Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & the Sea

Shark Life True Stories About Sharks the Sea In this riveting true adventure tale and informative guide to the sea master storyteller Peter Benchley drew on than four decades of diving experience to bring us face to face with the array of shark

  • Title: Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & the Sea
  • Author: Peter Benchley
  • ISBN: 9780440419549
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this riveting true adventure tale and informative guide to the sea, master storyteller Peter Benchley drew on than four decades of diving experience to bring us face to face with the array of sharks and other marine animals he and his family encountered, almost always on purpose but sometimes by accident.

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    1. this is a tame version of the last booki'm glad i did not read this before tgotsocp239: we'd filmed exotic critters like red-lipped batfish, which looked like a medical experiment gone wrong, as if the body of a frog had been grafted onto the mouth of mick jagger.

    2. I can't believe this booktalk staple isn't in my ! It's so fun to read about the Jaws author's adventures as a beginning diver and growing shark expert. I like to read aloud his first dive on p. 10, with the caveat about shark fin soup on p. 3.

    3. I haven't read Jaws, and I don't have plans to in any foreseeable future. I love the movie so much that it seems impossible that I would enjoy the book near half as much. However, after reading this book, I'm more inclined to add it to my TBR. Peter Benchley writes with enthusiasm and wonder about marine life. Obviously this is post-Jaws, and there is a heavy dose of guilt present in many of the ways the facts are presented and argued. I think that enhances the reading experience. Benchley seems [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading this book and I learned a lot from it. I like that the author included his personal experience with sharks.

    5. As a very water oriented family that feels they could recount many underwater thrilling experiences, Peter Benchley continues to surprise us in what are sometimes funny and sometimes harrowing personal encounters under the water. I've given this book as a gift many times!

    6. It was interesting to read about all his adventures out on the ocean involving these heavily misunderstood creatures. Sharks are dangerous, but aren't the demons of the sea that they are often portrayed as. He teaches you a lot about them with several stories and tells a story that backs up how the are integral to the balance of nature in the ocean. If you like sharks and like Peter's work, it's a great read!

    7. I'll admit, it was a little slow at the beginning and it took me three tries to get into this book. However, once you get into it, it's a great read. I really enjoyed learning about sharks and the other amazing creatures featured in this book. Great for kids or adults.

    8. Definitely enjoyed, had a lot of good information and stories. Hard to know if I felt uncomfortable at some points due to the age of the book and the wrong information or if it was how the material was presentedy recommend

    9. I really enjoyed this book, which I picked up off the shelf at the beach house I stayed at. It seemed morbidly appropriate for beachside reading. The stories are fascinating. The topic, of course, is irresistible: who isn't curiously awed by ocean life?Benchley has made a career underwater--both as a writer and a diver. He swims all over the world with all kinds of marine life (intentionally and otherwise) and various shark species--sometimes swarms of them. These are the true-life experiences h [...]

    10. i think this was a very good book. it informed me on the dangers of the sea. it also taught me a lot about sharks and the exciting lives they have.

    11. Shark Life True Stories About Sharks and the Sea by Peter BenchleyNon fiction190 This book is written by a kind of famous person. This is the author of the book jaws. He also wrote like 10 other famous books about the ocean. This book tries to reverse the feelings of the people that were thought when he came out with the movie jaws. He states many stories about him swimming with sharks. He states in this book that he swam with sharks and has only been attacked by a shark once. He also said many [...]

    12. Summary:Shark Life is all aboutarks!!!(non-fiction) Written by my personal hero, Peter Benchley. This book has information about sharks ranging from 10 most deadliest to shark attack stories. Shark Life also spends time explaining how you can lessen your risk of getting attacked by sharks. An interesting fact that it states is that the biggest fish/shark eats one of the smallest.ankton! Which I personally believe everyone is relieved by, especially considering many lucky divers get to ride on th [...]

    13. Shark Life is intended for young adult readers but I would recommend it for anyone looking for a quick captivating introduction to sharks. Written by Peter Benchley, the bestselling author of JAWS, Benchley shares his 40 years of diving experience with readers alternating between facts and remarkable first hand encounters with a variety of sharks. It is well written and as with all good writing has some unexpected surprises thrown in for good measure. Benchley is an enchanting writer and knows h [...]

    14. A book about sharks is the perfect beach read. Especially when you plan to actually spend time in the [deep] water.I had been determined to go vestless for the first time in a snorkeling trip, but after reading this book a few hours before the plunge, I felt compelled to stay in the boat for the rest of the day/vacation/my life. Curiosity beat fear, though, and with the help of a friendly guide I was able to snorkel, vestless, in and around a thriving 30-foot-deep reef. Not very impressive, but [...]

    15. This is a non-fiction book written by the author who wrote the most famous shark novel Jaws. After writing Jaws he challenged himself to learn the truth about sharks and their habitat. This book compiles his research and first hand accounts dealing with this magnificent creature.This book was a quick read and it held my interest throughout. It not only dealt with sharks but other sea creatures. He does a wonderful job of painting the picture of how the ocean is awe inspiring and deadly at the sa [...]

    16. The book I read is called shark life by Peter Benchly, who is also the protagonist fo teh book. The book starts out in the middle of the ocean with Peter in a cage and sharks attacking him. Then the story goes back to before he was asked to do that job. The protagonist main problem in the story is trying to survive from being in the ocean and finishing his movie.When he's out in the middle of the ocean and he thinks his movie that he is starring and producing in "Jaws". After a couple of hours P [...]

    17. Peter Benchley, writer of Jaws, did a great job in writing the book Shark Life. He takes his own experiences and shares them here in the book. He also gives some information tips for your safety in the ocean, where you are trespassing the environment of many fish. I would recommend this book if you want to learn about encounters with sharks and being safe in the ocean. Or to further knowledge on sharks and get a little background on Peter Benchley. It really just depends on you if you’d lik [...]

    18. I'm already fascinated by great whites, so this book was interesting, with it's personal encounters with sharks.However, there was a comment at the end: "There is no public outcry to get rid of any animal because it is dangerous to humans. Australians have learned to coexist in relative peace with nearly everything. When occasionally a human life is lost to an animal, the public's reaction is usually thoughtful and rational." THIS IS COMPLETE BS. Australians are just like any other human populat [...]

    19. This book is everything and more for those who either have a fascination for sharks, or just sea life in general. Benchley addresses all manner of things shark and ocean related - mostly things that are dangerous, but not always - in a book that is engaging, highly readable, notably humorous and, most importantly, it is written with a passion for the deep that never fails to inspire profound awe for this mysterious and majestic part of our world. Benchley may have been the man behind the famous [...]

    20. Shark LifeNonfictionPg. 207Shark life is a book about sharks and Peter Benchleys experiances with the preditores of the sea. In this he explains that though all sharks my look scary and evil the only sharks that you should really fear are the tiger, bull and great white sharks. He also tells some great stories about this adventures like when a great white took his shake cage down to the bottom of the whater they where in and got the hard metal wire out of his teeth all whial he was in the cage a [...]

    21. "Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & the Sea" contains a plethora of happy and informative stories about Peter Benchley and his encounters with various sea creatures. The book also presents sharks as neither the kindly king of the oceans nor the misanthrope of marine life, but rather as a group of elasmobranchii who view the world much differently than land-based mammals.When I first started reading this book, I only knew Peter Benchley as the man who wrote "Jaws". By the end of the book [...]

    22. I chose Shark Life because I am very fascinated with sharks and other under sea creatures. The book Shark Life is basically what you would think its a book about how Shark Life's work and with Peter Benchley being a witness to make different sharks I found this amazing to read. My favorite quote is when Peter said " I was alone, kneeling at the bottom, stunned and breathless." He said this quote when he fell of his boat and was with a great white face to face and I t had an impact on me because [...]

    23. An incredible read, set for young and old readers.Peter Benchley, renowned writer of 'Jaws' delves into his decades of oceanographic and diving experience to tell real accounts and stats about sharks.Lamenting continuously over the negative affect on the shark population 'Jaws' produced, Peter Benchley draws upon the sheer weight of his experiences to share with the reader the magnificence, importance, and beauty of sharks, as well as to dive a littler deeper into their true nature, not as blood [...]

    24. Necessary reading, I think, for people who love the beach, or at least find themselves frequently in proximity to a beach. Peter Benchley writes as if he is right there talking to you, and he has quite a few tall (?) tales to tell. Perhaps because of the free-flowing writing style, the title does not reflect on the book's content. Inside is a hodge-podge of stories weaved together about sharks, snakes, even giant squids. And for every time he stresses how shark attacks can virtually remain an im [...]

    25. This was a good book from the Common Core list. I am not really happy about the switch to this CC thing so I was expecting to hate this book. I did not hate this book. My son emjoyed it, I enjoyed it and it was worth reading. We both found interesting stories and good advice on how to watch the seas for signs of sharks (some of which we didn't even realize). It was a good book and didn't press any hidden agenda. If you have to do this Common Core thing, I would suggest this book as one of your r [...]

    26. Shark Life! Wow! You won't believe that the same author of the Thriller Jaws wrote this eye opening book about his love for the ocean and its inhabitants. In the motion picture sharks are given a bad name but here Peter Benchley writes from a different perspective that celebrates sharks and other creatures. Shark Life is filled with amazing true stories that you would never imagine could happen in a person’s life. Although the book is above a fourth grade reading level, I feel that the stores [...]

    27. This book is one of the best shark books i have ever read! It showed me how to be safein the ocean alongwith how to avoid shark attacks. One of the best topicsabout this book is that the author tells aton of his shark stories, the storieshe told made me hide andnever come out. He also helped me by completely finishing off my fear ofsharks. I have always been inspired by sharks and this book boosted my confidence and fascination of sharks to the limit. Great author, great book, and most of all. I [...]

    28. The topic was fascinating and the message was valuable, but I did not like the organization of the book. It made it difficult to follow and I often got distracted trying to figure out what Benchley was talking about. There is a ton of good, easily understood information about all kinds of dangerous and not so dangerous sea life and the message is that we need to be prepared for the dangers of the sea, we are visitor when we enter our oceans, and we need to protect the oceans and sea life from de [...]

    29. Library Catalog This fact features photos, stories, scary adventures and practical advice on how to swim safely in our oceans. Benchley uses his 40 years of experience with great whales, hammerheads, barracudas, killer whales, moray eels, and manta rays to enliven his tales of danger. Appropriate for grades 4-6.

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