Night House Bright House

Night House Bright House Here s a nighttime book for very young children that s anything but quiet Ten frisky mice race and chase their feline friend from one room to the next Each turn of the page shows a dazzling new room s

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  • Title: Night House Bright House
  • Author: Monica Wellington
  • ISBN: 9780525454915
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here s a nighttime book for very young children that s anything but quiet Ten frisky mice race and chase their feline friend from one room to the next Each turn of the page shows a dazzling new room singing with color, and the objects everywhere have plenty to say about the cat and mouse game going on around them Full color.

    One thought on “Night House Bright House”

    1. This is a good book for teaching rhyme. It also has some ideas in the back for parents to use it to help the children recognize words and inspire their imagination. Simple rhymes. Colorful illustrations.

    2. Kinda dumb. Not really any plot. (As in I learned more about what was going on in the book from reading other people's reviews than I did from reading the book itself.) Not that plot is required for a picture book, but if there is no plot, I like there to be something else that makes the book worthwhile. I thought at first that I could help my three-year-old predict what word was represented by each little picture, based on the rhyme. (Each line is something like, "'Look up!' said the [picture o [...]

    3. I own a paperback special edition Dolly Parton's Imagination Library ISBN 9780525426189Whenever new selections come from the Books from Birth program I'm unsure what to think. Quite often they are worthy and this is one of those that is absolutely perfecting for my budding reader. When they say "Bright" they are not kidding, as the images in this book are very vivid and bright with plenty to entertain the vision. My 3.5 year old is desperate with desire to learn how to read and the combination o [...]

    4. I agree with Elizabeth S. - this sucks. I love goofy books as much as the next person and so does my daughter but this isn't goofy - it just sucks. Unless this is meant for babies (because of the "picture words") and I'm mistaken I don't get it. Nothing makes sense. The only thing that was even remotely cool about this is that the "picture words" can be found on the pages opposite the text so it can serve as a sort of I Spy. But if that's what you want, buy an I Spy and be done with it. There ar [...]

    5. Just stupid! The author bothered to make rhymes, but apparently never considered whether they make any sense at all. A whole bunch are nonsense words ("Higgledy-pop said the mop." "Ziggity-zag said the bag") but others ("I'm fainting said the painting." "I'm tired out said the spout.") are not. The rhythm is off in a number of these too. Someone needs to study the old nursery rhymes and learn from the masters. The pictures, which are what attracted me to this, are kind of cute, but if you're goi [...]

    6. Was anyone else bothered by the fact that there were several inappropriate paintings illustrated in this book for a toddler. There was a painting of a naked lady, a topless mermaid, and a very small picture of several naked silhouettes. I was very shocked when I saw these drawings. I realize that they are portraying actual real life paintings but do you really feel it necessary to include them in a child's rhyming book geared for three year olds? I found it very distasteful, and I qustion the au [...]

    7. My son received this book as a gift when he was 4 years old. He is 9 now and I still know most of this book from memory. It was his favourite bed time story and was read every single night. I quickly learned to keep track of its where abouts through out the day. He loved the mice in the pictures and after reading he would always pick out his favourite one for the night. Pages of brightly coloured pictures and so easy to read. My only recommendations for the parents isWhen you read "Tickle tickle [...]

    8. I really did not enjoy this book very much, there was not a good story line. It has a story per page but the dialogue does not follow a story line. This would be a good for really young elementary student to work on rhyming. It would also be good to identify certain objects, the children could take the image on the right side of the page and find it on the left side.

    9. Somewhere between ok and I liked it. Initially very eye-appealing and I'm kind of surprised I didn't like it more. k-3 Teachers: be prepared if you add it to your class library, there is a bit of nudity.

    10. It rhymes, but there is no rhythm to go with the rhyming, and there is no story, just one line rhymes. The illustrations are cute though.

    11. I'm not really impressed with this book. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because the kids can search for items on the page. Otherwise, it didn't hold my child's (or my) interest.

    12. This is one of my absolute favorite children's books! I loved reading this to my kids when they were younger. It is a really fun book.

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