The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments

The Roads to Modernity The British French and American Enlightenments In an elegant eminently readable work one of our most distinguished intellectual historians gives us a brilliant revisionist history The Roads to Modernity reclaims the Enlightenment an extraordinar

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  • Title: The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments
  • Author: Gertrude Himmelfarb
  • ISBN: 9781400077229
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • In an elegant, eminently readable work, one of our most distinguished intellectual historians gives us a brilliant revisionist history The Roads to Modernity reclaims the Enlightenment an extraordinary time bursting with new ideas about human nature, politics, society, and religion from historians who have downgraded its importance and from scholars who have given preemiIn an elegant, eminently readable work, one of our most distinguished intellectual historians gives us a brilliant revisionist history The Roads to Modernity reclaims the Enlightenment an extraordinary time bursting with new ideas about human nature, politics, society, and religion from historians who have downgraded its importance and from scholars who have given preeminence to the Enlightenment in France over concurrent movements in England and America.Contrasting the Enlightenments in the three nations, Himmelfarb demonstrates the primacy and wisdom of the British, exemplified in such thinkers as Adam Smith, David Hume, and Edmund Burke, as well as the unique and enduring contributions of the American Founders It is their Enlightenments, she argues, that created a social ethic humane, compassionate, and realistic that still resonates strongly today, in America perhaps even than in Europe.The Roads to Modernity is a remarkable and illuminating contribution to the history of ideas.

    One thought on “The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments”

    1. A NeoConservative view of the Enlightenment. In a nutshell she argues that the British and American limited vesions of the Enlightenment are good and the Nasty Radical French version of it is bad.

    2. Tentativa de trazer o Iluminismo para os ingleses, a quem a autora atribui suas origens, e para os americanos; fugindo um pouco daquele confinamento dado aos franceses. Interessante ponto de vista, principalmente porque o desenrolar dessas ideias, o que o próprio livro desenvolve, tiveram muito mais sucesso e frutos nos Estados Unidos e na Inglaterra que na França. Leitura não é difícil, praticamente um apanhado sobre filosofia do século XVIII em que a autora tenta concatenar para explicar [...]

    3. يتناول الكتاب ثلاث نماذج مختلفة من التنوير شكلت بمجموعها الحداثة١- التنوير البرطاني والذي كانت سمته الأساسية هي سيكوليجية الفضيلة.٢- التنوير الفرنسي الذي كانت دعامته الأساسية تقديس العقل.٣- التنوير الأمريكي الذي سعى لبناء علم سياسة الحريةما لم يعجبني بالكتاب هو اهماله لبل [...]

    4. رغم تحيز الكاتبة للتنوير الانجليزي وضد التنوير الفرنسي ورفضها لاحتكار الفرنسيين للتنوير، إلا انها تقدم صورة بانورامية شاملة للتنوير بشكل عام سواء الفرنسي الذي تسمية ايديولوجيا العقل او الانجليزي الذي تطلق علية سوسيولوجيا الفضيلة والامريكي الذي تلقبة بعلم سياسة الحريةوف [...]

    5. In this book, Himmelfarb sets out to “reclaim” the Enlightenment from two factions: historians who have downgraded its importance; and scholars who have given its pre-eminence to the French. Regarding the former, Himmelfarb believes that the Enlightenment is alive and well, with resonances for many of us today. She develops her main theme, however, by extending and differently-qualifying what she means by “the enlightenment”. To this end, she is concerned to expand on the contributions o [...]

    6. A Wonderful read –– I learnt differences among British, French Philosophers in Enlightenment. I learnt more on John Wesley, And how Methodism influenced lower class in British Society. As, I knew earlier –– Man is a religious animal, And Religion helps, contributes so much to society. I was surprised to read Jefferson saying, "No Nation has ever been existed or governed without a religion." I would recommend this book to someone, who wants to understand more about Enlightenment. --Deus [...]

    7. بإمكان من يريد التعرف على التنوير أن يجد كتباً أفضل من هذا الكتاب الذي يتناول ثلاثة نماذج من التنوير فقط، بأسلوب معقد لا يناسب سوى المختصينبالإضافة إلى التعقيد والافتقار إلى التنظيم، لم يعجبني انحياز الكاتبة للتنوير البريطاني ضد التنوير الفرنسي بشكل صريح وصل حد الطعن بفلا [...]

    8. التنوير البريطانى والفضيلة وقادة الفكر آدم سميث وجون لوك وديفيد هيوم وصمويل جونسونالتنير الفرنسى وايدلوجييا العقلجان جاك روسو وفولتير والتنوير الامريكى والحرية

    9. "On a moving personal note, [Washington] told [the Cherokee] that just as he was about to retire from public life, so he was asking them to retire as a nation."WHAT DO YOU MEAN A MOVING PERSONAL NOTE

    10. This book does a great job comparing and contrasting the differences of the Enlightenment as experienced in Britain, the U.S and France. It's like an introductory, comparative survey course of the various Enlightenment thinkers in the three countries, so do not expect in-depth or detailed analysis on any particular person. This book is more to give you a general picture of the intellectual climate of those times. The treatment of the American Enlightenment is the briefest of the three, which was [...]

    11. I read this a long time ago. Dr. Himmelfarb's books Are all worth reading, and in this short history of the enlightenment, she takes the time slightly different route. In summary, the author distinguishes three streams within "the Enlightenment" and argues that the original project was the British. In this way she is able to distinguish the British enlightenment from the radical French revolutionaries spirit.

    12. تنكشف من خلال صفحات الكتاب على موضوعات النقاش الدائر في عصر التنوير بنماذجه الثلاثة: البريطاني، الفرنسي والأمريكي. من الملفت للانتباه أن التنوير هذا اعتمد على تداول فكري نشط بين مفكّري وفلاسفة كل بلد فيما بينهم، وما تجاوز حدود البلد أيضا.التنوير البريطاني اعتمد على اعتقاد [...]

    13. This is a good overview of the British, French and American Enlightenments. I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the British Enlightenment as it was the most thorough and also the Enlightenment itself was the most interesting, the most original and seemed to be driven by philosophers looking to discover truth rather than push an agenda (as were the French philosophes). However, Himmelfarb displays in the end a most irrational conclusion often reached by neo-conservatives: that the experiment [...]

    14. Reclaiming the Enlightenment would be an ambitious challenge for any historian, but it is perhaps even more daunting for one so closely identified with a particular brand of politics (neoconservatism). No one questions Himmelfarb's credentials for tackling the job: she is professor emeritus at the City University of New York and the author of nine books. But she takes some hard lumps for attempting to link the Enlightenment to the current American political scene (one reviewer dubbed her "an apo [...]

    15. I would have preferred a history of the Enlightenment rather than this survey of different issues of that period. One complaint I have is despite the subtitle of the book, about 120 pages are devoted to trying to argue for including England in the Enlightenment (which I agree with) and only 38 pages to the French and 35 pages to the American Enlightenments. While I agree that the English and American revolutions were certainly more successful (and less bloody) than the French Revolution, I find [...]

    16. Enlightenments was perfect. I read Gertrude Himmelfarb's The Demoralization of Society: From Victorian Virtues to Modern Values a few years ago, and thought it was extremely thought provoking and well-written. I think the same of The Roads; however, I would recommend becoming familiar with the basics of western philosophy before reading this one. If you're unfamiliar with Kant, Hume, Smith etc(the list goes on and on), then it would be really difficult to follow or identify with the ideas in thi [...]

    17. Learn a bit about the Enlightenment witha new twist: The French do not get all the credit nor was the era all about reason. I don't have much frame of reference to compete with her assertions but i find it stimulating to understand the movements in thought which informed this pre-Victorian era. I've only read the British section and a bit of the French. Stopped to read another book and rest my mind from accumulating dead people names. :)

    18. Oh Gertrude. Why you so incisively crass?She badly misreads at least one document(s; the famous Jefferson-Madison exchange on generations), cherry-picks shock-value quotes from the philosophes, & overstates American egalitarianism (mostly by quoting Tocqueville),--all in an attempt to reify the cliche ([for her] yay) reformist Britain vs. (ew) revolutionary France binary.

    19. This is a welcome corrective to the notion that the Enlightenment began in France. The British version not only predated the French and American versions, but heavily influenced them. The only criticism I would make is that it is too patriotically British. Patriotism invariably distorts objectivity. Nonetheless, it's great to read about this hitherto neglected area of history.

    20. The bulk of this book is great: informative, compelling, modest and measured in its claims, most importantly engaging.This may be my residual Calvinism speaking, but I'm less sanguine than Himmelfarb about contemporary American life (see Epilogue; but see also the astounding qualifying sentence).

    21. Although I read this for class and it seemed excessively boring at first, it was actually a really smart look at Enlightenment ideas and trends of 18th century American, French, and English philosophers.

    22. An excellent overview of the British, French and American Enlightenment, associated, respectively, with virtue, reason and liberty.

    23. Although I read this for class and it seems excessively boring, it was actually a really smart look at Enlightenment ideas and trends.

    24. This is a great, short, readable history of enlightenment thought. It is non-traditional in that it focuses on the English enlightenment - and contrasts it with the French.

    25. Gostei muito da leitura. Um instrumento muito bom para compreender a formação do pensamento ocidental moderno.

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