A Christian Response to Dungeons and Dragons: The Catechism of the New Age

A Christian Response to Dungeons and Dragons The Catechism of the New Age None

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  • Title: A Christian Response to Dungeons and Dragons: The Catechism of the New Age
  • Author: Peter J. Leithart George Grant
  • ISBN: 9780930462604
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “A Christian Response to Dungeons and Dragons: The Catechism of the New Age”

    1. A mere 16 pages. But makes some really insightful points that apply to numerous other issues that we face now.Good.

    2. This little booklet is a 3, but the concluding paragraphs are a 5. Dismissing the particular question of D&D: what maner, direction and goal of 'play' is appropriate for our childrend for ourselves. How would God have us use our 'down-time'? Pure self-indulgent pleasure, or as an aid to our dominion purpose, under God.

    3. "They want our children. They want our future."Who wants our children? TSR? WoTC? Parker Brothers? Who wants our future? Gary Gygax? Weis and Hickman? That blurb on the back gives a sense of this book's paranoid tone. This book was written at the height of the role-playing scare (think Mazes and Monsters). The authors are honest enough to admit that D&D and other RPGs don't cause madness or suicide, although they take pains to point out that marginal and/or disturbed people can and do play D [...]

    4. This is not the worst piece of anti-D&D propaganda I have read, and I even concede that the author includes some sound parenting advice. The book is short and tries to answer the question, "Should a Christian play or allow their children to play Dungeons and Dragons?" The book actually does a fairly good job of describing Dungeons and Dragons to the laymen, except the author says that when creating a character one rolls for "age, diseases, parasitic infestations, and special skills". I'm not [...]

    5. Ridiculous. If you are thinking about getting this book to talk your kids out of playing Dungeons and Dragons, it won't work. If anything, trash like this will make them more eager to try to see what all of the fuss is about.

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