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Cassiodorus Cassiodorus historian, statesman, and monk Britannica Cassiodorus Cassiodorus, historian, statesman, and monk who helped to save the culture of Rome at a time of impending barbarism During the period of the Ostrogothic kings in Italy, Cassiodorus was quaestor , consul in , and, at the death of Theodoric in , magister officiorum chief of the c CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Cassiodorus NEW ADVENT Cassiodorus, with Bthius, is the chief exponent of the theory of music between antiquity and the early Middle Ages For this reason his writings are of great assistance to the many students who are occupied in restoring the chant of the Church, especially as to its rhythm, in accordance with the oldest tradition. Cassiodorus Article about Cassiodorus by The Free Dictionary Cassiodorus was a retainer of Theodoric and his successors He favored rapprochement between the Ostrogoths and the Romans In his old age he became a monk and founded the monastery of Vivarium, which became one of the centers of early medieval culture, on his estate on the western shore of Cassiodorus Georgetown University Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator, born c , d c , was by turns statesman and monk, leaving behind a substantial and varied body of literary work. Cassiodorus Define Cassiodorus at Dictionary Cassiodorus definition, Roman statesman and writer See . Cassiodorus Wikiquote Quotes about Cassiodorus The great merit of Cassiodorus, that which shows his deep insight into the needs of his age and entitles him to the eternal gratitude of Europe, was his determination to utilise the vast leisure of the convent for the preservation of Divine and human learning and for Cassiodorus definition of Cassiodorus by The Free Dictionary Cassiodorus synonyms, Cassiodorus pronunciation, Cassiodorus translation, English dictionary definition of Cassiodorus Flavius Magnus Aurelius Sixth century ad Roman statesman and historian who wrote Chronicon, a universal history to ad , and Institutiones, a broad

  • Title: Cassiodorus
  • Author: James J. O'Donnell
  • ISBN: 9780520036468
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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    1. Invaluable as it's the only (?) modern comprehensive treatment of Cassiodorus. Somewhat marred by uneven writing. O'Donnell can be lucid and even pleasant when he wishes, but too many chapters were a series of intra-guild disputes over minutiae. For scholars only.

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