Goodness and Mercy

Goodness and Mercy Gabrielle Mercedes dreamed of being a dancer since she was a little girl but her life takes a very different turn Feeling a void she can t fill Gabrielle finds salvation in church and decides to sta

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  • Title: Goodness and Mercy
  • Author: Vanessa Davis Griggs
  • ISBN: 9780758232236
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gabrielle Mercedes dreamed of being a dancer since she was a little girl, but her life takes a very different turn Feeling a void she can t fill, Gabrielle finds salvation in church and decides to start anew Learning that her church has a dance ministry, she s thrilled to have her first love back in her life Then she meets handsome Zachary Wayne Morgan, and everything sGabrielle Mercedes dreamed of being a dancer since she was a little girl, but her life takes a very different turn Feeling a void she can t fill, Gabrielle finds salvation in church and decides to start anew Learning that her church has a dance ministry, she s thrilled to have her first love back in her life Then she meets handsome Zachary Wayne Morgan, and everything seems to be falling into place until a past secret threatens to tear it all apart.

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    1. Gabrielle Mercedes (Booker) takes us into her life story and experiences gradually but surely. There are many women like Gabrielle, who want to know God, regardless of their horrible past. They eventually shut those out of their lives who mean them no good, or only use them when they are doing good. She can hardly pay her bills, because once she gets saved she felt that she had to leave her job and all her past behind us. Some of us can take things in the Bible to the extreme but she knows that [...]

    2. This is the second book I've read by Vanessa Davis Griggs in the last month, and I must say I am really digging her writing! This book is the first of two books in a series. I actually read the second one, The Other Side of Goodness first, not knowing there was a prequel. Gabrielle Mercedes has had a rough life and it seems that all odds are against her. After almost losing her life from an attack late at night, after work as an exotic dancer, she decides to check out a local church. After atten [...]

    3. Wonderful book, it started out slow, but it picked up towards the middle. It was full of some unexpected things, but that's what made it interesting. With the way the book ended, there has to be a sequel, there were too many loose ends.

    4. Living a life comparable to Cinderella, Gabrielle Mercedes just wanted to dance. She vividly remembered the days when her mother would hold her as they danced. Those were the good days before that day. It was that day, when her life changed for the worse at the innocent age of three. “I hope you know and appreciate what me and your uncle are sacrificing just so you don’t have to become one of those children without a real family, possible being abused, ” Gabrielle’s aunt Cee-Cee would re [...]

    5. An interesting read that explored the life of one woman's road after salvation. This book carried with it a common thread that God is with us at all times. I loved the way the author began each chapter with a scripture reminding the reader that God must be at the forefront of all that we do. And with Gabrielle, the main character, she made it plain and kept it real. No matter what the enemy threw her way, she stood her ground which is the foundation of faith. Although fictional, there is somethi [...]

    6. The picture is painted well and the story leaves you wanting more! You will be able to relate to every situation whether it is romance, church people, unconditional love and even forgiveness. Ms Vanessa used the scriptures well and you can visualize yourself in the midst of the services as if you were sitting in the pew yourself. After reading Goodness and Mercy you will be able to walk away from your past, experience forgiveness and not allow others to hold your past against you. Get this book [...]

    7. Lawd! This is my sixth. Ok this week by Vanessa. When I tell you Darius got on my last nerve! I was like Lord please let her slap him. She ain't gotta be saved for just 10 seconds! LolAnyway, I laughed and cried with this book. The message in her books are so powerful! I'm loving Jesus Followers and the Landris family! I love the story of Gabrielle Mercedes. One thing that anyone could stand to learn from her is that once your sin is under the blood, there is no need to live in condemnation. Onc [...]

    8. Gabrielle Mercedes has had a challenging early life, but has now decided to give her life to God. She is totally sold out, and is greatly challenged by the enemy. Thru it all, she refuses to give in to the enemy, and is greatly rewarded for it in the end. I enjoyed this fifth installment of the Blessed Trinity series, and can't wait to see what word The Lord has for me in The Truth is the Light. Vanessa Davis Griggs is such an anointed writer, and I thank God for her ministry everyday.

    9. Enjoyable. Funny at times. Frustrating - in a good way - at other times. There was just enough suspense to keep me uncomfortable but not so much that it annoyed me. The main character seems to change very quickly, which distracted me a bit in the beginning but she is so tenacious about maintaining her change in faith that it became sensible based on her determination to change. Great vacation read.

    10. Plot: Gabrielle has just dedicated her life to Christ. But as a new Christian she has to turn from the past. Sadly the the past doesn't want to let her go.Characters: Amazing characters that are totally realistic for those of us that I have gone to Church.Overall Review:Really great book with wonderful Christian messages. I really wanted to photocopy what the Pastor said about Christians participating in rumors. I really, really enjoyed this book.

    11. Overall a very good book. It didn't start out as fast as any of the others and it took me a minute to get into it, but it ended up getting really good and I couldn't put it down. I'm still having trouble remebering who Gabrielle was in any of the other books if she was in any of the other books. I think that's why I struggled in the first few chapter.

    12. I liked the tenacity of the main character. It was very motivating but this book was so boring. There was like no drama. I was waiting for something interesting to happen but it never did. Further more the author failed miserably at spicing things up a bit. It was way too predictable.

    13. This is an awesome book, I was so moved by the everyday occurances in the story. I so love the scriptures at the top of every chapter. I have now set in motion to purchase every book she has written.

    14. Great inspirationI enjoyed this message. We as people are very quick to judge others about their past and not realizing God has already forgiven them. I love and enjoyed this message!!

    15. I really enjoyed this book as well as all the books that Vanessa Davis Griggs has written in the Trinity series.I look forward to the next book!

    16. amazing work by vanessa davis griggs as always!! such a great author who leaves u thoroughly inspired & entertained! i loved every single chapter!

    17. I liked the story of a woman changing her life when she gave it to Christ. A little predictable in places and the main character was a little too old to seem so naive, but a Goodread nevertheless.

    18. fairly good read, but I wasn't a huge fan of Gabrielle. good moral story though, of how we are all sinners so none of us should cast the first stone

    19. This was a great book. For anyone who struggles with believing in the power of God, this will help you see that no matter what, when you stay close to HIM he will bring you through.

    20. God can change anyone to become His child. It might seem hard but if you are faithful in your study, prayer life results can be seen. Don't compromise

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