Kiss Me If You Dare

Kiss Me If You Dare Kiss Me If You Dare Patricia Amble Mystery Series

  • Title: Kiss Me If You Dare
  • Author: Nicole Young
  • ISBN: 9780800731595
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kiss Me If You Dare Patricia Amble Mystery Series

    One thought on “Kiss Me If You Dare”

    1. Second tone reading all threeLiked the first one the most. Books 2 and three lost sparkle with explaining the back story. The characters lost believability with time.

    2. [SPOILER ALERT, by the way]SERIOUSLY?This is an IMMORAL book disguised as a Christian one. I do not know about anyone else´s moral compass but how can assisted suicide be punishable and several coldblooded murders (or drug dealing, leaving your wife and kid in mortal danger, driving your son into suicide) be pardonable??? I do not mean the legal side, the heroine accepted the official punishment for relieving her grandma from suffering even though she was morally blackmailed into it and this se [...]

    3. This is an awesome ending to the series about Patricia "Tish" Amble, home renovater whose own home has been nonexistent since her mother died when she was 8 years old. Just when Tish is beginning to believe she's found home in northern Michigan with her long-lost family and a man who loves her for herself, her unwitting connection to drug runners (aka "the redneck Mafia"), violent events force her to flee into hiding with her fiance's mentor. While some of the unfolding events can be seen a mile [...]

    4. Loved it, though I'd almost prepared myself for an unhappy ending, the way this story has been unfolding, I wasn't too upset, to see Patricia get a break for once. This protagonist has really been through the ringer in this last one of the three books. Loved it like the other ones, again mostly because I liked the author's style and her way of describing imperfect people, which we all are imperfect, sometimes bad decisions lead to bad outcomes, sometimes we can turn things around, and sometimes [...]

    5. YAY! I enjoyed this book. It made me laugh and cry at certain points. Mostly I felt for the main character with all the stuff she has had to deal with and as close as she came to being happy in the last book and then having to give it up to be safe. I just wanted her to have a happy ending. I loved this book, it was great and I couldn't put it down. I'm glad my friend talked me into read this series!

    6. Everything from “who shot who,” why hasn’t Brad called, who pushed Jane off the cliff, just who is Tish’s benefactor, who left Tish stranded overnight on a housetop, and who committed arson are only part of the riveting suspense in Kiss Me If You Dare. Only close to the last pages may you guess the ending.

    7. Nicole Young has me hooked on the Patricia Amble mysteries! This is my second one and I'm enjoying them thoroughly. Kiss Me if You Dare brings back that old-time mystery in a new, updated way. Its done smoothly and worth the effort.

    8. Real life charactersthis series of books keep you on the edge all the time. just when you think you have it figured out something is thrown in to add to the mystery. Thank you for the end.

    9. I borrowed this from the library, and worked out after about 20 pages that it was book three in a series, and you really have to have read the previous two books for this one to make sense, therefore I didn't really like it. Maybe if I'd read the others first

    10. Best book in the series!! So glad I kept reading. The ending was awesome!!! :-) I highly recommend this series.

    11. Such a perfect ending!! I cried both sad and happy tears. This is easiest one of the best series I've read and am genuinely sad it's over.

    12. AwesomeRiveting from beginning to end! I could NEVER create such a story . Unreal, but give me a good ending and I'm set.

    13. Great read. After the 2nd book's surprising ending, which wasn't happy or an ending, it was nice to have everything wrapped up in a neat little bow.

    14. Ok so it turned out to be a great series. Amazes at what challenges people can survive and not get stuck in the muck of it all. Really made me look at my life and figure out how to be better!

    15. I only finished this book because it kept my interest until about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way through. After that, the writing got really hoaky and I couldn't wait to get done with this book.

    16. This book was great! I still like the first one in the series better but I still couldn't put this one down. :)

    17. Glad I discovered the series with 3 books already written. This one lead me directly into the next no stopping in between. Not a favorite, but definitely an intriguing series.

    18. I loved this series!! I was sad when I read the 3rd book. Maybe there will be more. Great mystery with spiritual references.

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