Essential Thor Volume 2

Essential Thor Volume Witness classic cosmic clashes between the God of Thunder and his evil stepbrother Loki the Absorbing Man the Destroyer and of his most fearsome foes Plus Thor s first journey into the Black Galax

  • Title: Essential Thor Volume 2
  • Author: Stan Lee Jack Kirby
  • ISBN: 9780785133810
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Witness classic cosmic clashes between the God of Thunder and his evil stepbrother, Loki, the Absorbing Man, the Destroyer, and of his most fearsome foes Plus Thor s first journey into the Black Galaxy and a reporter s firsthand account of Asgard Guest starring the Avengers and featuring the first appearance of Hercules Collecting Thor 113 136 and Annual 1 2.

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    1. Lee and Kirby really hit their stride here. A lot of the early weirdness of Thor (like the indecision of whether he's actually the Asgardian son of Odin or just some semblance of him, or how Thor can't go without his hammer for more than a minute or he turns back into Dr. Donald Blake) is abandoned--even the identity as Donald Blake is ignored for long, long stretches--and the comic lets loose as an epic, superheroic adventure with Shakespearean speech. The best part is issues 125-134, where Tho [...]

    2. Thor becomes a far better book in this collection which collects Issues 113-125 and Annual #1 of Journey into Mystery, and the title this is renamed Thor for Issues 126-136, and Annual 2.Issue 113 has him deciding to give up being Thor but then the return of the Grey Gargoyle changes his mind.The book then enters a very long interconnected storyline running from Issues 114-122 involving he and Loki engaging in, "The Trial of the Gods" and it's aftermath. It really is a very intricate storyline t [...]

    3. My last reaction for this set of comics:Wow Thor. Just wow. lolThor/Jane and Thor/Sif spoilers ahead.(view spoiler)[So the last comic in this set marked the end of Jane Foster in the set. I don't know if she'll come back, but she looks pretty done. I'm not bothered by this, but I had to laugh at what happened. Odin has continued to be Odin about the Jane/Thor relationship, which means he's been against it, until the end of this book. He finally softened his position to allow Thor and Jane to be [...]

    4. This is more consistently fun. It is Jack Kirby throughout and he has come into his own as an artist. The majority of the book is almost one series of stories that don't let up between issues (as in at the end of each issue you are not left with everything wrapped up even if it is moving onto a new story). Far more serialized. Similar to what Kirby was pulling in Fantastic Four. And as for that 'kryptonite' deal of Thor losing his hammer for 60 seconds and reverting to Donald Blake. I began to d [...]

    5. Veramente un'ottimo volume, da centellinare. Stan Lee ai suoi massimi come scrittore, e Jack Kirby ai massimi come disegnatore. Non è un caso se tutti gli autori successivi, in un modo o nell'altro, hanno cercato di rifare queste storie riprendendo tematiche e personaggi con sconfinato amore e ammirazione per questi autori.L'unica nota non completamente positiva sono le prime inchiostrazioni: Chic Stone era certamente meglio del primo Vince Colletta, dal tratto ottimo ma forse non del tutto ada [...]

    6. Classic early Thor comics, featuring a wonderful combination of Jack Kirby's mythic, expressive, and explosive artwork with Stan Lee's appropriately majestic prose. A real treat is the inclusion of the "Tales of Asgard" stories, which were 5-page mini stories at the end of the comic in which Kirby let loose depicting epic stories on an epic scale. This collection also features some of Kirby's earliest collage artwork.

    7. The Every Thor Ever Project, part, uh, 3? I didn't read these issues in this format, since it sucks butt, and they can be mostly found in comics format in reprint -- specifically the 70's title Special Marvel Edition, and then the Hercules stuff in the outsized Marvel Treasury Edition #3. The latter is sort of the ideal way to read these issues; Jack Kirby's art looks amazing blown up to 10"x14".

    8. Thor started off quite well in the Journey into Magic comics, but the line went downhill once it was renamed. (Not because of that, obviously, but there was a definite downward incline when it came to quality.) The Thor/Jane story line really didn't help, so it was good to see that done away with right at the end of this period.2.5 stars

    9. The volume was a good read, definitely picking up in enjoy-ability during the later half. We get the introduction of a lot of long lived Marvel villains, we get our first "Thor is cosmic" stuff. The comic, for me at least, seemed to shine brightest and be the most fun when Thor was interacting with other parts of the Marvel world, not just doing things in his own little corner.

    10. Freakin' Awesome. Stan Lee is surpringsly amazing. Worlds of wonder and fantasy are created breathlessly in tandem with Jack Kirby's art and phenomenal line work by Artie Semik. The tales still hold up and are quite realistic in a fantasy setting.

    11. This volume is where Thor goes from being one of my least favorite of Marvels mighty pantheon to one of the best.

    12. Typical Lee/Kirby. It looks great and it's full of crazy ideas, but the prose can be a chore to get through.

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