The Road to Woodstock

The Road to Woodstock A vivid and lively account of those hectic and historic three days The best fly on the wall account tantamount to having had a backstage pass to an iconic event New York Post The Woodstock music fest

  • Title: The Road to Woodstock
  • Author: MichaelLang Holly George-Warren
  • ISBN: 9780061576553
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A vivid and lively account of those hectic and historic three days.The best fly on the wall account, tantamount to having had a backstage pass to an iconic event New York Post The Woodstock music festival of 1969 is an American cultural touchstone, and no book captures the sights, sounds, and behind the scenes machinations of the historic gathering better than Michae A vivid and lively account of those hectic and historic three days.The best fly on the wall account, tantamount to having had a backstage pass to an iconic event New York Post The Woodstock music festival of 1969 is an American cultural touchstone, and no book captures the sights, sounds, and behind the scenes machinations of the historic gathering better than Michael Lang s New York Times bestseller, The Road to Woodstock USA Today calls this fascinating, entertaining, and blissfully nostalgic look back, Invaluable In The Road to Woodstock, Michael Lang recaptures the magic for the generation that was there and for the generations that followed.

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    1. I'm not going to bury the lead here, I really enjoyed this one. I know a few people have complained that that there's too much back story and we don't get to Woodstock until page 167. But, here's the thing, the title of the book is "The ROAD TO WOODSTOCK", which implies more than a bit of backstory to the 1969 counterculture festival. In any event, I found this book to be engaging and inspiring.As a music nut, I just ate the words off the page, but found it's much more than a book about music. A [...]

    2. It’s hard to believe that 40 years ago, on a dairy farm in upstate New York, musical history was made. And that four decades later, people would still be talking about the phenomenon known as Woodstock.Sure, there have been movies, documentaries and scores of books about the 1969 festival, but perhaps the defining account of what really went into putting on one of the most spectacular concerts in history can be found in the words of the man who thought it all up.Michael Lang’s book, “The R [...]

    3. A very interesting book written by one of the creators of Woodstock, about how the idea came about and how they pulled it off.I'm kind of obsessed with the sixties. It's my favorite decade to read about, given the changes that were happening during that time. I've read and watched quite a bit on Woodstock, and so naturally I was inclined to pick this book up from the library the other day. To start, I'll say that apparently some people didn't know this was going to be more of a backstory and det [...]

    4. As someone who was 19 at the time of Woodstock and a 1A draft classification, I remember the days of this festival well. At the time that it occurred the newspaper and TV accounts focused on the rain the mud, the drugs. What they did not discuss was the months of planning, setbacks, hard work and love that went into the planning and execution of this festival and how obstacles were overcome while being planned and as it was happening,I especially enjoyed the sections that discussed the performer [...]

    5. I have always been kind of fascinated with the Woodstock Festival - I even did a project on it in the 6th grade. It was such a cultural phenomenon and such a huge representation of counterculture and change in the US in the 60s! This book about the festival crossed my path at the library recently, and I was intrigued again. It tells the whole backstory of how Woodstock came to be by the man who created the festival, Michael Lang. It's pretty amazing how much money, planning, and collaboration wa [...]

    6. A good account of what went into putting together Woodstock. The writer has a bit of a smug attitude, and a little loose of an outlook on the use of drugs (like, all the time), but hey, if I was able to produce the biggest show of all time, etc maybe I'd be smug too, and unable to do it without drugs, LOL Anyway, it was very detailed and brought back a lot of memories of the people and events of that time period. I wish he'd have been a little more open about the "reunion" shows in '94 and '99; [...]

    7. I didn't know much about Woodstock past the most popular history, and I enjoyed learning about the planning, logistics, and quest for just the right site from Lang's book. The writing was really uneven, though. The italicized portions that started each chapter were vivid and in the moment; the rest of book was bland prose, more telling than showing, and chunks of interviews that were just plopped in instead of being well integrated. Sometimes I found myself questioning Lang's reliability as a na [...]

    8. When i first started to read this book i was excited to read about my favorite music era. This book focused more on a Jewish man from Bensonhurst who grew upin an Italian Jewish neighborhood. over the summer he went to camp in the Catskills mountains which lead him to creating the concert of Woodstock. Although the festival was in Bethel they called it woodstock because of how close it was to where Bob Dylan lived. The festival was full of Drugs, Rain, Mud and music. what seemed to be a multi mi [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book because it took me back to people and places from when I began in the music business, a few years after Woodstock.

    10. A great read for lovers of music, from production to performance. I had no idea the planning that went into Woodstock. The best people in advertising, pr, security and more were handpicked to create this three-day art and music festival.

    11. Fascinating! This book answered all my Woodstock logistical questions and gave me a lot of interesting tidbits to ponder. Only downside was it was hard to keep track of all the staff members involved in putting it together.

    12. Heel fijn om dit zo bekende verhaal eens van binnenuit en in detail te lezen. De droom, het professionalisme waarmee hij werd aangepakt, het overrompelend succes en het leiderschap waardoor de grootste menselijke bijeenkomst buiten oorlogstijd niet in chaos ontspoorde.

    13. An excellent read. Very well written and so informativeI don't think that the author could have done a better job!

    14. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, you might think that by now every moment of the summer of ‘69, the days leading up to the fabled weekend, and those following it would be chronicled in the greatest of details. The summer of 1969 was, after all, the culmination of something great, something both wondrous and ominous, which had been brewing and stewing for decades - a kind of heady mixture of ingredients like art, culture, communication and technology which made tha [...]

    15. While the book is not a great piece of literature, it really captures this moment in time. It is festival promoter Michael Lang's memoir of the event, so it clearly comes from a particular point of view, but it does contain the recollections of dozens of participants: organizers, builders, musicians, festival-goers. My knowledge of the Woodstock festival came from a combination of being an interested 14-year-old in 1969, seeing the movie and listening to albums, reading the occasional article, a [...]

    16. This is essentially a memoir written by the producer of the 1969 music and arts festival known as Woodstock. The event, "three days of music, arts and peace," could never have taken place without Michael Lang. He was the calm inside the eye of a hurricane of chaos. A master organizer and visionary who organized the event, Lang stayed true to his original idea even as others tried to subvert this vision with their own ideas; like Abbie Hoffman trying to co-oped the event for his own political pu [...]

    17. This book provides a magnificent insight into how Woodstock 1969 came about. I found it thoroughly well written, vastly entertaining and entirely engaging.I've read numerous Woodstock books that chronicle the event through the eyes of those who attended the event. However, to read the story behind the scenes of Woodstock, from concept through fruition and beyond, through the eyes of one who was central to production is priceless. This is a story only Michael could tell with anecdotes skillfully [...]

    18. Woodstock is kind of an obsession of mine. They managed to gather an enormous audience + the best musical acts in this beautiful property for 3 days, while the weather sucked, they ran out of food, sanitation, shelter, and STILL whoever attended loved it and thought of it as a life changing experience. But how? Why can't this be achieved again? Why do current festivals not have the same atmosphere?Because Woodstock is a state of mind. Out of all Woodstock books I've read, this is my favourite on [...]

    19. Michael Lang was the guy who conceived Woodstock, and was principally responsible for organizing and putting it together and for defining its ethos. As the guy at the center of it all, this book is an invaluable historical resource, describing everything from the founding of the Woodstock Ventures partnership that funded and produced the show, the staffing of it, the selection of and negotiation with artists, the marketing of the show and all of the problems involved in fining a location.Some of [...]

    20. Wow, when you think about all the stories about the drug culture of the 60's, this book really brings it home just how much drugs were a part of the whole music and festival scene. Seems like none of those directly involved with Woodstock could go a few hours without taking a hit of something. Hard to believe that the organizers could pull it off. And the tales of how some of the acts were so stoned makes it even more amazing that the "show went on." What's more interesting has been to read the [...]

    21. The man behind Woodstock gives us an often fascinating, though ultimately too-short book about the event that became a cultural benchmark. The title is significant; much of the book is about the ins and outs of the planning of the event, including a previous festival Lang produced (also featuring Jimi Hendrix) that turned out serving as a sort of dry run for the much larger event to come.The book is consistently interesting and is broken up with input from many of those involved in Woodstock, in [...]

    22. This was an impulse buy for me after seeing it at my university's bookstore and I am so happy that I found it. Prior to reading, I knew little about the Woodstock festival other than it occurred in the late 1960's in New York and it was considered an amazing musical accomplishment. Although this book only spends a few chapters talking about the festival itself and spends the rest of the book explaining what Micheal Lang and his associates did to pull the festival off, it still provides an amazin [...]

    23. The book begins with the biography of the primary organizer, his first attempts to produce rock shows and festivals in Florida. His story is entertaining enough, but less than a fifth of the way through, the road to Woodstock turns toward Woodstock. The story is fascinating. Lang covers the politics of getting a location, legal and financial issues. As we approach the date, we get the inside story on everything from building the venue to booking the acts. Many of the side stories are funny, some [...]

    24. If you are interested in the event that was known as Woodstock, then you should read this book. Watching the movie Taking Woodstock got me interested again, I watched the Director's Cut of Woodstock and then I found Michael Lang's book. It's fascinating how this seminal event almost never happened on so many occasions. In the end the vision of Michael Lang prevailed and the world was a better place for it. Lot's of behind the scenes information about how it came together, the major and minor pla [...]

    25. The purpose the author had in writing this book is to inform the reader of what actually happened at Woodstock in 1969. Michael Lang (author) was apart of creating the festival. so you get a first hand experience of what happened. The theme of the book i think the author was trying to say was that peace love and music can happen in the world. This book was a description of the event Woodstock that took place 1969 on Max's farm. He talked about first hand experience that happened to him and what [...]

    26. The Road to Woodstock From the Man Behind the Legendary Festival by Michael Lang (Harper Collins 2009)(781.660797) was a huge disappointment. What a weak, weak book. The author apparently believes that his personal back story is what the reader wants to hear. This tome runs 285 pages, and the festival hadn't even started by page 169! Does the author really think that it's important to the story - or that any reader would care - that the author once ran a failed head shop in Miami, or how the sho [...]

    27. The story of the creation and execution of Woodstock from the creator himself. There is no better person that can describe the planning and experience of Woodstock Music & Arts Festival in 1969 than Michael Lang, thus making this book the perfect source of its history. Those who have any interest in Woodstock will get a very in-depth look at the intense planning of the festival. I thought this book was going to be more a musical retelling, but I was pleasantly surprised to take a dip into it [...]

    28. I have always been in awe of the idea of Woodstock, even though it occurred several years before I was born. I was hoping to learn more about it in this book, written by one of the creators and producers of the historical festival. Although there is a lot of information here, it felt more like Lang tried to mention every single person he knew during that time in his life, and spent a lot of time talking about finances, personal grudges, and the like. I did enjoy the photos and the accounts of th [...]

    29. Wow. Any self-respecting music fan should read this book written by "the man behind the legendary music festival." An insider's view from the beginning of the concept up to an hour-by-hour detailing of the three days of peace and music, and beyond. Absolutely gripping: I read the book in five hours over the weekend and couldn't put it down. Woodstock is a testament to a time when our hearts were in the right place. I urge you to view this Aquarian Exposition through the lens of your own life. Wh [...]

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