Paralyzed Linebacker Reggie Scott is forced to deal with the repercussions of an incident that shakes his belief in the game he loves When he is persecuted by angry fans for being a dirty player Reggie is forc

  • Title: Paralyzed
  • Author: Jeff Rud
  • ISBN: 9781554690596
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Linebacker Reggie Scott is forced to deal with the repercussions of an incident that shakes his belief in the game he loves When he is persecuted by angry fans for being a dirty player, Reggie is forced to confront his own guilt and decide whether he can continue to play his senior season and beyond.

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    1. This book is about sports. The main character is Reggie he is a hard hitter and really good at football.Specific things I liked about the book is that its about football. The guy was a hard hitter and he loved playing football. He was the best linebacker on his team. I liked how they described the characters.I didn't like how he acted when someone got hurt. He got worried too much. That's not his type of character.The book is very good. The writing is not that hard. It's very clear with not too [...]

    2. I really loved this book because of the mixed emotions in it. Its very sad and heart warming at the same time. There is a lot of details in each sentence and there was no part in the book that was confusing to me. Every time I picked this book up I couldn't let go of it. If you have time to get this book, GET IT.

    3. This book is pretty good. If you like drama you would like this a lot. If you like football this will also be interesting. Reggie linebacker for Lincoln High School was called a dirty player due to the fact that he injure another player and was said to be a "dirty" play. Will he have consequences read the book and found out yourself.

    4. well, Reggie Scott, i think is the person in this book that changed the most in this book. he changed more in a mental way than anything. it all started with his interception in the high school football season opener. he caught the interception and was trying to run it back when someone hit him from behind. Nate Brown was the person that hit him. when Nate hit Reggie, he did not get back up. he ended up suffering a serious spinal injury. this event gradually ate Reggie up. it got to the point wh [...]

    5. Reggie Scott has always been a hard hitting star middle linebacker, and making game saving plays for his highschool team. But after being on the other side of a devastating injury, everything changes. Reggie is accused of being a dirty player, he confronts his guilt and has to decide whether he can play his senior season and further.

    6. Reggie Scott is playing the game he love when unexpectedly he is hit, he’s ok but the player that hit him is not ok. the player so hit him was injured and all the fans blame Reggie for the injury so he has to the decide if you want to keep playing football or quit the game forever.

    7. In the book Paralyzed there was many plot twist but the most twist that got me was when the main character was going to see if the player that ran into him got paralyzed was doing ok. When he got there he saw him but the mom walked into the room and started to scream at him. The plot turned into nice to angry. I’d didn’t like how it left off with an hangover because I know he’s not going to make another book just like it. I liked at the end how the main character became friends with with t [...]

    8. This was by far one of the best books I have ever read. It was a story about a high school football player reggie and in his senior year he got tackled by another player, Nate Brown and Nate ending up getting injured on the play and was almost paralyzed for life. The play that Nate of injured on was on an interception by Reggie and Nate tackled him from behind and didn't use proper technique and ending up getting hurt very badly. But at the time Reggie had just got his first interception of the [...]

    9. Paralyzed by Jeff Rud catches your attention at the very start of the book when Reggie the main characters life takes a turn. Reggie is a star middle line backer in football for Lincoln high school. But when there school plays a game against Milbury high school everything changed for Reggie. As one of Milbury players makes a through to the other teammate Reggie intercepts the ball and caught it. Then as Nate brown Milbury's tight end makes a poor decision and charged at Reggie with his head usin [...]

    10. imdone reading this book i thought this book was pretty good. i would have liked it better if it ended diffitly it was pretty goodin name is reggie and he is a really good middle linebacker he is always known for his hard hitting that is what people know him for well the first game of the season he interceps the ball and a kid hits him with his head down crippling him self. reggie takes full respiplity for it he thinks it was his fault everyone tries to tell him that it wasnt but he wont listen. [...]

    11. Chance Paralyzed is a must read book if you are searching for the die hard football people. Paralyzed is a book about a football star named Reggie Scott, that is nicknamed "stick em." He got this nickname from being a hard hitter in football games. A big event in this book is when Reggie hits a guy and the kid ends up going to the hospital. Reggie ends up being very worried and frightene that this happened. Reggie has to go see a special doctor to get help, because he is always worrying about th [...]

    12. Imagine you are watching your home town football team play their first game of the year. It was the first quarter and your team intercepts the ball. You are so exited until the player who makes the tackle doesn't get up. The crowd goes from roaring to shocked and silent in a second. It did not look good and Reggie Scott(the boy who intercepted it) was mentally in shock from the whole event. He knew Nate the boy who tackled him, he was a good friend of his. Reggie has to see a counselor for thera [...]

    13. I read I book from the orca series called Paralyzed. It’s about a senior football player named Reggie Scott. He does not have the name “stick-em” for no reason; he is the hardest hitting football player on the team! It’s their first home field game. Reggie does not know it but this simple game might change his life forever. A interception is a linebackers dream, but this one is different! People say it was not his fault, he wants to believe them but he can’t get his head wrapped around [...]

    14. Paralyzed is a good book. It's about this boy named Reggie Scott, who is a linebacker for their high school team. Reggie was playing in one of his games, they were playing defense and Reggie intercepted the ball. Nate Brown is one of his opponents, Nate tackled Reggie in a bad way. He was leading with his head, if you hit the player weird it can cause serious damage. Nate got paralyzed. For a while Nate was paralyzed from his legs down. Nate got feeling better after a while but he couldn't play [...]

    15. I loved this book and probably one of the best books i have read all year. I encourage anyone to read this book especially football players because in this book it shows how it could happen in real life. In the book Reggie one of main characters in the book had a lot of feelings for the injured player Nate which tackled Reggie and made a poor tackle which got Nate paralyzed and eventually came back with a full recovery. I also loved this book because it showed how concerned Reggie was about Nate [...]

    16. Would you want be in Reggie Scott shoes? My book is called Paralyzed its a real good sports fiction book it deals with Reggie Scott and Nate Brown mostly. Reggie Scott intercepted the ball then Nate made a dangerous tackle by running with is head down and made the tackle and he was just laying there and everybody didn't know what was wrong with him. Nate's mom was wreck and she kept blaming Reggie even though he didn't to it. I recomended this book to everybody its a real good book.

    17. This book is about football and not giving up. I recommend this book to people who like football. I gave this book 5 out of 5 because it isn't very long and it doesn't have a slow start. For those of you who like slow starts i don't recommend this book Paralyzed. Although it was kind of short, was hopping it would be more about football, but like I said it starts early. That is what I thought about the book Paralyzed.

    18. Paralyzed is a story about a middle line backer named Reggie Scott. In the beginning of the story, he intercepted a pass thrown into his general area, and the tight end that the ball was intended for, hit Reggie in the back with his head. The hit caused the opposing player to become in a very critical condition. This book really reminds me of myself, and that's what I like the most about it. Anybody who enjoys sports novels will enjoy the book, because it can relate to sports players as well.

    19. Paralyzed, a football novel on a young high school student who is a starter on his school's football team. First game of the season, first play of the game, a tragedy occurs. As linebacker Reggie Scott intercepts the opposing quarterback's throw, he is tackled head first into his back from behind. He's fine but the tackler is hurt, an injury that changes his life. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys realistic fiction.

    20. I just got done with Paralyzed and I rate this book 5 stars because its such a good book. The details in this book are good and the climax is the best that I've read. I recommend this book to people who like football and for people that like stories that they can wait for the next one to come out. That's what I like about this book that is so interesting and that your always curious about what's gone to happen next.

    21. Football player, Nate, gets hit with illegal hit. The kid is paralyzed. The mom goes apeshit when Nate goes to hospital to see him. Mom wants him suspended for celebrating the kid on the turf - he was celebrating the interception. Drama!!! Game is rescheduled and they end up losing, but Nate gets a look from college recruiter. Quick read for reluctant readers.

    22. this book is going really good It's senior year for linebacker Reggie Scott. He has just made a fabulous interception that could lead to a win for his team. thats were im at right now in the book. i think he's going too do good his whole season and the other guy on the other team there gonna become good friends

    23. I like this book because it shows character. It talks about caring for some one special. This book was easy to follow and it had a great back story to most of the characters. Lincoln and Mulberry go head to head with a couple of twist. It just shows how much a person can care from someone even though their injure wasn't even their fault.

    24. A book with a good premise, but with a slightly-better-than-average execution. Its strong point, in my opinion, was description of games. Other than that, however, nothing much stuck out - except, maybe, the unfairness of the whole ordeal of blaming the main character, but that was nothing special, sadly. Overall, this book is an average read. Hence, the three stars.

    25. the book was very good it had a lot of good meaning to it.The main character in the book is Reggiei liked the book because it was about a teenager dealing with a huge problem.other people should read it to learn something

    26. I liked this book very much. It is about a boy named Reggie Scott who is tackled by Nate Brown. Nate gets paralyzed because he tackled him poorly and without good form. Reggie feels that it is his fault and can never get his mind off of him. In the end, Reggie goes to court. Will he be okay?

    27. I really liked it because I could never put it down I had it everywhere. I also liked the twist and how the plot moves me from one thing to the next. The most enjoyable part of the book is where it is relatable to me!!

    28. i my self loved this book and the story line. and the emotion they showed through the characters was awesome and im not really a book reader so you could say and i recommend this book strongly to anybody and everybody.

    29. I really liked the book. I really understood it and thought that it was really cool for that kid to go through what he went through. When i was reading it i though it would never get better but it turned out it did.

    30. This was a really good book, My favorite orca book because its about a kid who is on the field and is the tool to anothers serious injury. he is blamed for putting a kid in the hospital when he did nothing at all but his job on the football field.

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