

    25. 4.0***John Berger's writing took me back to the atmosphere of Lisbon, the unmatchable closeness one has with one's fellow art school students and gave me faith that our memories of food, travel, art and lost loved ones carry along with us into the present.

    26. A really unusual and effective approach to telling memories. Place is as present as people in these pieces that come together to give a taste of the man and his life. Some parts grabbed me more than others, but none were dull.

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