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  1. "لقد وجدت الثورة الفرنسية إنجيلها في كتابات روسو."قرأت في العديد من المقالات والصُحف وكتب المدرسة منذ صغري عن كتاب العقد الاجتماعي كونه أهم الكتب في السياسة وبقي اسم هذا الكاتب راسخاً في ذاكرتي. وفي الجامعة -كوني درست الأدب الفرنسي- تم إفراد مباحث خاصة في عصر التنوير وفلاسفته [...]

  2. The one star rating does not mean I don’t recommend reading The Social Contract. Everyone should. It’s that important, that influential and reading this was certainly eye-opening. One star does not mean this was tedious, dry or difficult. In fact this treatise is not long, is easy to understand and can be read in a few hours. And Rousseau can certainly turn a phrase. Lots and lots that’s quotable in this book. But I don’t simply not like the book (which on means one star) I absolutely d [...]

  3. Du contrat social: ou Principes du droit politique = The Social Contract = Principles of Political Rights, Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract, originally published as On the Social Contract; or, Principles of Political Rights (French: Du contrat social; ou Principes du droit politique) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is a 1762 book in which Rousseau theorized about the best way to establish a political community in the face of the problems of commercial society, which he had already identified [...]

  4. Stylistically painful enough to read but undeniably indispensable to anyone seeking to understand the philosophical foundations of the republic, as it is thought in France.Liberty, Equality, Fraternity There is much talk in the first two terms of this The Social Contract. Everything is almost: the separation of powers, the importance of the legislative power, the secularism (rather punchy). Rousseau anticipates even very current evils such as "populism" (asserting that the people are always ri [...]

  5. بالنظر للفترة الزمنية التي نُشر فيها الكتاب يتبيَّن للقارئ مدى شجاعة جان جاك روسو لجرأة المحتوى الذي لا يتناسب أبداً مع الحالة السياسية في تلك الفترة وفعلا منذ أن نشر روسو الكتاب لم يعيش مطمئناً، فقد ظلَّ ملاحقاً في كل مكان يقصده إلى أن رحل عن هذه الدنيا. وبعد 30 عاماً من وفات [...]

  6. An update to the previousRousseau probably has the most recognized opening line in political theory/philosophy."Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains."The idea of the social contract is to move man from the state of nature (with unlimited freedom and limited security) to a society. The society is a compromise where a man gives up his unlimited freedom and receives security in exchange. Giving up freedom never sounds like a good idea, but Rousseau makes his point. In the state of nature [...]

  7. مقال عن روسو على جزئين:روسو ومشكلة الحرية- الجزء الأولروسو ومشكلة الحرية- الجزء الثانيتُعد فلسفة روسو السياسية هي الوسط ما بين استبدادية هوبز، وليبرالية لوك. في الباب الأول من كتابه «العقد الاجتماعي» يبحث روسو عن قاعدة شرعية صحيحة لإدارة النظام المدني يراعي فيها التوفيق بي [...]

  8. يختار حلمى مراد فى هذا الكتاب (كتب من التراث تعبر عن افكار مؤلفيها ) ليقدم لنا معلومه مفيدة واختار 4 من أعظم الاعمال على الاطلاق : إذا كانت العقد الاجتماعى او الالياذه او الاوديسه او إميل

  9. Kitabın en ilginç bölümü -zannımca- dünyayı tatarların yöneteceğine yönelik imanın geçtiği bölümdür. Rusların asla medenileşemeyeceğini söylemesi ilk bakışta gülünç geldiyse de onları "Ruslaşmak" yerine "Almanlaşmak" ile suçladığında anlamını kavradım. bir ulus kendi değerleri üzerinden kendi medeniyetini inşa etmek yerine başka değerleri hedef seçerse medenileşemez. Belki bu milliyetçilere ilham verecektir, ama bu kendi değerlerine saplantı dereces [...]

  10. 'Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains' Rousseau does give great leaps in logic sometimes, but his ideals are solid and have refaced human society since the French Revolution. A must read for its historical importance and ideas on personal freedom versus societal duties.

  11. مع ان الكتاب يبين تفاصيل مهمة ودقيقة في بناء كيان الدولة والمجتمع الحديث والحقوق والواجبات المترتبة على الحكام والمحكومين الا انه يجسد بشكل لافت للنظر هموم هذا الفيلسوف العبقري المشغول بمشاكل عصره والجهاد الذي بذله في سبيل أحلال المساواة والحرية والعدالة الاجتماعية أمام [...]

  12. کتاب قرارداد اجتماعی ژان ژاک روسو در زمره مهمترین کتاب ها در فلسفه سیاسی است.هم چنین این کتاب در وقوع انقلاب کبیر فرانسه تاثیرات زیادی برجای گذاشت.نظریه قرارداد اجتماعی معتقد است برای آنکه انسان از حقوق و آزادی های خویش استفاده کند و از طرفی نظم اجتماعی نیز حفظ شود،ملت به موج [...]

  13. Rămăsesem undeva pe la "Dreptul de viaţă şi de moarte" când m-am enervat şi am şters pdf-ul, învinuindu-mă că m-am urcat în tren fără să fi luat nimic de citit cu mine. Problema era că aveam neapărată nevoie să fac note marginale (sufăr de cancerul ăsta) şi m-am hotărât să o abandonez şi să o reiau când voi avea cartea în format clasic în mâna. Pe aici, pe dincolo, m-am dus într-o librărie şi, cu sacrificiul renunţării la un pachet de ţigări, am cumpărat-o. [...]

  14. Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains20 September 2010 This is how Rousseau, an 18th Century philosopher, opens his treatise on good government. The writing is not so much about a good form of government, but rather how government should run to be the best for the people. Of some of the ideas he proposes is that the law giver and the sovereign are two different people. To have the ability to make and execute the laws in the same hands is repugnant to Rousseau. In fact, though he does [...]

  15. کتاب قرارداد اجتماعی ژان ژاک روسو در زمره مهمترین کتاب ها در فلسفه سیاسی است.هم چنین این کتاب در وقوع انقلاب کبیر فرانسه تاثیرات زیادی برجای گذاشت.نظریه قرارداد اجتماعی معتقد است برای آنکه انسان از حقوق و آزادی های خویش استفاده کند و از طرفی نظم اجتماعی نیز حفظ شود،ملت به موج [...]

  16. من أهم الكتب المؤسسة في السياسة والقانونقراءته فرض عين على كل من يريد فهم أصول التحديث السياسي المعاصركما أنه معاصر جدا للأحداث التي تعيشها المنطقة العربية حاليا

  17. On trouve beaucoup de très bonnes choses dans ce petit livre de philosophie politique paru à la fin du dix-huitième siècle. En premier lieu, une recherche sur les moyens de fonder une sorte de contrat social qui puisse à la fois contraindre chacun, tout en emportant l'adhésion de tous. La solution proposée par Rousseau, pour résoudre cette contradiction, c'est d'avoir en vue non pas l'intérêt particulier mais l'intérêt général, et d'appliquer les lois de manière universelles. Il s [...]

  18. "The average man of each new generation has said to himself more clearly and consciously than his predecessor: 'My neighbor is not my enemy, but my friend, and I am his, if we would but mutually recognize the fact. We help each other to a better, fuller, happier living; and this service might be greatly increased if we would cease to restrict, hamper, and oppress each other. Why can we not agree to let each live his own life, neither of us transgressing the limit that separates our individualiti [...]

  19. يرى جان جاك روسو أن الإنسان كان يعيش قبل نشأة الدولة في حرية كاملة ، ولكن نظراً لتعارض المصالح والميول والنزعات الشريرة ، فقد اضطر الأفراد إلى البحث عن نظام يكفل لهم الأمن ، ويحقق العدالة ، فتعاقدوا على إنشاء مجتمع سياسي يخضع لسلطة عليا ، ويعتبر هذا العقد هو أساس نشأة الدولة [...]

  20. أروع ما في الكتاب انه متكامل من كل النواحي والشيء المدهش في هذا الكتاب هو أن كيف يكون لإنسان أن يكون شجاعا ليكتب كتاب جريء كهذا في زمانه متحديا مجتمع مختلف عنه تماما، لو كان روسو حي يرزق الان ترى مالذي سيطرحه من إبداع لنا؟

  21. My first contact with the Social Contract transpired back in those doldrums which is usually just dumped into a general catch-all called teenage. It was profound, it was moving and enlightening, so naturally I didn’t know anyone else I could discuss this book with as nobody else seems to be pondering the bigger things in life; my classmates and peers were completely useless in my hopes to talk about this work, and the societal elders I was familiar with were equally ignorant of the importance [...]

  22. I chose to read Rousseau’s work at this time because Thomas Carlyle, in his monumental history The French Revolution, implied that Rousseau’s thinking provided an important philosophical underpinning to the intellectual movement and the events that eventuated in France during the 1780’s and 1790’s. The Social Contract continues and develops Rousseau’s thinking begun in his Second Discourse. Critical to Rousseau’s ideas is his conviction that man in a state of nature is in an idyllic [...]

  23. Yönetilmeden bir hiç olan toplu yaşama düzeni için "tasarılar", "planlar" prototip devlet düzeni anlatımı.Hepsi olmak zorundaysa da tam anlamıyla gerçekleşmiş olduğu düşüncesi süper olurdu. Ama bugün sanki bu kitap okunup tam aksi ne varsa uygulanıyormuş gibi hissettim. Planı var ama planının dışında işleyen bir sistemin çarklarında dönüyoruz

  24. یک کتاب عالی دیگر از روسو بود که مسایل سیاسی و حکومت داری را از نگاه جامعه شناسی مورد بحث قرار میداد این کتاب 250 صفحه ای را بدون توقف و لاینقطع خواندم و لذت بردم بعد از خواندن کتابهای روسو احساس بسیار خوشایند و لذتبخشی دارم که نمیتوانم با خواندن هیچ کتاب دیگر مقایسه کنم

  25. يجب أن أقول أن على من يريد قراءة الكتاب و فهم محتواه عدم قراءة هذه النسخة رديئة الترجمة، وقراءته من نسخة المنظمة العربية للترجمة، ترجمة عبد العزيز لبيب. ـيدعوا رسوسو في كتابه هذا الناس على اتخاذ عقد بينهم، و تسليم أنفسهم و هبتها لهذا العقد، بحيث يكون هو معتمدهم نحو تكوين المج [...]

  26. This amazingly inspiring book starts to the following sentence "Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they"More insights: Man's first law is to watch over his own preservation; his first care he owes to himself; and as soon as he reaches the age of reason, he becomes the only judge of the best means to preserve himself; he becomes his own master.But if there are slaves by nature, it is only because there [...]

  27. I am a huge fan of Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality, and was hoping to appreciate this book just as much. There is a telling irony in that in the former text, Rousseau sees civilization as incapable of being repaired, and the source of most of the problems of inequality through wealth and politics. Private property is an overall pariah to him, which ought not to exist.As Rousseau got older he seems to have changed his mind a bit, and tempered that anarcho-primitvism. In the Social Contract w [...]

  28. The idea of a social contract theory came into being before Jean Jacques Rousseau. Yet the Frenchman brought it to another level in his masterly book.Rousseau believed that people should be forced to be free. For instance people decide what is best for themselves only when they act collectively. As a society agrees on a specific general will this has to be obeyed by everybody else. Thus people disobeying the law, do wrong for themselves because law does not limit our freedoms but in fact represe [...]

  29. الكتاب صغير إلى الأن مستغرب لماذا أخذت كل هالمدة في إنهائه الكتاب بسيط لا يوجد شرح كثير للمبادئ والحقوق كل مبدأ أو نظام سياسي لا يتعدى شرحها حوالي الثلاث صفحات،الذي إستنكرته من روسو إنه كان يكثر من إستعمال عبارات رياضية لتوضيح أفكاره كان هذا مشوش بالنسبة لي لأننا بشر ولسنا ج [...]

  30. 'The word 'finance' is the word of a slave; it is unknown in the true republic.'I would've chosen this line as the quotable motto of The Social Contract instead of 'chains' Chapter 11 of Book III 'The Death of the Body Politic' stood out for me, and a surprise to realize, that 'If we wish, then, to set up a lasting constitution, let us not dream of making it eternal.' 'And although even the best constitution will come to an end, it will do so later than any other, unless some unforseen hazard fe [...]

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