Love Falls

Love Falls From the author of Hideous Kinky comes a charming surprising and utterly irresistible tale of adolescent love and self discovery When seventeen year old Lara accepts her father s invitation to accom

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  • Title: Love Falls
  • Author: Esther Freud
  • ISBN: 9780061349614
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Hideous Kinky comes a charming, surprising, and utterly irresistible tale of adolescent love and self discovery.When seventeen year old Lara accepts her father s invitation to accompany him to a Tuscan villa for the summer, she s both thrilled and nervous for the exotic holiday To her delight, she soon discovers that the villa s closest neighbors are thFrom the author of Hideous Kinky comes a charming, surprising, and utterly irresistible tale of adolescent love and self discovery.When seventeen year old Lara accepts her father s invitation to accom pany him to a Tuscan villa for the summer, she s both thrilled and nervous for the exotic holiday To her delight, she soon discovers that the villa s closest neighbors are the glamorous Willoughbys, the teenaged brood of a British millionaire Caught up in their torrential thirst for amusement and snared by Kip Willoughby s dark, flirtatious eyes Lara sets off on a summer adven ture full of danger, first love, and untold consequen ces that will irrevocably change her life.

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    1. I think that Esther needs to get a life and stop writting. This story first of all was one long chapter. Seriously you can not make chapters or what? I was disappointed in the ending, the middle, the beginning I read and kept thinking OK this is going to get better sooner or later. Well yes it got better when I closed the book. How can there be so many charactors and we still know nothing about them? Why was Lambert in such a dire rush to get home? What does Lara see in Kip who seems tobe such a [...]

    2. "Um Verão em Siena" podia ter sido uma leitura fantástica, mas penso que o livro não faz jus ao título. que, por si só, faz-nos criar algumas expectativas.Para começar, os personagens são bizarros e dotados de comportamentos e de reações anormais, o que por vezes me deixou um pouco irritada. Também não achei relevante para a história as descrições exaustivas da viagem que Lara fez com a mãe no passado e nem do casamento real, de Carlos e Diana. Tudo isso contribuíu para que se to [...]

    3. This could have been a great read if the writing was more skillful. The characters and plot left more than something to be desired. None of the characters are relatable, all are seen from a distance--but not in an interesting way. The plot oscillates from vapidity to disturbing to vapidity, but again, not in an interesting way. It was just lacking. I gave it two stars for its unfulfilled potential.

    4. En commençant ce livre, j’ai eu le sentiment qu’il s’agissait d’un roman à l’eau de rose, dans lequel je retrouverais le schéma amoureux traditionnel, appliqué à une ambiance estivale et adolescente (avec un peu d’inceste pour pimenter l’ensemble, d’après ce que j’avais compris de la quatrième de couverture ; je rassure immédiatement ceux que cela pourrait déranger, je me trompais tout à fait à propos de cette relation père-fille). J’ai progressivement compris mon [...]

    5. Esther Freud (Sigmund’s great-granddaughter) has written a compelling, if slightly unsatisfying, coming-of-age tale with her novel, Love Falls. When 17 year old Lara heads to Tuscany with her father (a man who is practically a stranger to her) for a summer holiday, she isn’t quite sure of what to expect. Her father, a slightly distant intellectual historian called Lambert, has been invited to visit an old friend and wants Lara to accompany him. Lara is well-traveled: she and her bohemian mot [...]

    6. I picked this book up because it was by the author of Hideous Kinky, which was made into a movie starring Kate Winslet and because it was a coming of age story set in Italy. The main character in this book is Lara, a 17-yr-old on holiday with the father she barely knows, staying with a friend of his in a villa outside of Sienna. Lara gets swept along with a set of bored, rich people in their teens and twenties, to whom she is the latest plaything, falling "in love" with young Kip, and in the pro [...]

    7. This adult novel started with such promise, but I was a little disappointed by the end, probably because I don't like the main character. She's a wuss.[return][return]Lara is seventeen and is invited by her mostly absentee father to Italy for the summer. She accepts because she wants to get to know her dad better. But she doesn't really like what she sees. Her dad isn't the marrying kind, but he's really good at sleeping with married women. And he doesn't seem to think that his daughter should c [...]

    8. I read this book shortly after a trip to Italy where I visited Sienna and Florence, both settings in this novel. I liked the all the characters and the underlying mysteries about the main character's father's past and the boy she falls in love with. The title seemed to be a play on words since a major scene takes place at Love Falls and throughout the book people seem to be falling in and out of love. At first glance, the urgent romance between the main character and the young man seems to be th [...]

    9. This novel was different from any other book I have read. I do not usually grab books that look cool on the cover, bc nine times our of ten they arent that great, but i got this book at a half price book store, and I really liked it. I would have brought it with me to the beach or something, its a great summer read. The main character is Lara and she is not very close to her father and she starts to understand him better, while at the same time meeting new people. I dont want to go any further, [...]

    10. "You, me and Piers, Lulu, Roland, Kip. That's six. Tabsy, will you come along?'Tabsy?I was constantly asking myself as I read this novel why I would care about any of these obnoxious toffs and their obnoxious world. I guess I kept reading because EF does know how to construct a plot. On the other hand, i found the writing itself pretty flat and uninteresting. there were also pages and pages about the palio, almost as if she was trying to write a travelogue - perhaps a way of distracting readers [...]

    11. "Oh, la la la, Italy is so lovely, what a nice boy I've met, although his cohorts are a bit dodgy, uh-oh, I'm raped! Well, I guess it wasn't that baduh-oh, my summer fling might be my half-brother! But it doesn't matter, because we're in looove! Goodie, he's not! The end!"Not as terrible as all that, but the voice of the narrator is distractingly vapid, and has very strange reactions to pretty awful events. Add to that the fact that Esther Freud is, yes, one of the Oedipal Freuds, everytime the [...]

    12. a young girl joins her father on a trip to italy to visit a friend. the girl does not ordinarily live with her father thus this being a opportunity to know hime characters she meets are intersting and different from anyone she has known before. she faslls in love at love falls. there is an event in the book which i wish was left out the wriiting about italy was beautiful.

    13. Estava com um entusiasmo tão grande para ler este livro, que fiquei completamente de rastos quando vi que a história não vale nada.1º - Não sei qual o motivo por que se fala no casamento real de Inglaterra, em 1981, e qual a sua relevância para o desenvolvimento da história;2º - Não consigo perceber o porquê de Lara se apaixonar por Kip, nem tão pouco a razão pela qual surge ao longo da história o 'boato' de poderem ser irmãos, o que leva o leitor a pensar que algo de mau ainda vai [...]

    14. I have followed Esther Freud's writing career almost from the very beginning, mainly because we're the same age and I was curious what a novelist of my generation might have to say. When I first "discovered" her, Freud had only published two novels, Hideous Kinky (1991) and Peerless Flats (1994), of which I read the latter - the former was soon after turned into the eponymous film featuring Kate Winslet, at which point Freud's writing career seemed assured. Of her subsequent novels I greatly adm [...]

    15. I did really enjoy this book, so it´s probably going to be one of hers that I hang on to. She´s great at writing about childhood. In this case it´s about a 17 year old girl. OK, older, but from what happens in the book, you can see that she´s still growing up and in distinctly naive and insecure in certain areas.Lara, our main character, lives with her mum in London (standard hippy mum who brought up child as single parent in hippy places around the world - this is basically the same mother [...]

    16. De achterflap wekte bepaalde verwachtingen op. Intriges, overspel, verboden romances, misdaden, moord, noem maar op. Het blijft echter bij wat geheimzinnig gedoe rond die megalomanistische familie en het is mij nog altijd niet echt duidelijk wie er nu met wie slaapt en wie de zoon of dochter is van wie, maar ik denk dat dat ook geldt voor Lara en aangezien je alles als lezer door haar ogen ziet en beleeft, bleef wat geheim is voor Lara, ook geheim voor mij. ‘Twijfel en angst’ als dusdanig he [...]

    17. I have maybe been a bit tough on this book because I'm not sure it was really directed at my audience age range. I found it very hard to connect with the characters and feel any sympathy for them but I think to some extent that may have been the point of the book. Certainly the family that Lara meets in Italy I don't think are supposed to be particularly likeable and Lara's romance with Kip I think is supposed to demonstrate the naivety of those holiday romances you have when you are young that [...]

    18. La trama ricorda alcuni aspetti della sceneggiatura del film “io ballo da sola”: giovane ragazza inglese in vacanza nelle colline senesi, in una bella villa con vicini aristocratici e anticonformisti. Il suo soggiorno diventa una specie di passaggio di maturazione: si chiarisce il suo rapporto con un padre amato ma distante, si incontra/scontra con le ambiguità e le bassezze del mondo adulto e si innamora. Il tutto avviene nell’estate del 1981 e sullo sfondo c’e’ il matrimonio fra Car [...]

    19. I was expecting a pale shadow of Rumer Godden's unmatchable Battle of the Villa Fiorita and for about the first three-quarters of this book, that is exactly what I got. In fact, I was starting to wonder if Ms. Freud was just repaying some travel debts and writing a bit of a soft blurb for the Siena Chamber of Commerce. And then - somewhere between growing boredom and my habit of making a strong effort to finish every book I start - something clicked. I am not even sure if the click was intention [...]

    20. From what you gather in the blurb, you expect this to be a light-hearted summer read, with perhaps a little smut and drama, but what it really was Well It was an awkward book that had little plot structure. The relationship between Lara and her father was extremely well done and the only aspect of the book that had any real development, but other than that, it just seemed to be random events thrown together with no purpose and no real conclusion. the romance between Kip and Lara was kind of down [...]

    21. Um livro que começa a cativar o leitor a meio da história, mas ainda assim, foi uma boa leitura.Acontecimentos e vidas familiares, que ficam guardadas no passado, alguém que não se conhece mas sabe mais sobre nós do que nós próprios sabemos.Uma descoberta da adolescência para a fase adulta: os problemas familiares, as intenções e segundas intenções das pessoas, a revolta por não se saber defender ou por não saber o que fazer, o amor e a sexualidade.Alguns acontecimentos deveriam te [...]

    22. This book was frustrating because of the point-of-view of the narration. Although it was told in the third person, we only see and know what the heroine observes. It created a feeling of this stupid girl with big eyes who rarely speaks and is staring at everything and everyone rather than engaging in the activities described. I got the feeling that the author was trying to make the story "deep and complex." I just found it irritating. But perhaps that was the point - to witness the motivations a [...]

    23. This is the first book I've read by Esther Freud. She is the great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud! She is also the author of Hideous Kinky, which was made into a movie in the 90's starring Kate Winslet. The story is about a 17 year old girl's coming of age. She is invited to travel to Italy with her aging and emotionally distant father, Lambert. The lush descriptions of the Italian countryside and mouth watering sumptious foods allows the reader to experience a taste of Italy. Ms. Freud crafts a [...]

    24. A coming of age story of 17-year old English girl (Lara) who travels to Italy with her relatively unknown father. She meets the life in the fast lane , well-to-do Wiloboughy clan and the story goes from there. This is fairly quick read. I thought Esther did a beautiful job describing Sienna with wonderful sights, sounds and smells. However, some of the story line seems unsaid. This didn't bother me too much, but I can see where it could be annoying to others. In addition, there are a lot of char [...]

    25. This book was horrible. I liked the beginning then the middle to the end just was bad. I did not like when Lara was raped it went into too much detail and made me uncomfortable. Then sleeping with Kip who is your maybe brother seriously gross. The whole i will sleep with Kip b/c he doesn't know we may be brother and sister, I will just block it out. Horrible. I deceided to finish the book thinking maybe she is pregnant or something with Roland or Kips baby but no she drops her dad off and heads [...]

    26. This book follows the story of Lara who decides to go on a long holiday with her father, a man whom she does not really know to well due to her parents separation. This is basically a holiday romance story which I initially I found quite interesting, however once halfway through it became clear that there was not going to be much of a story. The romance is lukewarm there is a rather random event that takes place in the middle of the story which is almost brushed aside and the ending is rushed. P [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book, especially the theme of the main character, Lara, aged 17, being introduced to a country (Italy) and a social strata she's never really come across before, as well as getting to know her father who's been mainly absent for her life so far. As you'd expect from Esther Feud, it's sensitively written and draws you in, and the heat of an Italian summer pervades the atmosphere. At times, I found some of the characters not quite convincing, as well as Lara's apparent acceptance of [...]

    28. It literally took me half the book to get into it but I guess I'm glad I stuck it out. I'm not sure what was more difficult, the writing or the confusing relationships. It is mostly about this teenager discovering herself and her ability to love. The relationship with her father seems to almost border on inappropriate, but turns out quite functional and almost beautiful in the end. It literally took until the final pages of the book for her to learn some of the lessons I wanted her to get, and e [...]

    29. Really great, super-fast read.I haven't read Freud's other books (although I'm familiar with Hideous Kinky) but after this I'll definitely check out the rest of her catalog (she's the painter Lucien Freud's daughter, and Sigmund Freud's grand-daughter). Her material seems to be thinly veiled auto-biography;stories of her inattentive, workaholic father and her idealistic hippy mother. Love Falls takes place on the rolling hillsides outside Siena, peeking into the lives of the idly rich titled Bri [...]

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