The Rattle Bag

The Rattle Bag The Rattle Bag is an anthology of poetry mostly in English but occasionally in translation for general readers and students of all ages and backgrounds These poems have been selected by the simple yet

The Rattle Bag An Anthology of Poetry The Rattle Bag is an anthology of poetry mostly in English but occasionally in translation for general readers and students of all ages and backgrounds These poems have been selected by the simple yet telling criteria that they are the personal favorites of the editors, themselves two of contemporary literature s leading poets. Customer reviews The Rattle Bag An Anthology Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Rattle Bag An Anthology of Poetry at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Ekphrastic Challenge Rattle Poetry There s a long tradition of poetry responding to visual art and vice versa , and we thought it would be fun to post a challenge For the first, Judy Keown, cover artist from issue , donated a photograph of an argiope spider We gave poets a month to respond to this photograph in verse, and Simon Rattle Askonas Holt Sir Simon Rattle was born in Liverpool and studied at the Royal Academy of Music For some years Principal Guest Conductor of the Rotterdam and Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestras, in he became Principal Conductor and Artistic Adviser of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, stepping up to Music Director from September until August . Woods Wise Professional Grade Game Calls Browse our Selection of Game Calls Deer Calls We started the deer calling revolution way back in with the We started the deer calling revolution way back in with the introduction of the first ever Buc N Doe deer call and the now famous Rattler Bag along Da Honolulu Bag Lady Hula implement bags Hawaiian quilt Hula implement bags Da Honolulu Bag Lady Da Bag Bag Inventory NEW Garment Accessory Bags Pricing Stripey Owl Baby Rattle Lovely Little Life On Saturday evening I finished this soft rattle toy I ve been making for my lovely little nephew, Isaac I am really pleased with how it has turned out and I m thinking The Symptoms of Dying The New York Times Jun , While few of us will experience all the symptoms of dying, most of us will have at least one, if not This is what to expect The Death Rattle Gelato Pique Luxury Loungewear Cozy Sleepwear Gelato Pique is the largest and most luxury loungewear brand in the world Our luxury sleepwear and loungewear is unbelievably comfortable and cozy, and will provide you with an amazing night sleep This classy luxury loungewear is so beautiful in can be worn outside to special events and parties. Rattlesnakes Lucky Mojo Rattlesnake salt also appears in a two part Mexican made budu voodoo hoodoo charm labelled in English on the box front Alleged Rattle Viper Sperm Incense.I happen to ownban old box of this product and will describe it in full The box panels and inserted paper of instructions are entirely in Spanish, but the English language front label seems to consist of pick ups from one or

  • Title: The Rattle Bag
  • Author: Seamus Heaney Ted Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780571119769
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Rattle Bag is an anthology of poetry mostly in English but occasionally in translation for general readers and students of all ages and backgrounds These poems have been selected by the simple yet telling criteria that they are the personal favorites of the editors, themselves two of contemporary literature s leading poets.Moreover, Heaney and Hughes have elected toThe Rattle Bag is an anthology of poetry mostly in English but occasionally in translation for general readers and students of all ages and backgrounds These poems have been selected by the simple yet telling criteria that they are the personal favorites of the editors, themselves two of contemporary literature s leading poets.Moreover, Heaney and Hughes have elected to list their favorites not by theme or by author but simply by title or by first line, when no title is given As they explain in their Introduction We hope that our decision to impose an arbitrary alphabetical order allows the contents of this book to discover themselves as we ourselves gradually discovered them each poem full of its singular appeal, transmitting its own signals, taking its chances in a big, voluble world With undisputed masterpieces and rare discoveries, with both classics and surprises galore, The Rattle Bag includes the work of such key poets as William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Carroll, Dylan Thomas, Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, and Sylvia Plath among its hundreds of poems A helpful Glossary as well as an Index of Poets and Works are offered at the conclusion of this hefty, unorthodox, diverse, inspired, and inspiring collection of poetry.

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    1. an unusual anthology, but i chose it because of my love of heaney. hughes, well, not so much. i've taken to opening it to random pages and enjoying a few pages of poetry every couple of days - the randomness of it is easily the best part contains quite a few poets that i know and love, and so very many that i was unfamiliar with. which makes it a lovely exercise in seeing new wordsmiths and devouring their words.

    2. This collection of poetry edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes is the perfect addition to any poetry shelf. Having made my way cover to cover, I will now find joy in taking The Rattle Bag off the shelf, opening to a random page, and enjoying the words I find there.Seamus Heaney on the title: the volume was too abundant, too frolicsome and too unruly to go by the rather headmasterly title in the contract, so all of a sudden Ted suggested we call it by the name of a strange roguish poem translat [...]

    3. This is one of my favorite anthologies -- some standards, some real surprises, consistently chosen by idiosyncratic sensibilities that say as much about the editor poets as about the quality of the chosen work itself. I don't think I would have ever been exposed to the "Hunter Poems of the Yoruba" but for this anthology, and I suspect Heaney threw in the strong presence of anonymous early traditional verse while Hughes ensured there would be a heavy dose of D.H. Lawrence. Maybe great American po [...]

    4. Another fine collection of poems I have been slowly working my way through these past few years, The Rattle Bag is the perfect collection for anyone hoping to get back into reading poetry. The collection, an expansive collection of classical and modern poetry, really does offer nearly all poetry has to offer and I am sure others will find, as I did, that there are a number of poems which you will find yourself returning time and again as well as new poets whose work you will seek out(good luck w [...]

    5. A more eclectic collection than usual. Some of my favorites: - The Seafarer, by Anon(version by Ezra Pound)-"he singeth summerward"- Spring, by G.M.Hopkins -"What is all this juice and this joy? - Fairy Tale, by Miroslav Holub -"He cut out his bit of sky" - Dinogad's Petticoat, from the Welsh(trans Gwyn Williams)"Whatever your father struck with his spear wild pig wild cat fox from his lair unless it had wings it never got clear." - Breathing Space July, by Tomas Transtromer "the islands crawl l [...]

    6. This is undoubtedly my favourite anthology of poetry. What I like most is its variety- open the book on any page and you will certainly read something you weren't expecting to. Almost always a pleasant surprise, of course. Naturally it contains the works of some of the most dominant poets of all time- Shakespeare, Dickinson, Yeats, Plath, Bishop, to name a few. But what will also greet you in the pages of this beautiful anthology is the discovery of the undiscovered. The lesser known gems of poe [...]

    7. A very interesting and different collection of poetry, chosen by two of our most famous modern poets.The time covered is from Renaissance to today and the subject matter is all human experience. The ordering alphabetically by title breaks up the usual pattern of 'by date' and places poets beside each other in fascinating ways.Recommended to all lovers of poetry. Also a good starter for those who would like to read poetry but don't know where to begin.

    8. This is a brilliant and bountiful poetry collection. Its very variety, of course, means it can't help but be a bit uneven (subjectively so), but, all in all, it's been a tremendous pleasure. I spent the last year and a half reading one poem a day, and there was hardly a one that wasn't enjoyable from one aspect or another.

    9. Over the years I've accumulated a variety of poetry anthologies. This is probably my favorite. For reasons which I can't articulate other than to say that I like the poems that are in it. (Duh!)

    10. One of the best poetry anthologies going, compiled by two masters of the form. The only unavoidable downside is that it collects poetry up to its publication and thus has nothing more contemporary than 1982.

    11. A great anthology, made all the better by the decision to arrange the poems alphabetically, thus ensuring a rather more random feel to the collection - so much better than chronology. It introduced me to a few new poets, most particularly Elizabeth Bishop.

    12. Poetry in anthology form is always subject to criticism by readers who feel aggrieved at the works excluded. Even at 475 pages, this work necessarily omits some well-known works and even some respected poets. But it gives a flavour of the genre as it’s developed over the centuries. The editors arranged the verses alphabetically so that an air of randomness pervades the volume. There’s no attempt at thematic or topical arrangement. Surprise is the intention: the joy of stumbling on work new t [...]

    13. I love dipping into this anthology - it has such a wide variety of poems: English and in translation, from such a wide time period. A favourite on my poetry shelf next to Poems On The Underground.

    14. A parting gift from a Boston friend, this collection of poetry is a good volume to own if you'd like to own some poetry. It runs the gamut, from e.e. cummings to Shakespeare. Odds are very good that just about everyone will find something resonant in this volume. Co-editor Ted Hughes very decently includes some Sylvia Plath pieces, and there are a number of very familiar (and not so familiar) works by known and anonymous poets. A highlight is W.H. Auden's "Stop all the clocks, cut off the teleph [...]

    15. If you want a book you can dip into, that you can use to explore different poets from around the world. That can be a reference point to start your voyage into the alleys, paths & highways of poetry this is a good book to start with.The poets covered, some are known, some famous, but theres obscure poems, anonymous poems, poets whose lines you see within these pages will set you off on the road to other works/writers.This book book is a key, a door, a path its up to you what you do with it.

    16. Some of the poems I really disliked, but there were a lot in here new to me that were good discoveries such as D.H. LAwrence's Bat and Man which has become a favorite of me and my wife. As an anthology un-romantic, very un-Victorian and un-Edwardian. My taste and that of the editors don't overlap a lot but there was enough new to me to make this a good find. Given me by our son's mother in law, a teacher in Ireland.

    17. GREAT introductory reader for someone relatively new to poetry. Has a nice range of poems (theme, author, time and geography, though with a concentration on post-1500s western poetry), some well-known and some more obscure. All really good, though! Above all, I LOVE that the poems are arranged alphabetically by title rather than by author or theme, as the unpredictability of order makes each new poem a pleasant little surprise!

    18. If you enjoy poetry this is a great group of peoms picked out by two amazing poets. since this is A collection of Poetry I haven't read it from cover to cover but i have read a good deal of the poems and I love them. I grab this book from the shelf from time to time and read something, so this will probably stay on the currently reading list forever.

    19. Two of my favorite poets, Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney, team up to edit together a collection of their own favorite poems from the distant past to the present. They arranged the collection alphabetically by poem title so that the jumps through time and place jar and inspire. This is the first anthology I go to when I'm stuck in my own writing.

    20. There's plenty of poems that I recognisedand I found some easier to read than othersThe format of the book meant that the titles of the poems were in alphabetical order, so if you ever needed to find a poem whose title begins with a certain letter of the alphabet, this is your bookAlso, there are many well known poets featured - William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, John Keats and so on

    21. I've had this book for over 20 years and I (should) constantly go back to it. It introduced me to Sylvia Plath, Norman McCaig, William Blake plus there are some fascinating translations in there.

    22. My favorite anthology of poetry. Heaney and Hughes don't try to collect the best poetry ever. They don't try to represent every author, period of style. They don't focus on a theme. The outcome is a selection that is wonderfully readable nothing more or less.

    23. An eclectic mix, arranged alphabetically by title, which thrusts odd bedfellows next to each other. There's a good selection of poems in translation as well, which work amazingly well. A delightful ragbag.

    24. My favourite poetry anthology up to now. The idea is so random and original, and you may find such delightful pieces while brownsing it when you got nothing better to do! Also, a book of poetry by and for poets and/or poetry lovers, who cool is that?

    25. My newest all-time-favourite poetry anthology. Unbelievably diverse, from Shakespeare to translations of Navajo chants. Appropriately arranged alphabetically by title or first line - it is too unclassifiably eclectic for any other system of grouping.

    26. we should have a collection like this for indonesian schools. i think i remember sapardi releasing a collection of love poems (shakespeare's sonnets etc) but in handwriting fonts! crazy maybe they want the poems to resemble love letters. insane! it was totally unreadable like totally.

    27. My favourite book of poetry. However, may I correct the info for the book; it is edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes. Yeah, pedantic, so what? It was mainly Heaney's effort, hence my correction ;) Anyway, wondrous poems from all around the world. A beautiful collection.

    28. A wonderful, masterfully eclectic collection of such diverse poetry it defies competition. Five stars elude it due to my own reticence and reluctance to fully engage with poetry. This is as close as I will ever come to understanding it.

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