Now And Forever

Now And Forever Russell Currie never let Letecia Peacock forget that she was ten years younger than him But now that Letecia is a young woman she cannot stop comparing every man she meets to Russell Reissue

  • Title: Now And Forever
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373512799
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Russell Currie never let Letecia Peacock forget that she was ten years younger than him But now that Letecia is a young woman, she cannot stop comparing every man she meets to Russell Reissue.

    One thought on “Now And Forever”

    1. “Poison,” he whispered against her lips, “damn you, like poison in my bloodstream until I can’t breathe! Eyes like November rain, and I see them in my sleep….” Now and Forever is the story of Russ and Tish.When 8 year old Tish's sharecropper father dies in a freak accident, a young 21?22?23? (The age difference is referenced differently throughout the book as 13-14-15Im guessing the author just kept wanting to increase it LOL) year old rancher Russ takes her into his shield. The prot [...]

    2. love love loved it. Even though the Hero was a super JERK. and did not grovel enough nor did explain enough about the kid. I still liked him he was just too tough.

    3. 4 Stars! ~ Our heroine Lutecia Peacock is an orphan taken in by the Currie family after witnessing her father's death in a tradgic farm accident. Russell, then a young man, had simply whisked the then 8 year old Tish into his arms, carried her home and announced to his parents that she belonged to him. And as Tish grew up, Russ was her best friend. Now almost 21, Tish struggles to understand why she's always at war with him. These few words from a scene with Tish's stepfather (Russ' Dad) say so [...]

    4. READ: JANUARY 2014RE-READ: JANUARY 2015A typical Diana Palmer's hero. Alpha male, possessive, arrogant, with a "i-don't-want-you-close-but-i-want-you" attitude and when he fell, he fell hard. It was an easy read. It reminded me of Calhoun and Abby's story.Tish was an orpham and taken by Russell when she was 8. He announced that she belonged to him. She was his baby. Russell was very protective of Tish. But when she turned 21 and noticed that she's no longer an 8 year old girl but a woman now all [...]

    5. I enjoyed the ending. Very much. When Tish was 8 years old, alone and poor, Russell, 15 years older, swept her off her feet and tell his family that she's "his" then taking care everything about her. And from that moment Tish's clinging to him like a bee. Not that she know that Russell's in love with her when she turn 17. And when now she's 20, Russell can't handle himself. He's fall for her, hard, and apparently the feelings are mutual There are moments when I crooked my eyebrows and have this [...]

    6. Tish Peacock, ventun anni, lunghi capelli neri, affascinante (ma non lo sa!), era una bimbetta magra e scontrosa quando, orfana, era stata adottata dalla famiglia Currie. Istruita in un collegio di classe, rifiuta ora le sue origini contadine e accetta la corte di Frank Tyler, un ingegnere attratto dalla sua bellezza ma anche della ricchezza dei Currie.Ma il giorno in cui Frank viene informato delle vere origini di Tish, la ragazza si ritrova sola, trascurata anche dal suo fratello adottivo - Ru [...]

    7. Diana Palmer is usually hit or miss this was a miss. hero was a jerk that had a child, heroine didn't know about so she mistakenly thought his visits were to another woman not his child. therefore there's drama from him because he thinks the contempt she expresses is for his child , when in reality heroines contempt is for the imagined other woman. Hero is standard Palmer hero- in that he's domineering and cruel to heroine. overall did not enjoy

    8. This book has been my least favourite of diana palmers books I have read so far. I thought the storyline was a bit tedious and weren't over keen on the characters. Like the rest of her books it was fast paced however so was easy to read and finish.

    9. Classic Palmer. I like everything she writes. Tough hero brought down by young innocent women. What's not to love.

    10. I liked the story it was typical Diana Palmer but it wrapped up a little too abruptly. I believe it should've at least had a small epilogue

    11. Rating: 4 stars.Updated rating (August 06 2015): 4 stars.Reread it again and my love for DP stories has not changed.

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