Godslayer Mickey Zucker Reichert makes her smash debut with this exciting novel of an all too mortal human caught in the middle of a war between the gods Al Larson an American soldier in Vietnam must adapt to

  • Title: Godslayer
  • Author: Mickey Zucker Reichert
  • ISBN: 9780886772079
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mickey Zucker Reichert makes her smash debut with this exciting novel of an all too mortal human caught in the middle of a war between the gods Al Larson, an American soldier in Vietnam, must adapt to a world where magic and sword blades, not machine guns and missiles, are the chosen weapons of war.

    One thought on “Godslayer”

    1. I read this book for the first time almost 19 years ago. Having just started delving into the world of fantasy, I thought it was the most fantastic thing I had ever read. Ten years later I read it again, and it still held the same magic that it had when I was in 8th grade. Third time around and I still find it a great read, although now I can see some of the errors in her writing. Editing problems. Certainly there are some confusing moments and times when things could have been clairified more. [...]

    2. Not as good as the Renshai novels, but a good debut. I absolutely adore all of her Renshai books, so I started this series with high expectations. I am not sure whether it was just difficult to reconcile this Midgard with the other one, or the nature of the gods, or if I just had difficulty relating to and understanding her characters. The Vietnam flashbacks were unsettling, and I liked the premise, but it seemed that Al Larson was lacking something. Like I said, a good debut, but I probably won [...]

    3. Meh. I was not super impressed, but it was entertaining for the 15 mins or so I'd read it each night before bed. The characters remained fairly flat throughout the story which bothered me. I never really grew to like the main character, and even less his muse. It was highly recommended so I gave it a chance. I've been finished with it for a few weeks, and replaced it with a geographical nonfiction, and last night I decided to abandon the nonfiction and dove into the second book of this series, S [...]

    4. This book has stayed in print for 28 years for good reason. Snatched from war and tossed into Old Norse Midgard, a soldier would be driven crazy if he weren't already there from PTSD. But in Midgard he finds honor and reason, while in his own world, "My country trained its babies to kill, then condemned them as murderers." Reichert doesn't ask if war is ever justified, but she lets her protagonist struggle with how to find love and sanity in a world fraught with hate and violence.

    5. Assolutamente ridicolo.Un marine accoppato in Vietnam finisce in un mondo in cui i miti norreni sono reali. La sua nuova missione? Uccidere Loki per evitare il Ragnarök!!Scrittura pietosa, intreccio oltremodo esile, machismo di quart'ordine in sottofondo.Se letto con lo spirito giusto può almeno assicurare quattro risate. Sicuramente impreviste dell'autore.

    6. Mediocre fantasy about a vietnam soldier who cries to Odin just as dies, and gets transported back to medieval scandinavia--reincarnated as an elf! Somewhat confused story. Stick with the series, if you want, and it gets better as Reichert finds her footing as a writer.

    7. I thought this was going to be light reading so far the blood and flashbacks make for a little more serious theme.

    8. Interesting story. A war vet is transported to the land of the Asgardian gods. There he relearns to be a warrior. Recommended

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