The Living One

The Living One Torrance Spoor is your normal California teenager a handsome high school athlete with strong sexual yearnings and a long absent father The invitation to spend some time with his dad the Baron Malcolm

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  • Title: The Living One
  • Author: LewisGannett
  • ISBN: 9780452271340
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • Torrance Spoor is your normal California teenager a handsome high school athlete with strong sexual yearnings and a long absent father The invitation to spend some time with his dad the Baron Malcolm Spoor comes as a surprise But what awaits Torrance at his father s windswept estate is far worse than he could ever imagine Welcome to the world of The Living One, onTorrance Spoor is your normal California teenager a handsome high school athlete with strong sexual yearnings and a long absent father The invitation to spend some time with his dad the Baron Malcolm Spoor comes as a surprise But what awaits Torrance at his father s windswept estate is far worse than he could ever imagine Welcome to the world of The Living One, one of the most frightening, clever, and suspenseful novels of the year In this tour de force debut, Lewis Gannett spins a spellbinding story that summons up magic, body thievery, killer dogs, ESP wars, and lusty, genre defying sex straight, gay, and forms yet unnamed The Spoors are the ultimate dysfunctional family Wealthy, shamelessly extravagant, and impossibly attractive, they are also cursed The curse has been handed down from father to son for seven hundred years, ever since the Crusades, when a bizarre and mystifying event created a recurring pattern of madness and death As Baron Malcolm Spoor prepares for his demise, he must pass on the family riches and its traditions to his estranged son But Malcolm and Torrance both have secrets they would rather keep to themselves, secrets that are nearly revealed when a shadowy government scientist picks up psychic readings from the Spoor estate and a bohemian teacher becomes personally involved with Torrance These two begin an investigation into the extraordinary life of Baron Malcolm Spoor, and their findings are truly horrifying Updating elements of the epistolary novel popularized in Dracula, Lewis Gannett tells his gothic story through the inventive use of videotape transcripts, diary entries, and historical records Vivid, scary, mythic, and engrossing, The Living One explores the terrifying dimensions of family guilt, aging, and the murderous tensions between fathers and sons Lewis Gannett has written a startling and thrilling novel that marks the debut of an original new voice in fiction.

    One thought on “The Living One”

    1. It's been a massive number of years since I read this book the last time, but it is one which despite a very muddled ending, has always remained in my mind. The younger Spoor--standing on the cusp of manhood--contrasted with the image of his his father Malcolm Spoor who is falling into madness is a really interesting dynamic and a rather fresh way at looking at vampirism. This is an epistolary novel, done as homage to Stoker's Dracula, and for the most part it works, switching from the perspecti [...]

    2. I read this book over ten years ago when I was a wee gay, and it was stunning. A very unique blend of horror and soap opera - not scary at all but very sexy. It's about a gay high school swimmer who moves into his father's mansion - not having seen his father in years. Dad is enmeshed in some mysterious evil that becomes apparent in the course of the book, and the hot swimmer is part of Dad's devious plan. Meanwhile, Swimmer has to deal with all the things that happen when you switch high school [...]

    3. For some reason I was thinking about this book today, and I was remembering reading it on the beach in Provincetown in the early 90s. I loved it so much! I am scared to re-read it. What I remember is florid gay prose like a Pierre et Gilles photo, or Fassbinder for young adults.

    4. Like other readers, I revisited this book after several years, and enjoyed its daring and gothic adventure. Teenager Torrance is asked to visit his estranged - and strange- father, Malcolm, in a massive spooky mansion on the Eastern coast. His mother is suspicious, for a good reason. His dad's a freak! An odd family 'curse' is mentioned, and along with Torrance's eccentric writing teacher and her sort-of boyfriend, plus Malcolm's stalwart assistant, they fall into an odd series of curious involv [...]

    5. It's very rare that I will read a book more than once. There are just so many new books I want to get to that I kind of feel that re-reading a book takes away from an opportunity to discover a new author or experience a new adventure/story. I already know what's going to happen, so the excitement of discovery is gone. I decided, though, to make an exception because I wanted to see something about this book that I encountered for the first time more than twenty years ago. When I first read this b [...]

    6. The book tells of the reunion of Torrance, a 16-year old male from La Jolla, Calif with his father Malcolm. Torrance is seduced to mass by his father's story of an ancient curse that drives its males to suicide before they reach 50 and that he wants to legally secure him as his sole heir. The reality is that Malcolm is using sepia roses, a repository of extraordinary psi powers, and the dogs exchanges his body for Torrance's. However, Torrance becomes aware that a simple reunion is not what Malc [...]

    7. While this book may be a bit (okay, a lot) over written, it's got so much going for it on the original plot side of the scale I couldn't not like it. A young man is summoned to live with his estranged father in order to begin the process of inheriting a title, several large houses, a great deal of money, and a property so valuable no one can actually put a value on it. Oh, but what a process it is! The "gothic" in the title is no misrepresentation - this book would have made Dan Curtis take note [...]

    8. Abandoned this one. Read it closely until about 1/3 of the way in, then began skimming, but never bothered reading the end.The author doesn't do a convincing job of writing the female characters, and frankly, everyone seems stilted and only partly developed.The plot and concept were okay; it just didn't hold my attention.

    9. I read this book a long time ago and decided to find it and read it again to see if it was as weird as I remembered. It was. It was also bizarre to the point of being ridiculous and silly. It's an interesting idea, but the author carried it to excess and made it silly. Wouldn't read again. I do recommend it though if you want to read something bizarre and silly.

    10. I read this when I was first coming out, and LOVED it! It's been a long time since I read it, but the horror/suspense is excellent. It's a great gay horror-ish novel, from a time when not much gay horror was being published.

    11. you must have a lot of fantasy to read this, but if you have you may like it. it is about PSI and a family story that lasts over seven centuries.

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