The Witches

The Witches This is not a fairy tale This is about real witches Real witches don t ride around on broomsticks They don t even wear black cloaks and hats They are vile cunning detestable creatures who disguise t

  • Title: The Witches
  • Author: Roald Dahl Quentin Blake
  • ISBN: 9780590032490
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is not a fairy tale This is about real witches Real witches don t ride around on broomsticks They don t even wear black cloaks and hats They are vile, cunning, detestable creatures who disguise themselves as nice, ordinary ladies So how can you tell when you re face to face with one Well, if you don t know yet you d better find out quickly because there s nothinThis is not a fairy tale This is about real witches Real witches don t ride around on broomsticks They don t even wear black cloaks and hats They are vile, cunning, detestable creatures who disguise themselves as nice, ordinary ladies So how can you tell when you re face to face with one Well, if you don t know yet you d better find out quickly because there s nothing a witch loathes quite as much as children and she ll wield all kinds of terrifying powers to get rid of them.

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    1. Warning: Extremely Long Review and Childhood StorytellingWhen I was ten or eleven, I was sitting in the playground at summer camp, minding my own business and reading this book, when one of the playground supervisers came and asked me what I was reading. When I showed it to him, his eyes got wide and he took the book from me. Then he went to the trash can and started ripping it up, page by page. And he washed his hands afterwards, "to get rid of the filth." It was a library book. He was just goi [...]

    2. I didn't know what to expect when I started this book. Believe it or not, this is the very first Roald Dahl book that I have experienced. I enjoyed this book tremendously. This chapter book tells a story of a grandma, a grandson, and their journey together is ridding the world of 'real' witches and saving the world's children. I will be reading more of this author for sure. I would recommend this book to everyone. It is a fun read and well worth the experience!

    3. Roald Dahl is in my top 3 of favorite children's authors. I had read a few of his books as a child, but most of my exposure occurred as a young adult and while in college.The Witches was actually a book I read after the movie with Anjelica Huston was produced. I am a huge fan of her work, and when she appeared in this movie, I was fascinated with the story. I'd definitely recommend reading the book first as the movie takes the story so much further.For one thing, the book has an unnamed narrator [...]

    4. "Down vith children! Do them in!Boil their bones and fry their skin!Bish them, sqvish them, bash them, mash them!Brrreak them, shake them, slash them, smash them!Offer chocs vith magic powder!" Oh, thank goodness for the likes of Roald Dahl, who can combine the scary with the funny stuff and open a treasure chest of children's fairy-tales with all the wisdom humanity is capable of (which, of course, still is quite limited).As a child, I was terrified and fascinated at the same time when I read t [...]

    5. I am currently trying to read all of Roald Dahl's books! When reading this book I realized that I definitely read this when I was in elementary school :) It brought back some memories. I loved this book and the creativity and that Roald does with this story line.

    6. My introduction to the fiction of Roald Dahl is The Witches and this is one of those books whose language and imagination are so exotic that I wanted to scribble down every paragraph, until the story pulled me in and I surrendered to its spell. Published in 1983 with illustrations by Quentin Blake, I was presented a 30th anniversary edition for Christmas--by a dear friend on --which includes Blake's etchings. Without the mischievous charcoal drawings to accompany it, Dahl's text alone would be o [...]

    7. I am not, of course, telling you for one second that your teacher actually is a witch. All I am saying is that she might be one. It is most unlikely. But--here comes the big "but"--not impossible. After the tragic loss of his parents, a young boy goes to live with his much beloved grandmother. He soon learns of the impossible - witches exist. And they're sole joy in life is to find ways to make children disappear. Preferably in nasty and mysterious ways.We soon discovers how to recognize a witch [...]

    8. I was a very sheltered child. Or was I a wuss? I was probably a wuss. For instance, when I was a little tot, Sammy Terry scared the shit out of me.I remember being frightened by commercials of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and the one time I inadvertently saw part of a Friday the 13th movie on TV? Fogettaboutit. Nightmares for weeks. But that all came later. But this book. Oh, this was traumatic shit. I was in preschool, probably 4 years old, when the teacher decided to read us The Witches [...]

    9. The story of the young unnamed narrator and his grandmother living between Norway and England and affronting the Great Witch and her minions was delightful and fun. It would not be in my Top 5 of Dahl though (I appreciated the two Charlie books, the BFG, the Magic Finger and James and the Giant Peach more.) I love reading them to my kids in any case and getting all excited on what crazy twists the stories will take.

    10. Things that are cool:-a cigar-smoking grandma who encourages you to take safe action-investigating -solving problems-witches with accentsThings that are creepy:-Having to stay a mouse the rest of your life-Feet without toes-Pet mice that go missing and are never found-A boy who is never reunited by his family, or even mouse-trapped-Talking about dying while in bed with your grandmotherRoald Dahl never worked for me as a kid. I distinctly remember picking up James and the Giant Peach and being si [...]

    11. I've noticed for years and years that critics love to say that Roald Dahl is "spinning in his grave" over some such filmic adaptation of his works. I'm a curious type person so I had to look up what the hell was in his grave, anyway. He was buried with pool cues, his typewriter and pencils (backup?). Guess he'd need to hustle his way past the pearly gates? I'm kidding! Don't dance on my grave. (Gosh, real critics are so harsh.) If he's spinning I guess there's plenty in there to make lots of rac [...]

    12. Roald Dahl is one of the best and my favorite children's writer. He's a master in depicting ordinary details in excellent manner. Uptill now, I didn't find anything written by him which I don't love. ♡

    13. What is a witch? After my last book, all about the Salem Witch Trials, I have a pretty good idea about what the Puritans thought. However, it would serve me well to allow Roald Dahl to present an answer to that for his childhood readers. According to Dahl, a witch has claw-like fingers (always gloved), remains bald (but wears a wig), and has squared feet (no toes and a horror when shopping for shoes!). But, the most important piece of knowledge about witches is that they DESPISE children more th [...]

    14. I would love to know why I am the only person on the planet who did not like this book. I tried to find some bad reviews on GoodReads, but the only one and two star reviews said things like "Bad no like mousey! dlksk djglsk diewqls!" I'm assuming they were in a foreign language and not written by a kid who could not type, but I was too lazy to click on the profiles. Maybe I should learn the language and go live there, where we can all unite in our hatred of this book.It seems to me that 90% of t [...]

    15. The witches of England have a plan to do away with ALL English children. This little Norwegian orphan boy and his grandmamma come up with a plan to do away with all English witches instead. When they've accomplished that task, the little boy is noticeably altered in size and appearance. He doesn't mind, though. He sets off cheerfully with his grandmamma on a grand tour to rid the entire WORLD of those evil witchy creatures. I've always known there were real witches in the world, because Mrs. Nai [...]

    16. The Witches, Roald Dahl تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه فوریه سال 2001 میلادیعنوان: جادوگرها؛ نویسنده: رولد دال؛ مترجم: شهلا طهماسبی؛ تهران، مرکز مریم؛ 1377، در 208 ص؛ چاپ سوم 1382؛ خلاصه‌ ی داستان: قهرمان داستان یک پسر کوچکِ نروژی ست که در سن هفت سالگی پدر و مادرش را در یک سانحه‌ ی رانندگی از دست داده. [...]

    17. Una historia de fantasía para chicos y no tan chicos, sobre las aventuras de una abuela muy peculiar y su nieto, para desbaratar a la Sociedad Secreta de las Brujas. Las brujas, que odian a los niños y quieren librarse de ellos, están por todos lados, y van disfrazadas de mujeres comunes y corrientes, pero tienen ciertas características con las que pueden ser identificadas: 🎃 llevan guantes para esconder sus garras, 🎃 son calvas y usan peluca, 🎃 tienen un olfato muy desarrollado, [...]

    18. For people who don't already know: the hotel used in the movie actually exists. It's The Headlands Hotel, Newquay, England, and I've eaten there several times. The staff are friendly and well aware of the relevant history. If you ask, they'll show you the room where the witches had their big meeting and the spot where the baby carriage nearly gets pushed off the cliff. The food is good, and you get a fantastic view over the bay, where people surf in summer. Recommended!

    19. The trouble with this movie, is that we are supposed to cheer for the wrong side. The premise, for those who haven’t read or seen it, is that the witches have a practically foolproof plan to turn all the children of the UK into mice. I mean, what’s not to like? You may say I shouldn’t have been watching this movie with a cat. It’s true, the cat and I have never been more on the same wave length. As I sat there biting my nails and screaming at those witches ‘not the soup, please don’t [...]

    20. Readers in the Roald Dahl know come to his books with an understanding that PG-13 level violence and mayhem are a part of his charms. This fast moving tale doesn't let fans down; all of the recognizable Dahlian tropes are on display and we are rooting for the child all the way to the end.I had the extra bonus of having this read to me by my daughter. She's at the stage now where she tries on different accents for each character; her English accent was adorable. So, five stars for the book, five [...]

    21. Me encantó. Lo encontré mucho más retorcido de lo que esperaba, entiendo porqué la gente lo ama.Me hubiera gustado leerlo cuando era pequeña !!Recomendadísimo <3

    22. Witches are out there. You're lucky you're reading this now. It means that a witch never got you as a child or you escaped from their clutches.Witches are demons and have the following features: they wear wigs, they have squared-off feet with no toes and they smell faintly like old urinal. They have an insatiable need to kill, maim and turn children into animals. They can't stand children because to them they smell like dog poo. And they love meetings. And they love forming a club.I swear I have [...]

    23. De pequeña vi la película un millón de veces, la tenía en cinta VHS original, ni siquiera grabada de la tele. Me acuerdo bastante de ella y tengo algunos fotogramas grabadísimos a fuego en la memoria y me sorprende mucho no haber leído el libro antes, pero para todo hay un momento. He disfrutado muchísimo la lectura, creo que tiene un humor muy particular. La abuela y el niño son encantadores, la descripción de las brujas insuperable. Es un libro fascinante que pueden disfrutar los adul [...]

    24. Es de esos libros que te llegan adentro y tocan algo de ti que no te esperas. Empecé leyendo con la mentalidad de que es un clásico para niños y en algún momento habría que leerlo. Pero desde la primera página me atrapó: sentí miedo con la Gran Bruja, sentí pena por el niño, sentí alegría, asco y tensión.Si alguna vez tengo hijos se lo leeré más de una vez para que sepan identificar a las brujas cuando las vean por la calle.

    25. The Witches and I go way back. We had a stack of Dahl's books and I always wondered what it was about. Then one day in art class, the teacher read a passage from the book describing the Grand High Witch which we were then supposed to draw. It was a fun class for the most part. After drawing the Grand High Witch, I became so curious that I had to read the book. The first read was magical. It's probably the only frightening book that I've been able to read and enjoy. I've read nearly all of Dahl's [...]

    26. ¿Para que leer las brujas?1. Te muestra a esos villanos malvados sin corazón y a su vez divertidos. Además que la radiografía de la bruja es muy bien establecido.2. La narrativa es adictiva y atrapante que jamás cae, sube sube hasta llegar a un buen desenlace.3. El apoderamiento de la trama y el lector es único, ya que los protagonistas no tienen nombre así que puedes tú vivir la trama.4. El final es muy diferente al de la película5. El mensaje que te da la novela es hermoso: No importa [...]

    27. Such a good book! Anyone can read this fun loving tale about witches, real witches! I really enjoy this book because it is entertaining. It follows the path of a boy who sets out to take out all the witches in the world. I like the bond the boy and his Grandmamma have! This is just a fun fantasy tale, it is especially great to read before Halloween. If you are a Roald Dahl fan, this book is for you!

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