Dementia Book in the Trek Mi Q an series Dee Ellison is catapulted from Earth and ends up in a mysterious alien world populated by an all male race of ape men Hoards of ape men who keep humanoid females ca

  • Title: Dementia
  • Author: Jaid Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 5.5 in the Trek Mi Q an series.Dee Ellison is catapulted from Earth and ends up in a mysterious alien world populated by an all male race of ape men Hoards of ape men who keep humanoid females captive as sex slaves.More terrifying yet, the alpha male of the most powerful Hoard is hot on Dee s trail

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    1. Sometimes, as I'm reading a book, I wonder how the author composed a query letter trying to sell it. Because the premise is so wacky, it's hard to believe a publisher heard the pitch and then said."This sounds great!" Here's an exampleDear Joe Schmo Publishing Co,I hope you will consider publishing my story. It's a 30 page quickie about a super horny alpha male gorilla alien dude from outer space who kidnaps an earth girl to use as a sex slave, chases after her in the jungle, and then she gets t [...]

    2. Planet of the apes gone erotica! 3 Stars!Let me just start by saying this was a fun read! Yet in no way could it be taken seriously. Hilarious and a little rough in structure and story telling. The writing is terrible too, but its a kind of funny terrible. You know when you see a really bad movie, that turns out be great and sort of grows on you because of how crazy and ridiculous it was? Well this is exactly the case! I just went with it and laughed all the way. So I did enjoy the madness!Lets [...]

    3. Fun, crazy, erotic sex. Loved it!Dee is a human catapulted to the planet Dementia, where the men look like the apes from the movie "Planet of the Apes." General Zaab is an ape/man who is chasing her through the jungle. A predatory plant catches her in order to drink her juices. Zaab then takes her from the plant.Data:Story length: 32 pages. Sexual language: erotic. Number of sex scenes: seven plus. Setting: current day planet Dementia. Copyright: 2002. Genre: erotic paranormal science fiction ro [...]

    4. This one's like an x-rated Planet of the Apes on hallucinogenic drugs, with the added bonus of sex-starved jungle plant-life. Very, very strange.

    5. I can relate with most other humanoid characters found in this series, except this one. I can even relate with the human-beast of forsaken planet of Kohr. But this book? I dont know how I can relate with a hero whom physique is like an ape (a very big one) and a slaver. I dont know how the heroine can fall in love with this humanoid who captured her to become her slave. Along the story, there is no story at all, only a explicit details of sex scenes and then VOIILA! the heroine fall in love with [...]

    6. This is a short story about Lieutenant Zaab (from No Fear) which becomes a General and Dee, a human who is magically transported to planet Dementia to become a sex slave.The story is short that there isn't enough time for any character development. There is a description of hunted/chase story between the two of them that I'd like to ponder on by the author.Anyway, it is a nice, entertaining story that sideways to the stress that is happening on planet Tryston and the other major characters.

    7. Five years after reading this book, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell it was about. I think Ms Black actually started taking her writing seriously, which is never a good thing, when campy and overdone are one's usual m.o. Total plot fail.

    8. That's it! I've had it with this screwed up series!Truly, WTF. I think I've given this series (and genre) more than a fair chance but this is getting on my last nerve. The alpha male trope at it's worst.1½ ★

    9. Fun readA nice story telling the tale of Zaab and Dee. Without giving anything away this book can be read as a standalone but it is more than worthwhile to read all of this fabulous series.

    10. 5.5 in the Series*Warning may contain spoilersDee (from Earth) get sent to Dementia, a planet of ape/gorrila men who enslave female humans for sex slaves and breeders. She has survived alone in the jungle and highlands evading capture and slavery for a year.Well that is until those vines that live off c*nt juice finally get her and Zaab uses that to his full advantage.So many orgasms later and Dee submission to her Master lands her right where she wanted to avoid, but once there she figures out [...]

    11. Stars: 4Overall: I feel jipped damn it! I was looking forward to this book because it was still alien, but with a whole new twist to it, but sadly i was disappointed. It felt as it this story was more an idea that was never finished. PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!!!!!Characters: Dee & ZaabPage Turner: yes!Series Cont: yes!Recommend: Unless this story gets longer, i wouldn't recommend this book. You could read the whole series and not really miss this book.

    12. This is included as part of the Trek Mi Q'an series although there are no Tryston warriors or Sacred Mates in this book. Zaab (a gorilla man) from No Fear is in hot pursuit of Dee (human). Once he catches her they have sex a lot and he makes her his slave. But what happens when the Master falls in love with his slave? This was a pretty good short story and a really quick read.

    13. It's been a while since I read the first books. I'm thinking I probably want to read them again after reading this one. But I think this one could be read as a standalone. I know reading this probably isn't a popular decision since all that's going on with the author who owns Ellora's Cave, but I've had this one on my Kindle forever. I do like these books and how the story is written. It is just too bad the actual writer isn't the best person.

    14. Stars???? Hard to rateI read this novella to see what the rest of the series was is all I have to say.Not much of a story and plenty of whompt sure how to rate thist exactly what I thought it would be. I may have to read another bookke the first one to see what this is all about.

    15. Alirghtis was sorta randomIt didn't really have anything to do with the other books too. No major plot progression at all. It seemed like it should have been maybe a spin off of the series. It was based the same world but had nothing to do with the charactors we have all started to love.

    16. I guess with it being a short story, there wasn't enough time for the heroine Dee to flesh out but the way she went from being on the run for a year to capitulating within a couple of weeks was a little much. This was okay, not the best.

    17. Jaid black is one of my favourite authors and I love the Trek MiQan books. I can only give four stars on this story as its far too short, which is a pity as I would have really liked a full size book on dementia. But great story.

    18. Very pricey short storyI would have loved a longer story.This barely whet my appetite for the crazy possessive ape men and their slaves.

    19. I wanted to give it a try, but I don't really know if I liked the story or not maybe both in fact. Sex and ape man, it's more than okay, but slavery not so !

    20. awwwwWhat a sweet short story about General Zaab. I am looking forward to seeing all characters come back together. I am never disappointed with this series!

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