The Wicked Godmother

The Wicked Godmother With Each London Season an Enchanting Romance Moves into the Fashionable Town House at number Clarges Street And There Below Stairs the Staff Has a Special Mission to Arrange a Match Hatch a Schem

  • Title: The Wicked Godmother
  • Author: Marion Chesney
  • ISBN: 9780312908850
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • With Each London Season, an Enchanting Romance Moves into the Fashionable Town House at number 67 Clarges Street And There Below Stairs the Staff Has a Special Mission to Arrange a Match Hatch a Scheme to Bring Love Home toA HOUSE FOR THE SEASONLovely but penniless Harriet Metcalf is aghast when a nobleman s will names her guardian of his snobbish twin daughtersWith Each London Season, an Enchanting Romance Moves into the Fashionable Town House at number 67 Clarges Street And There Below Stairs the Staff Has a Special Mission to Arrange a Match Hatch a Scheme to Bring Love Home toA HOUSE FOR THE SEASONLovely but penniless Harriet Metcalf is aghast when a nobleman s will names her guardian of his snobbish twin daughters when they come out during the next London Season But is innocent Harriet wily enough for the intrigues of the ton or its two most eligible bachelors, the Marquess of Huntingdon and Lord Vere Harriet sees them as suitors for the twins, while the gentlemen see only Harriet s charms Soon she is falling in love with one of the dashing rakes but a cruel betrayal will be her ruin unless the Clarges Street servants can save a lady s honor when she loses her heart.

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    1. romanzetto gradevole, con personaggi simpatici (molti dei quali incontrati nelle puntate precedenti), storia leggera ma godibile e descrizioni della vita londinese durante la stagione mondana. perfetto per svagarsi con lievità, senza avere aspettative troppo alte.

    2. Twenty-five year old country beauty Harriet Metcalf is made godmother to the eighteen-year-old twins of Sir Benjamin Hayner, a neighbor and close friend. Harriet takes the twins off the London for the Season to stay at 67 Clarges Street and hopes to find husbands for the twins. She thinks she's found suitable matches in the Marquess of Huntingdon and his friend, Lord Vere, but the gentlemen may have interest elsewhere that Harriet did not expect, especially since every time she meets the Marques [...]

    3. Un romanzo gradevole e divertente, tanti buoni sentimenti e un lieto fine un po' scontato.Il punto di forza della serie rimane la caratterizzazione dei domestici del 67 di Clarges Street, ma anche, in questo volume, il cane Beauty, una vera forza della natura.I personaggi aristocratici sono sempre un po' monotoni, eccessivi nei loro tratti e nei comportamenti. Harriet è troppo ingenua e nulla sembra in grado di darle una svegliata,; il marchese, per essere un uomo di mondo, si innamora con una [...]

    4. this is the third book in a seven book series. Another fun easy read. Again we are at the cursed house with the charming servants. This year it is a young chaperone and her insolent charges. When their father dies the twins are awarded to Miss Harriet Metcalf. They don't like her and try to make her life miserable. Luckily she attracts plenty of suitors, unlikely her nasty little charges do not and their jealous makes her life difficult.

    5. Malgrado la storia non sia originalissima è stata una lettura gradevole. C'è cura del dettaglio storico, lo stile narrativo è scorrevoleCerto Harriet l'ho trovata un po' naive, a tratti troppo ingenua e fiduciosa, per non dire credulona. Fortunatamente la servitù ci ha messo, come sempre, lo zampino :p

    6. Senza infamia e senza lode. Un romanzo che si legge velocemente, magari sotto l’ombrellone. La bucolica Miss Harriett deve fare da chaperon a due debuttanti nella Londra della reggenza. Tra equivoci, qui pro quo e situazioni al confine tra il disastroso ed il comico, viviamo questa stagione londinese, accompagnati da uno humor…m…piuttosto inglese. Non mi dilungo sulla trama, che è già di per sé piuttosto scarna. Posso dire, però, che la protagonista è un po’ troppo ingenua e le due [...]

    7. Another short fun book in the "house for the season" series. As usual full of misunderstandings and interesting servants gossip and situations this book helps develop the characters of the servants even more. Lizzie in particular had a great season. It was great to see James exhibit a little more maturity this time. And of coarse hair it was a great heroin as was the marquis. I think the highlight of the book was beauty and how he Advance the plot. I really like this author because she has such [...]

    8. The protagonists were not fleshed out and it became rather annoying that the plot relied upon both of them being willing to be pushed around, which is normal for the genre, but rather a letdown from the previous books in the series. The fleshing out of personalities in the recurring servant protagonists was nice, though.

    9. Wish they would have said what happened to the twins and more about the couple afterwords. Also what happened to his mistress

    10. After recently rereading after 20 years or so, I think this book and "Rake's Progress" (number 4 in the "House for a Season" series) have held up the best. I also reread number 6, "Marrying Harriet" and found the beginning of an annoying habit I have since become resigned to in Beaton's multiple series, mystery and romance - spending way too many of the precious few pages winding up tons of extraneous plot points and characters accrued over the life of the series, stretching any actual plot for [...]

    11. This is the third book in the "A House For The Season" by M. C. Beaton writing as Marion Chesney and it was an excellent addition to the series. There are currently six books in the series.The series is about a series of residents who rent the home at 67 Clarges Street in Mayfair. The house is known as a bad luck house because the previous owner (a duke) killed himself in the house. Since then, all of the residents have had very bad luck befall them - the daughter of one family died, one family [...]

    12. Lovely but penniless Harriet Metcalf admires twins who hide their hate when father Sir Benjamin Hayner names her guardian for their London come-out. Butler Rainbird directs staff of Clarges Street to help the innocent beauty fight nasty rumors spread by Sarah, Annabelle, and their maid. The Marquis of Huntingdon gives up his mistress; his best friend Lord Vere also proposes. Harriet, "Unknown to herself, she was on the brink of discovering she preferred to make up her own mind" p 77. Even weak k [...]

    13. I remember reading a slew of Marion Chesney novels when my children were very young. They were just the right kind of light, mindless entertainment that I needed at the time. I had to read things that were very put-downable books that would not consume me. My free time to read was very limited.Basically, all of the books in any given Marion Chesney series were the same book. She had a formula, and stuck to it. She changed names, places and circumstances, but the basic plots remained identical. T [...]

    14. Harriet has been left in charge of her twin goddaughters, Sarah and Annabelle until they are twenty one. She has the use of their money until the come of age or marry so she decided to lease a house in fashionable London to see if she can find husbands for the girls.The three move into 67 Clarges Street and soon settle into the routine of the season aided by the servants who will be familiar to readers of the previous two books in the series. It is soon clear to onlookers that Sarah and Annabell [...]

    15. From fictiondb/author/marioWith Each London Season, an Enchanting Romance Moves into the Fashionable Town House at number 67 Clarges Street. And There Below Stairs the Staff Has a Special Mission--to Arrange a Match Hatch a Scheme to Bring Love Home toA HOUSE FOR THE SEASONLovely but penniless Harriet Metcalf is aghast when a nobleman's will names her guardian of his snobbish twin daughters when they come out during the next London Season! But is innocent Harriet wily enough for the intrigues o [...]

    16. Another year and another season for 67 Clarges Street. The LoversNot my favourite so far. Harriet (the heroine) was irritatingly naive in this book nearly o the point of me putting the book down. She made some of the silliest, unsafe decisions and was blind to the actions of others that should have been glaringly obvious. It really grated on my nerves after a while and then when she did finally find out the truth I felt a little cheated by the outcome. The hero was a numpty at one point and very [...]

    17. Harriet, una ragazza di 25 anni, orfana e ormai povera, ma con una buona educazione, viene nominata da un baronetto defunto come tutrice delle sue gemelle di 18 anni. Harriet deve fare loro da chaperon durante la Stagione, in modo che concludano buoni matrimoni. Harriet affitta la casa al 67 di Clarges Street, dove i domestici le si affezionano subito e capiscono che le gemelle non sono così simaptiche. Basta vedere come reagiscono quando i migliori partiti si propongono ad Harriet!Divertente! [...]

    18. Harriet is an orphan, neighbor of a country gentlemen, who upon his death leaves her in charge of his two vain twin daughters, ready to come out in their first London season. Harriet is a gorgeous, innocent blonde who does not realize the daughters are jealous of her and have spread rumors she seduced their father. Harriet's ridiculous dog brings her closer to her future love - Lord Hungtingdon. She is oblivious and thinks his attentions and that of his best friend are due to her charges, and it [...]

    19. Review - I love the take on Cinderella (but not really Cinderella). I also find the poetry extracts at the beginning of the chapters a great little opening as an idea to what will happen. I loved Harriet. She was so conflicted and strong, although also a little naive. The servants grow on me with every book, particularly Lizzie. I can't seem to grow fond of any of the male protagonists in these books however.Genre? - Historical / RomanceCharacters? - Harriet Metcalf / Marquess of Huntingdon / Lo [...]

    20. Another successful installment of the series "A House for the Season." The stars again are the servants of 67 Clarges Street, Mayfair, who this time are definitely on the verge of popping out of their proper societal place and acting independently and equally. Then there is an ugly dog named BeautyOur heroine for most of the book is just TOO good, but her innate good sense triumphs and redeems her, liberating the spiciness underneath.Chesney always rings an original change on the obligatory Rege [...]

    21. Marion Chesney is not a clever or witty writer, her conversation doesn't sparkle but the stories are fun and romantic. I find I like the series as much as I did when I first ran across a couple of the books 40 years ago(!).But this time I'll get a chance to read and enjoy them all. It is a fun premise: making the house and servants the constant (but allowing for growth and character development with the servants) while the romance is completely different each time, changing with the renters for [...]

    22. The heroine is such a witless wonder I found this book an unpalatable 1 star until this little bit appeared:“It is you, and you alone, who makes me feel like a slavering monster.” [this is the hero]Harriet’s kind heart was touched. [the heroine. Well, whose wouldn't be???]direct to you from: Beaton, M. C. (2014-01-16). The Wicked Godmother (A House for the Season Book 3) (Kindle Locations 2516-2517). RosettaBooks. Kindle Edition. I'm still laughing. So 2 stars.

    23. While still just a quick bit of light reading, this one was a bit more solid than the previous two in the series. I thought the heroine was a little sillier, but at the same time, I like how the Chesney demonstrated how Harriet's naivete regarding her goddaughters was in part to blame for some of her discomfort. I'm also very happy to see that Lizzie is moving beyond Joseph, and hope Rainbird will soon move beyond his heartache as well.

    24. Clarges Street, Mayfair, è l’ambiente di risonanza della Stagione londinese, e sempre appare nella serie di M.C. Beaton più libertino, malizioso, della contestuale epoca della Reggenza (1811-1820). Al numero 67, però, tale particolarità può anche mutare in grazia e leggiadria e con Miss Harriet Metcalf, accurata, piuttosto semplice, gentile, lo scandalo si risolve e vien meno fino a scomparire. - See more at: mangialibri/libri/la-p

    25. My favorite so far.I do love the servants in this series. I don't think words could do them justice. However, of all of this authors books that I have read (or any other in a long time) I have to say that Moocher and Beauty top my list of favorite characters. I absolutely loved them. You will have to read to find out about them. On to the next book.

    26. Carino, carino, carino.Abbandonato il filone giallo dell'episodio precedente - che non mi aveva entusiasmato - la Beaton rientra nei canoni del Regency più classico e diverte come sempre con la sua sgangherata banda di domestici, gli inquilini sempre bizzarri, i corteggiamenti, le arguzie e gli intrighi di un'altra Stagione a Londra. Evviva!

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