Murder on Waverly Place

Murder on Waverly Place Sarah Brandt is not completely surprised when her very proper mother asks her to attend a seance She knows that Mrs Decker still carries great guilt over the death of her older daughter Maggie So Sar

  • Title: Murder on Waverly Place
  • Author: Victoria Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780425227756
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sarah Brandt is not completely surprised when her very proper mother asks her to attend a seance She knows that Mrs Decker still carries great guilt over the death of her older daughter, Maggie So Sarah accompanies her and the spiritualist does seem to contact Maggie convincing Mrs Decker to attend another seance Only this time, one of the attendees doesn t succeed inSarah Brandt is not completely surprised when her very proper mother asks her to attend a seance She knows that Mrs Decker still carries great guilt over the death of her older daughter, Maggie So Sarah accompanies her and the spiritualist does seem to contact Maggie convincing Mrs Decker to attend another seance Only this time, one of the attendees doesn t succeed in speaking to the dead she joins them Now, it s up to Sarah and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy to protect Mrs Decker from scandal by determining how a woman was murdered in the pitch dark when every suspect was holding the hand of the person next to them.

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    1. Another great installment of the Gaslight Mystery series! I honestly am going to be so sad when I finish the last book😭This whodunnit had a great cast of characters, similar to an Agatha Christie mystery, and I had a fun time going back and forth on guessing who the guilty party was. Throw in some Victorian seances (in the pitch dark, no less!) and this made for one fascinating read. It was a little repetitious at parts which is really the only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars. As alw [...]

    2. A lot of this book felt like "fill" to me. There were ENDLESS discussions of who was clasping who's wrist and who was sitting where.

    3. Midwife and sleuth Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy must protect Sarah's mother from scandal after she tries to contact her dead daughter during a séance that sends one of the attendees into the afterlife. At the end of the previous book, Murder on Bank Street, Sarah, in a round-about way, pretty much confesses how she feels about Malloy. I was really hoping to get more of that in this book, but unfortunately at the start of Murder on Waverly Place they haven't seen each other f [...]

    4. Murder on Waverly Place by Victoria Thompson is one in a series of mysteries set in 19th century New York City. Sarah Brandt is a midwife somewhat estranged from her wealthy family. The writing is terrific, the characters engaging and the relationships interesting and believable. The action is well-paced and the writer uses a gentle humor that is very effective. My only complaint about this installment (the first of the series I have read) is that I would have loved more physical details about p [...]

    5. I would have liked more developments between Sarah and Malloy, but I enjoyed the mystery despite guessing the killer.

    6. Another good mystery and a twist at the end. You will probably figure out who the murderer is, but Ms. Thompson always has a surprise waiting for you. Now Mrs. Decker is getting more involved. I just can't see how Frank and Sarah will ever come together, but Mrs. Decker is warming up to Frank.Recommend!

    7. The book was rather good fun. I’ve read certain reviews claiming that it wasn’t as good as previous books, but I enjoyed it more than Little Italy, Chinatown and Bank Street. The séances were portrayed very well, with just enough spooky. The obsession of those attending for answers from the dead (that they would likely never receive) was very realistic, including the lengths they were all willing to go to to keep getting their vague lack of answers.As per usual when the killer is introduced [...]

    8. I almost didn't listen to this book because I was so turned off by the reader's voices. As it turns out, she does a very nice job with men's voices and has a fun Irish accent but an unfortunate tendency to be unable to drop it, particularly when the action picks up. Even so, her choice for the main character is questionable, since she comes near to a falsetto in what I can only assume is an attempt to make her character sound gentle and caring, but instead robs her of enough inflection to be abl [...]

    9. First Sentence: With a weary sigh, Sarah Brandt pushed open the front door of her house.Turn-of-the-century midwife Sarah Brandt is surprised when her very proper mother wishes Sarah to accompany her to a spiritualist. Her mother still feels guilt over the estrangement and eventual death of Sarah’s sister. When her mother returns for a second visit, it is the death of one of the other clients which leads Sarah and her friend, Det. Sgt. Frank Malloy to find the killer and shield Sarah’s mothe [...]

    10. Gah! I'm torn on how to rate this book. I'm going with an actual rating of 3 1/2 stars* for the moment.Overall, I enjoyed the book. The story was fast paced and exciting--even if I had worked out who the guilty party was. I hadn't figured out how the murder was committed by the time it was revealed, so that kept me involved in the story. I also enjoyed getting to learn more about Maeve's past. I enjoy Ms. Thompson's writing for the most part. She writes enjoyable and easy to read mysteries, I ha [...]

    11. As always Sarah is drawn into a murder, but this time it is because of her mother! Her mother has been attending seances to try to contact Sarah's dead sister Maggie. In the middle of one of the seances one of the participants is stabbed in the back, and Frank Malloy is called it to investigate.I've been reading Victoria Thompon's Gaslight mystery series for many years now, and I keep coming back to catch up with the characters. The book right before this, Murder on Bank Street, which solved the [...]

    12. No real spoilers just crazy fangirl rantThe latest in the Gaslight series has a serviceable story and moves at a quick pace but I was rather disappointed at the lack of time spent with the two leads. It felt like the story barely involved Sarah and Malloy and after the 11th entry I am officially tired of the pace the writer is moving their relationship along it's gotten absolutely ridiculous! I was hoping that we'd see some forward momentum after the murder of Sarah's husband was solved in the l [...]

    13. This has been a great series that delivers book after book with this one as no exception - Victorian NYC comes to life once again through socialite turned midwife Sarah Brandt and Irish cop Frank Malloy and while I wasn't particularly entranced by the mystery in this one, the historic details and characters make up for it. Looking forward to the next one, though I would have given 3.5 stars had it been an option since Sarah and Frank took such a backseat to the other players.

    14. Wonderful book. I would call this "old style gothic", these are hard to come by these days. If you like mysteries, seances, a little of the occult you will love this book. This is a very enjoyable, easy read and you will not regret reading it.

    15. Unless something new happens in the personal lives of these characters, I am sorry to say that I will lose interest. Which would be a shame.

    16. I liked this book, but I didn't love it. It seemed that we didn't have that tension between Mrs. Brandt and Malloy like we normally do. I did like the seance part and thought it was probably pretty true to that time frame. I enjoyed learning about the flashlight. I had no idea why it was named that, so learned a little something in this book. I liked the fact that Mrs. Decker was involved in this one and how she being a smart lady could fall for a scam. I guess it all comes down to how much pain [...]

    17. This was one of my least favorite simply because of the subject, I'm not much for the paranormal stories and though this was done kind of tongue in cheek, it was just not my cup of tea (bound to happen some times). Sarah's mother is feeling bad about how she and her husband treated their other daughter who died many years ago and so they end up going to a seance to see if she can contact the girl. Well, that didn't happen but a murder did and the something was afoot.Good writing and on to the ne [...]

    18. I always enjoy the Gaslight Mysteries and this was an especially intriguing one if you have any interest in psychics. The Victorian spiritualist movement was very popular at the time and the author has given us a glimpse into not only the possible motives of people running the "scam" but the desperate "clients" who were taken in as well. Who could have killed the woman they all hated in the dark while still holding hands? Malloy and Sarah are as usual, productive partners and even involve Sarah' [...]

    19. This book in the delightful series has Malloy, Sarah, her mother AND Maeve all trying to solve the mystery of a murder at a seance. Madame Serafina has been calling the spirits through Yellow Feather for a number of people. Mrs. Decker gets involved as she wanted to let her daughter Maggie know she was sorry for the way she was treated when she was alive. All of the people at the last seance have good reason to have wanted Mrs. Gittings dead. Who did it?

    20. Sarah's mother talks Sarah into going to a seance in the hopes of communicating with her oldest daughter. Eventually, one of the participants gets murdered. It's always intriguing how the mysteries are solved and how the police have to be careful of stepping on the elite's toes and how no one cares how the poor are treated.

    21. Has anyone noticed that almost all the victims in this series are young women? Is this social commentary about how dangerous life was for them, or some unconscious pathology on the author’s part? It’s really starting to ruin the series for me.

    22. Mediums, speaking to the dead, death and murder. What's not to like? Enjoyable book with enjoyable characters. Still more revelations about one of the characters, Maeve, as we see her become more of her own person.

    23. I need more stars! Possibly my favorite so far of this series. The murder took place at a séance. Generally I don't care for pages on end of characters sitting around discussing the case - but in this book, it was absolutely fascinating.

    24. I love this seriesAll of these books take place in different areas of London. I like the main characters that remain from book to book. That and how the mystery is solved, keep me reading.

    25. Murder on Waverly PlaceAn interesting look and adventure into the lives of the rich New Yorkers and the early seances. Maeve played a larger role and we learned some about her family. Intriguing story. Thumbs up!!

    26. I had a hard time getting into this book. Maybe because I didn't really care about the victim? I love this series though.

    27. I love the name Maeve and in this tale- we get to learn a bit more about Maeve and seances back in the 1890’s

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