The Secret of Zoom

The Secret of Zoom Christina lives in an old stone mansion on the edge of a forest surrounded by barbed wire and signs that read TRESPASSERSWILL BE BOILED Deep within the forest is the laboratory where her father works

  • Title: The Secret of Zoom
  • Author: Lynne Jonell
  • ISBN: 9780805088564
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Christina lives in an old stone mansion on the edge of a forest surrounded by barbed wire and signs that read TRESPASSERSWILL BE BOILED Deep within the forest is the laboratory where her father works and where her mother was blown to bits years ago Christina is not supposed to talk to the orphans down the road But when an orphan boy named Taft tells her of a secret tunChristina lives in an old stone mansion on the edge of a forest surrounded by barbed wire and signs that read TRESPASSERSWILL BE BOILED Deep within the forest is the laboratory where her father works and where her mother was blown to bits years ago Christina is not supposed to talk to the orphans down the road But when an orphan boy named Taft tells her of a secret tunnel, she finds it and helps him escape Soon she and Taft discover there is far to the orphanage and the mystery of her mother s supposed death than they ever suspected.

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    1. Fast paced story filled with action and adventure. Christina seeks out adventure, longing to move beyond her over protected environment. Music is a key element to the story, which added a fun aspect. There were some science fiction elements, but I would classify this more as an adventure read. One thing to pick at, though. Christina is amazing, inventive, and smart. Yet she spends the entire book whining about how much she doesn't like math and considers it "too hard". While I get that not every [...]

    2. This was another fun YA book from our library. I really loved the main character, Christina. She is smart, clever, brave - a great heroine. The story has an interesting science-y theme and both her parents are scientists - also good for encouraging girls to get into maths and science.I found the story pretty entertaining. Sometimes there was a lot of detail and so I skimmed a bit (bah, detail :) but it moved pretty quickly. I would probably rate it a 3.5. I don't know if it would be a book I wou [...]

    3. Christina's mother is gone, and her father is very protective. She's not allowed to go to school, to make friends, or even to leave the yard. But during her one hour of sunshine a day, she meets a boy from the nearby orphanage. Taft says there's a secret tunnel, and Christina intends to find it. Harriers and hidden passages. Plastic toys and perfect pitch. Orphans in peril and scientific accolades. Chickie-chickie go, go and zoom! Christina's math aversion will undoubtedly find many sympathizers [...]

    4. Imagine being kept in your house, not going to school, not having friends, because your father loves you and wants to keep you safe. That was Christina's life and she did not understand why. And because she didn't understand why, she looked for the secret tunnel she was told existed. So goes the plot of this very interesting middle grade story. The cast of characters grows as the story moves on, and it moves quickly. First we find Taft and then Danny, plus about a hundred orphans. Then Christina [...]

    5. Probably because I'm wasn't 10/11 years old when I read this, I didn't really enjoy it. I was prescreening it for a gift to someone to see if it'd be interesting. It wasn't bad, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it more if I was younger.

    6. I WANT TO RRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer: Jordan B. NielsenRecommended for: Both boys and girls, aged 8 and Up. The suspense, action and variety of characters have broad appeal. Light suggestions of violence makes it better suited for older readers. One Word Summary: ZippyMany of us remember the fun of reading ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books when we were young. There was something so satisfying about guiding the story to meet your own level of excitement. Do you want to explore the haunted forest? Or [...]

    8. Christina Adnoid lives in a stone, Gothic-like mansion surrounded by forests and mountain ridges. Her father, Dr. Wilfer Adnoid is the chief scientist at Loompski Laboratories, a renowned scientific enterprise. Just outside the mansion is home to the Loompski Orphanage which, from afar, Christina imagines the happy orphans learning, playing, and working day after day. After all, Christina is lonely and sad, being home schooled with no friends to play with each day. She is forbidden to go outside [...]

    9. I have been looking forward to reading The Secret of Zoom, having read Ms. Jonell’s earlier book Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat (a GEM for 3rd & 4th graders as a read-aloud or independent read). I am just as excited about Zoom as I was about Emmy!Christina Adnoid is ten years old and lives with her father, the head scientist at Loompski Laboratories. She knows her mother, also a scientist, was blown up in a Laboratory accident when Christina was just three years old. She has never b [...]

    10. I was ready to really like this book, having enjoyed the quirkiness of Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat and its sequel, Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls, not to mention their pro-rat stance, a rare quality indeed. But although Zoom was fast-paced, with plenty of adventure and danger, it left me rather cold.The problem for me was that while there were plenty of standard characters (sheltered yet plucky heroine, dead mom, distant dad, prickly yet vulnerable boy, orphans in danger, truly a [...]

    11. This was a very cute and humorous read. I thought it was a charming book; it reminds of many other books that involve child geniuses dealing with distant parents (Artemis Fowl, A Taste of Red, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and Theodosia).Christina lives in a old house on the border of a forest that is home to a secret lab that her father works at. Her father tries to be a good dad but is more concerned with mathematics and seclusion of his daughter (for her safety) than Christina's exp [...]

    12. I ran to the book store to buy this book when I learned that President Obama bought it for his daughter at a local Iowa City book store! I love this book- and know that kids grade 4- up will too.Christina lives in an old mansion with her over protective, scientist father. Christina's mother was blown to bits while doing an experiment when Christina was only a baby. Since her mother's death, her father has kept her under his watchful eye- although he has no time or ability to comfort her or commu [...]

    13. The Secret of Zoom is a read that you have to stick with, in my opinion, to really "get". I started reading this with my group of fourth grade boys at a really bad time of the year. We were constantly being interrupted for long periods of time because of things like spring break, testing, etc. I had a hard time following the story and keeping the characters straight - especially Leo and Lenny. However, the boys loved it and always seemed to remember what had happened and what we were waiting to [...]

    14. Christina is never allowed to leave the grounds on which her home stands, a protective measure of her father's doing after her mother was killed in an explosion. Then a chance meeting with Taft, an orphan who picks up garbage, causes her to once again look for a secret tunnel entrance in the old mansion. The tunnel she locates in the attic leads her to the orphanage and the children she is forbidden to meet. But Christina is intrigued with Taft and she rescues him and takes him home to be her pa [...]

    15. I loved it! This book, nominated for the 2011-12 Mark Twain Award in Missouri, is a great read! I predict the kids will love it, and it will make a great read aloud in class. Christina's father is the head scientist for Loompski Labs and so was her mother until she was killed in a laboratory blast, or so Christina has been told. Christina, who is overly protected by her father, lives in an old stone mansion surrounded by electrified barbed wire, and is not allowed to attend public school, talk t [...]

    16. Score another good recommendation for my friend, Grace Campbell. When I told her I was choosing books from the library to take home and read over the summer, she said I should read this one. The title is misleading because there are actually many secrets in the story. What caused the lab accident that took Christina's mother? What is her dad so afraid of that he won't let her leave the house? Why is the head of the orphanage having the kids sort out plastic toys from the town's trash and even bu [...]

    17. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished this book. I work at a library so I try to read as many of the award books as I can. In Missouri we have a Mark Twain award and this was one of the nominations for the year. The Mark Twain award books are middle school aged and often times I feel like the book is extremely below me and I consider it an extremely fluffy read. I thought this author did an amazing job of not talking down to her readers and I would guess that many children that read this en [...]

    18. This is my review of THE SECRET OF ZOOM!!!! THE SECRET OF ZOOM is amazing. Here is an over view of what the books about: its about the main character christina and she only has a dad and her mother was "blowen to bits" when christina was just a baby. and her father dosen't let her talk to any of the interesting orphans down the road but when an orphan boy named taft talks to her wispering of a secret tunnel she forgets about safety and helps him escape. and they find out that there is much more [...]

    19. This is a fun adventure mystery story with a bit of fantasy thrown in for fun. It will appeal to elementary age boys and girls alike. Reading it as an adult I had to suspend my disbelief at times but I don't think kids will have that problem. I think they will like the fact that Christina has to solve all the problems on her own and that all the adults are completely absent from her life. After all that is what makes the adventure so much fun. There is a nice push for education in the booknd of [...]

    20. Spunky and determined Christina meets an orphan and helps him escape. The orphans are used to mine zoom, an explosive yet powerful fuel source found in the mountains. Of course the orphans are treated horribly, so Christina decides to help rescue them. Her father is overprotective (and works for Zoompski Labs- the evil orphanage patron) and her mother was blown up in a lab explosion. There is plenty of adventure to keep kids interested, plus children will be able to relate to Christina and Taft, [...]

    21. Jonell's 3rd book about kids who must rely on their own wits to escape from danger is so far her best, in my opinion. Christina, daughter of Loompski Laboratories' top physicist, is protected and privileged but longs for companionship and adventure. She finds it after meeting Taft, one of the Happy Orphans (who actually appear to be starved, abused, and do all the garbage pickup for the town), who urges her to seek out the near-mythical escape tunnel located somewhere in her house. The ensuing a [...]

    22. This book has made it to the 2011-2012 Sunshine State Young Readers Award List. I read it last year and really enjoyed it. This is an excellent tale of children finding their power and their voices. In its all too real depiction of a world in which not every adult has the best interests of children in mind, The Secret of Zoom is a fantasy story about hope, friendship, family, and a secret to be unearthed. This book will be appealing to both boys and girls- kids who like science, mystery, music, [...]

    23. Christina has never gone to school. She is never allowed to leave the old, stone mansion that she lives in, except for one hour a day. One day while outside she speaks to an orphan named Taft. She helps him escape from the orphanage and they discover there is much more to the orphanage, Loompski Labs and Chirstina's mother's supposed death. And they discover the secret of Zoom.Reasons why I like this book-Reason 1- It made me grateful for being able to go to school and to have friends.Reason 2- [...]

    24. This charming story is a fast paced action adventure - sure to be loved by middle-grade readers.After losing his wife in a tragic accident Christina's father does everything he can to protect their daughter. He protects her by making sure that she never leaves their yard, and never talks with anyone other than her nanny and tutors. Christina feels stifled and longs for an adventure, but soon finds that she got more than she bargained as her life, and the lives of those she loves are threatened.I [...]

    25. This book was a great read for younger kids. I love the concept of a girl that is overprotected going on an adventure. I also love that she meets an orphan and gains social knowledge on how to react and act towards other children. Lynne Jonell did an awesome job on creating the paradigm of Christina's personality. She can only view the other children through her window and observe what they do. That is the extent of her social knowledge in the first of the book. Jonell does the story good by com [...]

    26. This book was a true and enjoyable adventure. It's exactly the kind of book I would've been looking for when I was in elementary school. There are so many creative elements such as giving kids flying tiny planes that they control with their singing voices and can-do attitudes. Event though the text could be a little too detailed and slow at times, I liked the classic element of Christina being a lonely child whose parent kept her locked up in order to protect her from the world only for her late [...]

    27. This book full of secrets and hard decisions is great for a read-aloud. The plot moves along at a good rate and even seemingly good decisions sometimes go wrong (there's always another obstacle to overcome), keeping the listener involved, but there are a lot of ethical issues to discuss here, too. I feel like this is a book I'll be referring to in conversations with my kids for the next few months at least. The action and some characters may be cartoon-like at times, but it's a cartoon over the [...]

    28. recommended for E610 @ Chase Academy This is a book that students will enjoy. It's action-packed, full of mystery, fantasy, and humor. While the vocabulary may not be that challenging, the amount of detail, especially the pseudo-scientific explanation about the zoom rocks and the whole back story for Loompski laboratories will pose as a challenge to ESL student. While there's definitely room to discuss themes about family and scientific inquiry, I'd categorize this book as a fun read.

    29. This book is described as a mystery involving strange explosions, hidden tunnels and singing orphans. It was all of that and much more. Christina lives with her father in a mansion and leads a very sheltered and lonely life. She is not allowed to go to school or play with the village children. Christina wonders what her father is protecting her from and after she meets one of the orphans she discovers all sorts of strange things that occur at Loompski Labs where her father works. I really enjoye [...]

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