Getting to 'I Do'

Getting to I Do Dr Patricia Allen s jam packed seminars in Los Angeles have resulted in over two thousand marriages Now you too can take advantage of this proven step by step program Here s what you ll learn How to a

Getting to I Do by Patricia Allen Feb , Although the book title, Getting to I Do, suggests it is for getting to marriage, the subtitle, The Secret to Doing Relationships Right is a better reflection of the insight contained Dr Allen points out that in relationship, there must be a masculine and there must be a feminine. Getting to I Do The Secret to Doing Relationships Right Getting To I Do and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Dr Pat Allen Getting to I Do Getting to I Do The WANT INSTITUTE offers group instruction on the principles of communicating with personal integrity to help individuals and organizations to achieve goals of economic success, to enrich their personal and professional relationships, and to create win win situations in every one of their day to day activities Success in life is not an accident rather, it results from gerunds to getting vs to get English Language To Get is the normal form and would be best for everyday use However book titles are allowed artistic license Regarding the to Getting forms, I would think of it this way The Essential Guide to doing something which is Getting Your Book Published Get to definition of get to by The Free Dictionary Joseph Odysseus Mastro counsels queer youth to move as soon as possible If you re in high school and you re gay, bisexual, or transgender, and you re being tormented, find some way to get through school and then get to San Francisco, get to the Bay Area, get to Miami or Chicago or New York City . Getting to Know You from The King and I YouTube May , Marni Nixon dubbing Deborah Kerr and Chorus sing Getting To Know You from the film version of THE KING AND I Getting to know you, Getting to know all about GettingOut GettingOut by Telmate helps friends or family connect with incarcerated inmates. Getting to I Do By Dr Pat Allen WANT iStore Click on the Purchase Your Ticket button below to purchase Limited to attendees These classes are non refundable days before class, I will do my best to Getting to It Getting to It Accomplishing the Important, Handling the Urgent, and Removing the Unnecessary From the authors of Juggling Elephants comes the only guide you need to sort through the many priorities in your life, know what your IT Important Thing should be, and understand how to get it done. Getting definition of getting by The Free Dictionary said the prince gloomily, getting up from his low chair, and seeming anxious to get away, yet stopping in the doorway View in context How it was I don t understand, but we always seemed to be getting , with the best of motives, in one another s way.

  • Title: Getting to 'I Do'
  • Author: Patricia Allen Sandra Harmon
  • ISBN: 9780380718153
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Patricia Allen s jam packed seminars in Los Angeles have resulted in over two thousand marriages Now you too can take advantage of this proven step by step program.Here s what you ll learn How to attract the right manWhen you should make the first moved when you should notWhy equality in a relationship may not be what you re looking forWhy sex before commitment iDr Patricia Allen s jam packed seminars in Los Angeles have resulted in over two thousand marriages Now you too can take advantage of this proven step by step program.Here s what you ll learn How to attract the right manWhen you should make the first moved when you should notWhy equality in a relationship may not be what you re looking forWhy sex before commitment is a bad dealHow to have sensational sexWhat makes a man run away from a relationshipHow to know when you re giving too muchHow to get what you want without askingWhat makes a man want to commitHow to BE ENGAGED TO THE RIGHT MAN WITHIN A YEAR

    One thought on “Getting to 'I Do'”

    1. I have mixed feelings about this book. I had heard a lot about it and how Dr. Pat Allen has had a big influence on many people (including Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, of whom I am a fan), so I decided to give this book a try.Some of the stuff in this book is good old-fashioned common sense (i.e don't sleep with a man until you're in a committed relationship and don't move in together until you're engaged or married). Some of the stuff just didn't make sense to me until I had though [...]

    2. I have a couple things to say about this book.Pros:-This is a good book to go by if you're single. If you're married, it can give some insightful tips but I think it'd question your choice of spouse more than anything.-Contrary to what some reviewers have said, I didn't feel that Dr. Allen made women the feminine, and men the masculine. She did make the majority of examples like this because it seems, according to her, that most women choose to be feminine. She has, however, always mentioned how [...]

    3. This book has amazing insights into relationship. In it, Dr Pat Allen explores the roles of the masculine and the feminine in relationship. Although the book title, "Getting to I Do", suggests it is for getting to marriage, the subtitle, "The Secret to Doing Relationships Right" is a better reflection of the insight contained.Dr Allen points out that in relationship, there must be a masculine and there must be a feminine. She suggests that it does not matter whether the person assuming either ro [...]

    4. This is a TERRIBLE title for a really interesting book on relationships that transcends marital status. This book was highly recommended by an author I really respect otherwise I wouldn't have made it past the title. I would recommend it for anyone - single, in relationship, married, divorced - particularly career-driven women. I don't necessarily buy into all of her opinions/points (although I feel like it's going to take a re-reading to fully understand the author's perspective) but the premis [...]

    5. I read this book on the suggestion of a friend. What the author says makes a lot of sense--you can't have two take-charge people in a relationship, and you can't have two you-take-care-of-it people in a relationship. What she suggests is tough--if you don't want to take the lead in a relationship, don't pursue the guy. But that just goes to show that I'm not very good at flirting lol.

    6. LOVED this book. After reading it about 10 times in a row with highlighters in hand, I finally clued in. It made a HUGE difference in what I looked for in a potential hubby. Helped me steer clear of a few duds, helped me see what qualities were "golden" for me. I recommend to read it once through w/o highlighters, then about 10 times more with. Color coded of course. Pink for girl stuff, blue for boy stuff, yellow for danger (caution!) green for what you're doing right, and because orange is the [...]

    7. Despite it being outdated like an episode of Murphy Brown and embarrassing like being caught in a pair of Spanx, this book is both as enjoyable and useful as both. Its themes must not be taken out of context nor held under an uber-modern "post gender" lens. When applied to the two opposing energies inherent in everything in the natural world, this book is actually great. What's so great about it is that it provides easy to apply techniques for knowing yourself, communicating yourself, and holdin [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book, I thought the example throughout did an excellent job of highlighting the situations and techniques referenced. Even though I don't agree with everything the author says, I do appreciate the information she provides, and I did like the fact she admitted to her marital problems. I like the focus on "loving yourself" more than the other person and knowing when to stand your ground and walk away. I thought it was excellent to point that out as women tend to want to "work [...]

    9. I just could not finish this one. The idea of the book wasn't bad but it just felt foreign to me, like no matter what it just would not apply to my life. At all.I've tried dating and I suck at it. I've finally given up the ghost and can admit it freely. I'm an overachiever that tried and tried cause I don't give up. But in this part of my life I finally figured out that I'm not giving up. I'm moving on. I'm moving on to me and it's way more satisfying.

    10. I though this author made many contradictory statements. She also has archaic attitudes towards women. Seems if you are a stay at home wife, you should just wait for your husband to make all your decisions and dress pretty. It scares me that there are people like this author writing books and having the world think they are experts.

    11. This book changed my life. How? Awareness. Now, I don't agree with everything that Dr. Allen preaches. However, I deeply enjoy and love this book. I think it should be prime reading to anyone dating and relating to their sex of choice in this modern world.

    12. I enjoyed it. The FRAMEWORK (i.e. the title) of the book is antiquated, but the concepts are very interesting. A really great intro to masculine - feminine energies, if a bit gender normative and "rule-based". The underlying theories and concepts are really interesting however, and I believe, very relevant.

    13. This book was recommended to me by a friend. While reading it, I couldn't help but think, "Why did she want me to read this?" Anyways, I think the author is a little bit off her rocker. I would recommend reading this book but taking her advice with a grain of salt. The most interesting thing that I learned from the book and the thing that I agree with the most is the idea that every relationship needs a masculine & feminine energy. I'd never thought about it that way, but it makes perfect se [...]

    14. If you want to enjoy a little ego deflation, try telling the incredibly nice, normal Canadian family who invited you to their Palm Springs vacation house for the weekend that the book you've been absorbed in all day is about landing a husband. (Did it help that they were all voracious readers of literate nonfiction and literary nonfiction? I did not. O, the humanity!) At least I've evolved to making no excuses for my choice in reading material. I'm interested in understanding how I've failed in [...]

    15. While there are aspects of the book that I do agree with, the major premise irks me. I also am not a fan of the language (masculine vs feminine) This book plays on gender roles like no other. As a a professional woman who hopes to have a family one day, I recognize the need for division of roles in the relationship, however I do not believe that they need to be allocated based on historical gender roles. For the modern professional woman and the modern family, I do not believe this book is for y [...]

    16. I have been hearing about feminine vs masculine energy for so long and when this book came into my life I had no idea it had anything to do with this. It felt like destiny. I will admit that the things given in this book do make me fear extra complications in my life, especially after 50, but I've learned so much that even the odd uncomfortable bits allow me to give this book 5 stars. It will definitely make a difference in my life, and that difference has nothing to do with marriage, even thoug [...]

    17. found this book in my roomie's library of books.i found myself really intrigued w/ what the author had to say about male and female roles. i also found myself wanting to discuss the many topics of gender roles w/ my friends, co-workers, strangers, . ;). a good discussion book, definitely. the feminine energy/masculine energy terms put me off a bit, but after i got past the terminologies, the book became an interesting platform to discuss among single friends.

    18. 3.5 STARS. Interesting strategy in terms of male/female energy and "sides". I wish she would have shared more in-depth stories. I will have to refer back to this in the future which could cause me to shift my rating. Definitely good communication tactics and rules to follow as you navigate the dating world.

    19. While I can’t say that I will use all the advice of this book, I do think the author did a reasonably good job. I like the idea of choosing men to match one’s energy and desires. The ideas of feminine and masculine energy appear to make sense. We all know girl friends with these characteristics and problems. The manner in which the author articulates being realistic is quite well done.

    20. Fantastic book regarding the masculine and feminine energy in relationships. It is not gender but in my in of work 'brain code' that influences motive, thoughts, and behavior in relationships. Dr. Pat does an excellent job explaining and 'telling it like it is' to guide you to a better more mature and lasting relationship.

    21. The first 8 chapter with the discussion on masculine and feminine energies is pretty interesting. The following chapters: not so much, they seem pretty trite and dated. But I think the discussion in the first half is still interesting and relevant even now, 20 years after the book's initial publication.

    22. This book is amazingly insightful for a growing women. It is about male and female energy in relationships. Essentially it breaks things down in a way that is clear and helpful for someone who is trying to better understand themselves in Romantic relationships.

    23. Es un libro que describe de una manera diferente el punto de vista del hombre y de la mujer en una relación. " nunca se comprometa con un hombre. Comprométase con una relación." Muy recomendable ya que se basa en casos para exponer su punto de vista.

    24. Slightly confused after reading this book. She gives examples and goes into such detail about certain situations, which I found overwhelming at times. I found the discussion about energy very helpful and understanding your role as you want it in a relationship.

    25. This is a terrible title for an extremely helpful book. It really sheds enough light on how the mysterious male brain works, & enables any woman to communicate accordingly.It helped me in my single days, and even now.

    26. This instructional guide to relationships really gave me a lot to think about. Will it work? Only time will tell!

    27. El mejor libro que he leído en toda mi vida desde que era una chica de 17 años. *-* Altamente recomendado.

    28. Okayn't laugh at the title. It was recommended to me and actually a great book about relationships in general- married or single- and what type of person you should look for to compliment you.

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