Missing Abby

Missing Abby WHEN YEAR OLD EMMA bumps into her old friend Abby on the bus one Saturday afternoon she later realizes that she was the last person to see Abby before her mysterious disappearance Amidst the media

  • Title: Missing Abby
  • Author: Lee Weatherly
  • ISBN: 9780553494884
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • WHEN 13 YEAR OLD EMMA bumps into her old friend Abby on the bus one Saturday afternoon, she later realizes that she was the last person to see Abby before her mysterious disappearance Amidst the media frenzy and everyone s struggle to come to terms with the possibility of Abby s death, Emma starts a terrifying journey of her very own, as she uncovers things that lead to aWHEN 13 YEAR OLD EMMA bumps into her old friend Abby on the bus one Saturday afternoon, she later realizes that she was the last person to see Abby before her mysterious disappearance Amidst the media frenzy and everyone s struggle to come to terms with the possibility of Abby s death, Emma starts a terrifying journey of her very own, as she uncovers things that lead to a discovery even the police have not thought of From the acclaimed author of Child X comes a thrilling and memorable novel for readers of all abilities.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Abby is missing long before she disappears at the beginning of Missing Abby by Lee Weatherly. Narrated by Abby's former-best-friend, Emma, the plot examines how their friendship deteriorated in the past while looking at the events surrounding Abby's disappearance in the present.This novel, Weatherly's second, uses Abby's disappearance to tell Emma's story. The novel is told in chapters, one for each day after Abby is reported missing. As the story moves farther away from that day, the focus shif [...]

    2. Emma hasn't seen Abby for ages, so when she sees Abby on the bus one day, it's weird enough and even more horrible when it turns out the Abby has gone missing and Emma was the last person to see her. Emma then joins the search to find Abby, which forces her to come to terms with her past, her friends and what might have happened to Abby. And, by the time the truth is discovered, it has changed Emma's life forever. This book is well written but there are many parts that may make you cry. Still, i [...]

    3. It starts with a missing persons report. Emma is shocked to read in the paper about her former best friend Abby who's gone missing. She's even more shocked to find out that Emma was the last one to see her. As the book's chapters count the days since Abby went missing, we find out more about Emma and why she fell out with Abby. She's hiding some things from her new friends and from her parents and maybe from herself. As Emma works to find Abby, she is forced to deal with some buried feelings tha [...]

    4. From this book,I learned that there is more than meets the eye in people and that,if a friend seems like they were going to do something potentially dangerous,try your best to at least let someone come along with them wherever they go,so if they do get hurt,they can either be notified of or helped.

    5. i loved this book a lot. a girl named abby goes missing right after she talks to a former friend, emma. after 14 days emma finds her dead in a basement of an old building they used to play in when they were little.

    6. I haven't read a "young adult" book for a while - this one was great! Kept me guessing till the very end.

    7. I really liked this book, Well the end was actually rather shocking people who have patients, and love mystery books should really read it. i really recommened it.

    8. Emma sees her ex best friend Abby for the first time in a year, just hours before Abby goes missing. Desperate to find out what happened to her, and also keep her past troubles with bullies a secret from her new school and new friends, Emma teams up with Abby's new friends to try and discover what happened. A good young YA book centred on friendship and fitting in while also packing a punch with the missing child storyline. Some hard hitting themes such as bullying are woven through the book and [...]

    9. This really wasn't my favorite book. Emma bumps into Abby, an old friend from a previous school, riding the bus one day. Then Abby is missing. And Emma was the last person to have seen her. The book is her day-to-day struggle of each day Abby is missing. Emma revisits painful memories, meets new friends, searches for Abby, and confronts her past.

    10. Such a beautifully written book.My emotions were all over the place by the time I finished reading (in a good way) and quite easily one of my most favorite books so far.

    11. Send you to tears, kind of story. It shows that great friendships never really die.***Okay second time to read it. I still think it is a very sad book. It's not only because Abby ends up to have died, but because the great friendship was ruined because of the meanness of girls.I've never ever had the kind of friendship that Abby and Emma had. The one that they've been friends for years and pratically live at each other's houses and all that. I've come close to that but it was never the same as t [...]

    12. This is more of a middle grade book, but I just so happened to find it in the YA section of my library. Emma and Abby were best friends when they were much younger. They would pretend to be wizards and whatever else their creative minds imagined. Emma drew away from Abby after constantly being harassed and bullied by classmates especially by Karen. Abby still wanted to live in her fantasy world and even tried to still include Emma even though it was clear she wanted nothing to do with it anymore [...]

    13. Language used: EnglishNumber of Pages : 199Where did I get this book? : I borrowed this one from the school's library.A li'l bit of review:This story tells about a search of a missing girl, named Abby. One thing to notice, there isn't chapter in this book. The author divides the story based on the days of Abby's missing. So instead of having "Chapter One" to "Chapter Fourteen", this book has "Day One" to "Day Fourteen". Get it? :DThe one that narrates the story is Abby's childhood friend, Emma L [...]

    14. Would you risk your life,the trust of your parentsand your friends to rescue a person who you say ruend your life? Maybe not but Emma L. Townsend risked it all to find her ex- best mate, Abby. Through pretend worlds and reality, Emma tries to help find Abby when she turns up missing but thats not all Emma was the last person to see Abby. During the course of 14 days, Emma faces her past memories, enemies, and some of Abby's mates. She goes through memories of harrassment and despsare to find a p [...]

    15. Missing Abby by Lee WeatherlyIn this book Missing Abby by Lee Weatherly, everything starts off by Abby missing. Abby and Emma were best friends, and when Emma read the report about Abby gone missing, she was very shocked. Many people were worried about Abby missing, but mostly Emma, because she was the last one to see her. Even though Abby and Emma weren’t best friends any more when Abby went missing, Emma was still very worried about her because she was the last one to see Abby, and she felt [...]

    16. After bumping into a former best friend named Emma (the narrator), Abby goes off into the woods and plays, "role-playing", by herself. Not excepting her invitation, Emma realizes that she is the last person who has seen Abby since her disappearance. Emma goes on a journey to find her childhood best friend and she discovers something shocking; Abby, who once was so close to her, has died.Missing Abby is truly one of the more mysterious books as it is beautiful. Its mysterious side has to do with [...]

    17. This author was one of my absolute favorites around the time I was in 6th grade. Her books including this one were the books that I couldn't put down and had to order in from the library right away after finishing one. This book specifically was almost a different type of mystery novel that involved the reader more. You feel more attached the characters in this book as you go on an emotional ride with them to find out where Abby is. As a young reader, this was one of the first books I remember r [...]

    18. Teenage Emma starts her day like any other - until she sees a report in the morning paper that her childhood friend Abby is missing. It turns out Emma was the last to see Abby (the day before on the bus). Something happened in the past that caused these two friends to separate, and that makes Emma feel the need to investigate Abby’s disappearance. What follows are flashbacks from Emma’s younger days, with the reader slowly piecing together what could have happened between Emma and Abby. Thro [...]

    19. it was a really good book, yet very sad. The main character in the book is called Emma L. Townsend. I'd say that emma's a caring friend, and that she never meant to dump abby as a friend. I think even though abby and emma didn't keep in touch for a long time, they're really good friends and still think about each other and never wanted to be separated at the first place. i didn't think that abby would die but when i finished the book, i was a bit shocked. i think it was a depressing thing for em [...]

    20. Aww,poor Emma. What a really sad and tragic ending. Well, at least it's over now and everyone can be at peace despite the loss. Anyway, I wonder what happens between Ski and Emma [Ski sounded pretty cute =D, hehe:]. By the way, in the end Emma made a lot of friends who accepted her the way she was despite her horrible past with that cow, Karen. I really didn't like her throughout the story. Yet that was so not cool to leave Abby alone and out of her life, Abby really loved Emma as a sister and I [...]

    21. Another YA book that I was all bored with/meh about until about halfway through - then the mystery grabbed me. It was probably a 3.5 for me, if we could give half stars. The story of a teen girl who runs into her former best friend one day on a bus - they talk briefly, and then part ways as she gets off on her stop. The next day she learns that her friend never made it to her destination, and is now missing. The story follows her as she comes to terms with some of the reasons that their friendsh [...]

    22. Ages 11+ (mild language - "shit" and a few "bitch"es) Thirteen year old Emma was the last person to see Abby before she went missing. The two estranged friends had run into each other on a city bus. Emma, in her trendy clothes, running from the shared past of loving fantasy and making up adventures; distancing herself from everything that D&D playing goth Abby represented. As she gets involved in the search for Abby, Emma begins to realize that her old self isn't as gone as she thought it wa [...]

    23. I thought Missing Abby was a really interesing book.I was worried that her friends would leave her because she was going weird and freaking out a lot, but I was happy it all resolved. I thought it was good because it showed what affects had happened to a girl when a girl who's her ex best friend is pronnounced missing. I like that she is determined to find out what happened to her friend Abby. Emma is shown to have trouble realising that she left her friend for different people and that she real [...]

    24. Missing Abby is a good book that tells the story of a thirteen year old named Emma and her search to find her childhood friend.In this book Emma has flash backs,worries,and dreams of her once bast friend.It tells how Emma went from child to young adult to child again.It tells of their games like Esmeralda,a game about two witches who are on the run from an evil wizard named Esmeralda.Later Emma meets Abby's new friends.In this story Emma has crushes mental break downs and becomes a real woman.I [...]

    25. A coming of age book in which a girl, Abby, has had an opportunity to start over with new friends at a new school. All seems to go wrong when her old life forces itself into her new life. Abby is forced to come to terms with who she used to be and who she was running away from, herself. Will she lose her new friends as they meet the girl who was bullying her from her old school, or will they dessert her when they find out about her old friend Emma and the make believe world Abby and Emma use to [...]

    26. So this morning(yesterday morning now) I went by the library to pick up a Sara Douglass book and this book here was sitting, propped on the shelf. The cover art was inviting and colorful. So I picked it up, hesitantly as it was in the Young Adult section.This book was REALLY touching, and a very easy read. It made me cry. Word. But what books don't? It really displayed the dynamics of geeks and their feelings of being from a different world than normal people and some of the harsh things they ex [...]

    27. This is a SUPER creepy book! CReepy! Here is the inside flap.Abby: Emma and Abby were once friends. They used to spend all their all their time together, laughing and having fun-until something terrible happened. I don't know what it was. Emma never talks about it. Emma:Last Saterday, Abby went missing. Emma was the last one to see her- they bumped into each other on the bus.WHere is Abby?

    28. I had been meaning to read this book for a while but I never got around to it until recently. I would always start on the first few pages but I couldn't get into it for some reason. I'm happy that I finally gave the book a chance. "Missing Abby" is about a girl named Emma. One day her old friend, Abby, goes missing. Emma and some of Abby's friends go through the struggle on trying to find their dear friend.(Also if you are a fan of the Dungeons and Dragons game this is the book for you.)

    29. Despite the fact that I read this book many years ago, it sticks out in my mind because of its missing person plot. Even as I've explored the mystery-crime genre, Missing Abby has always stood out for it's originality. It was great at the time because the language was easy for me to read and I was interested enough in the story to see it through till even with my reluctant reader status.

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