When the Cat's Away

When the Cat s Away Originally appearing in The Kinky Friedman Crime Club now published as a single volume this is the third Kinky Friedman mystery A purloined feline from Madison Square Gardens cat show is a tip off t

  • Title: When the Cat's Away
  • Author: Kinky Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780970238320
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Originally appearing in The Kinky Friedman Crime Club, now published as a single volume, this is the third Kinky Friedman mystery A purloined feline from Madison Square Gardens cat show is a tip off to a trail of murders, drug rings and gang wars that only Kinky Friedman can follow.

    One thought on “When the Cat's Away”

    1. Who would have thought that Kinky Friedman, yes that Kinky Friedman writes books! He has written more than 15 mysteries and some non-fiction, for more than 20 books total.For a news junky like myself, I knew a bit about him although I’m not from or live in Texas. (However, I did live there for a year but I never heard his name mentioned.) Some of his bio was in the news when he ran for governor of Texas in 2006 and I recalled hearing that he was a musician with group called, hold on to your se [...]

    2. Once,not so long ago, I ordered furikake from Japan and the seller mixed the shipping labels and instead of furikake, I got an anniversary edition of the Sakuma Candy Drops from Grave of the Fireflies anime. This was a wonderful mistake, as I got to learn about the sakuma drops history and their place in the anime and see the anime and [ugly] cry a lot and eat the candy too. Entropy won!In a similar manner, I wanted to get this Kinky Cats, Immortal Amoebas and Nine-Armed Octopuses: Weird, Wild a [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book more than I actually did, but hey, for a confirmed insomniac with tinnitus, anything goes at 1 AM, as long as you don't have to think too hard. Trust me, you don't. The author doesn't telegraph his punches, he shouts at you, "Punch coming!" and presents a stiff arm and a clenched fist before he's even close to you. I figured out who the killer was about a minute after that person appeared, though the "motive" was wobbly in the extreme. And the cat in the title? [...]

    4. (read along with Elvis, Jesus, and Coca-Cola.These are annoying but entertaining little crime novels by Kinky, starring Kinky as himself. They can be funny, and I enjoy the Texas similes and the fact that a guy who writes novels about himself drinking incessantly, smoking countless cigars, and doing coke on occasion, could make a semi-serious run for governor of Texas! Both books were exactly the same but with different plots. Probably, overall, not worth reading.

    5. I had no idea who Kinky Friedman was when I bought this for $1.98 off the Borders discount shelf. That's not an amazing bit of recollection or record keeping; the sticker is still on front. For about two decades, this book sat on several shelves unread until now. I recall assuming when I bought it that Kinky Friedman was a New York society woman, sort of a Jewish Carrie whatever from Sex and the City. For two bucks, what did I have to lose? Turns out that Kinky is a he, and he is country singer [...]

    6. Written in the late 80's, this is not your most politically correct novel. Given the fact that the main character is a cigar smoking, womanizing Jewish cowboy/P.I. living in New York and that the main character and the author have the same name, I can't be sure if this is fiction or autobiographical. And the cast of quirky characters are bizarre enough to be real. I enjoyed the ride and hope to read more of Kinky.

    7. Another corker! Loved this from begining to end, although another re-read it still blew my head clean off! Laughed my self silly.

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