The Great Beast The Life And Magick Of Aleister Crowley

The Great Beast The Life And Magick Of Aleister Crowley None

  • Title: The Great Beast The Life And Magick Of Aleister Crowley
  • Author: John Symonds
  • ISBN: 9780356036311
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “The Great Beast The Life And Magick Of Aleister Crowley”

    1. Don't believe the naysayers or stony faced modern-day 'Thelemites' who dismiss Symonds as a hack and his book a hodge-podge of sensationalism. This is a rollicking, ripping yarn of a biography! A damn good laugh yes, but also crucially a book about Crowley by someone who actually knew and met the man.It's certainly not a reverent look at Crowley's life, but one imagines that that's exactly the way The Beast would've wanted it. The book runs to around 400 pages but moves along in the main at such [...]

    2. A highly enjoyable biography of one of the last great 'characters' of the nineteenth century. He seems to have lived without ever being able to tell his own bullshit from reality. He's always able to justify some beastly self-ish act with reference to the birth of the New Aeon, be it defrauding his freinds and followers, picking up and discarding women and men, or simply lazing about and indulging his taste for drink and drugs. He's without doubt an unappealing guy, but the sheer audacity of it [...]

    3. The best and most objective biography of A.C. to this day . If you intend to read only one biography of Crowley this should be it. If you really want to get a handle on him, then read his Autobiography(or Autohagiography as he called it) 'The Confessions of Aleister Crowley' and 'The eye in the triangle by Israel Regardie.'

    4. Interesting but not terribly critical account of good old Perdurabo himself. Quite a lot of the stuff is taken directly from The Confessions, and not questioned or elaborated upon at all. Even so, a very readable and engaging account of one of the most interesting men who ever lived.

    5. This is a very involved book, but on the face of it Crowley had a very complex and eventful life. Found it a challenge to get through but the the tales of falling out of friends in deserts or the violence inflicted in the Abbey of Thelema made me look at the Occult in different perspective.

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