Gaijin About revenge on a WWII British traitor who s now a druglord by the son of one of the Gaijin s victims

  • Title: Gaijin
  • Author: Marc Olden
  • ISBN: 9780515091946
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • About revenge on a WWII British traitor, who s now a druglord, by the son of one of the Gaijin s victims.

    One thought on “Gaijin”

    1. An intricately plotted, thrilling piece of work. That being said, GAIJIN is a novel for patient readers only. Lots of exciting stuff happens, sure, but the overall plot advances at a snail's pace and Olden has a habit of getting bogged down in too much detail. As with his book ONI, most of what happens in GAIJIN is presented as backstory, and scenes that take place in the novel's present day are often few and far between, making the book a bit draggy in partsIJIN definitely feels like a product [...]

    2. Gaijin is an ambitious novel with time jumps and intricate plots surrounding equally intricate characters. The pacing and suspense from one section to the next left me with an aching to know what happens next. Most of it was a yearning and a hope that the perturbing and sometimes abrupt though fitting violence would ultimately result in a sense that equal good could come out of it--and though my expectations were not necessarily met, the book was realistic.Honestly, it felt a bit chopped up and [...]

    3. Marc Olden can write, East meets West in this fantastic thriller with characters that leap off the page at you.

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