Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend

Best Friends Forever Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend Men jobs children personal crises irreconcilable social gaps these are just a few of the strange and confusing reasons which may cause a female friendship to end No matter the cause the breakup o

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  • Title: Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend
  • Author: Irene S. Levine
  • ISBN: 9781590200407
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Men, jobs, children, personal crises, irreconcilable social gaps these are just a few of the strange and confusing reasons which may cause a female friendship to end No matter the cause, the breakup of a female friendship leaves a woman devastated and asking herself difficult questions Was someone to blame Is the friendship worth fighting for How can I prevent this fMen, jobs, children, personal crises, irreconcilable social gaps these are just a few of the strange and confusing reasons which may cause a female friendship to end No matter the cause, the breakup of a female friendship leaves a woman devastated and asking herself difficult questions Was someone to blame Is the friendship worth fighting for How can I prevent this from ever happening again Even upsetting is that women suffering from broken friendships often have no one to confide in while the loss of a romantic partner garners sympathy among peers, discussing the loss of a platonic friend is often impossible without making other friends jealous or uncomfortable Written by journalist and psychologist Irene Levine, Ph.D Best Friends Forever is an uplifting and heroically honest book for abandoned friends seeking solace Dr Levine draws from the per sonal testimonials of thousands of women to provide anecdotes and groundbreaking solutions to these complicated situations Offering tools for personal assessment, case stories, and actionable advice for saving, ending, or re evaluating a relationship, Levine shows that breakups are sometimes inevitable Although the dissolution of female friendships can be difficult, Best Friends Forever teaches women to stop blaming themselves and probing the wounds, and that the sad experience of a bro ken friendship can make them stronger people, and able to handle their relationships with wisdom.

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    1. Dr. Levine's book is a treasure. The author truly understands the depth and meaning of female friendship. Her book validates and normalizes the feelings of confusion, disappointment, shame, anger, pain and loss when a female friendship ends, especially without explanation.I have read other books on this subject which trivialize and stereotype female friendships, summing up endings as just a feeling of puzzlement when a shopping companion finds another gal pal with whom to browse the mall. This i [...]

    2. I thought that this book was rather helpful in addressing some of the nitty gritty details in a friendship without getting too personal. Her choice of words are pretty good.However, as things should be, some parts of the book made me sad. It's like a low mood thingy, but of course it should. It's speaking of toxic friendships and all it shouldn't induce euphoric feelings, right?And there's the part about friendship audit. I sorta skimmed over it because I dont do that check and balance thing bel [...]

    3. I'm not going trough a bff breakup (thank goodness!) but I've definitely lost some friends along the way, whether because of moving or something else. Even if you're not going through a close friend breakup this is a very helpful book. It really made me want to be a better friend and encouraged me to reach out to those friends who for one reason or another Aren't as close as they used to be. I LOVE reading about female friendship and yup, this one definitely has motivated me to be a better frien [...]

    4. So I read this little book in 2 days, which is fast for me. I thought it was fascinating and fabulous! I'm not certain that every woman needs to read it, but it was very helpful to me right now.The author talks a lot about how everyone thinks that friendships, and especially really tight, close friendships, should last forever, should be totally static. Although the exact opposite is in fact true. Most friendships are very fluid and dynamic and not only change a lot over time, but routinely diss [...]

    5. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I know the author!)As the year winds down and we make lists (of course checking them twice), don't we also think about our friends in a slightly different light: is this a gift friend? a card friend? an invite over for eggnog friend? can I ignore them this year? and a multitude of other variations. Or am I the only one? The reality is, many of us are, or have been, friends in unequal relationships that we still include under the rubric BFF. Then, when it goes south, we feel res [...]

    6. Another one of those subjects no one talks about. Is it wrong to want to let go of a friendship? How do you know you're in a toxic one? How do you relieve yourself and the other person of toxicity without being an asshole?Irene Levine doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she surveyed vast amounts of women from all age and social groups and found some common themes. She assesses the female need for intimate relationships that are not romantic, helps you to identify whether a relationship is [...]

    7. I read a newspaper article that referred to this book, and so I decided to pick it up. Female friendship and the concept of female friendship has always fascinated me. This book is a little obvious and a little self-helpy, but it's written by a psychologist and she conducted her research by surveying 1,500 women and finding out about their friend break ups. I shook my head a couple of times because some of the information was really obvious, but at the same time, sometimes it's good to have obvi [...]

    8. As a 39-year-old woman with friends from various facets of my life, including different cities I've lived in, I have been pondering friendships as of late. Some friends I met only last year while others date back to grade school. What are the qualities of a good friend? Why do some friendships last while others fail? How can you remain in touch despite geographic and lifestyle barriers? Irene's book helped me learn that it's okay when a friend slips out of my life. This is -- to put it simply -- [...]

    9. Most of it was fairly simplistic. There was a good list of ways to identify a toxic friendship that comprised one page out of the 200+ here. I was hoping for more help in dealing with extracting myself from a toxic friendship. And there was a decent reminder of things that you need to do in order to be a good friend, and ways that you can look at friendship that might allow you to find new friends in different, unexpected places. Mostly, however, it seemed like it was pandering to the broken-hea [...]

    10. This was a good read -- while I haven't broken up with my BFF(s) and have no intention of doing so, it was quite interesting to read about the dynamics of female friendships, bffs, frenemies, toxic friendships and friendship drift, along with many good suggestions for doing friendship inventories and encouragement to put as much work into quality friendships as one would into one's romantic relationships. There's a lot of sound wisdom in this book and I'd recommend it to all of my girlfriends in [...]

    11. Two things I realized while reading this book. 1) I miss having a girl BFF--I haven't had one since a particularly bad "breakup" in college. Haven't really trusted a woman since. 2) My ex-boyfriend is such a girl. He had about 9/10 of the "girl behaviors" of friendship breakups in this book! Too funny. I knew there was a reason I'd never marry that man ;) I'm sure I'll post about it on Library Gremlin in detail.

    12. Somewhat helpful to know others have gone through similar painful experiences -- I'm not crazy or overreacting!

    13. I read this as part of a group meeting/discussion on shame and relationships. I found it overly simplistic, and the "insights" it draws seemed really obvious to me. Like everyone, I have lost some "best forever" friends, but this gave me no new insight or self-discovery that I hadn't already found. Overall the whole thing mostly made me feel sad and gross. (Some of the stories and examples were heart-wrenching and full of emotion; I wouldn't mind just reading a personal account from the people i [...]

    14. This book was used as reference material for parts of Rachel Bertsche MWF seeking BFF and where Rachel’s book is one woman’s story about establishing friends, Irene S. Levin's book is a psychologist’s thoughtful look at 1500 women’s stories about communication and friendship breakdowns. Levine mixes research and true stories to create a clearer picture of what is normal about modern friendships and truths about breaking up and being broken up with. She doesn't sidestep the tough issues a [...]

    15. Did not meet my expectations. This is a very basic account of friendships and why they fall apart. Though Levine collected stories from many women for this book, none of the gained "insights" seem anything but obvious. The most interesting part is the description of real-life friendships. I'll save you the $10 and give you the takeaway right here: female friendships are never meant to last forever. The ones that do are anomalies. So stop obsessing about why you're splitting with your BFF and sta [...]

    16. Needs a copy editor. I liked the personal stories much more than the advice part. However, it was helpful in processing the loss of a friend associated with a clique and my aversion to being in a clique. Realized it wouldn't have bothered me so much if she did not live on my block. The book abounds with tales of such awkwardness. It helped me sort out some thoughts re real vs situational friends with lack of shared values. I am blessed to have two "best friends" whose love has come through years [...]

    17. Some interesting statistics. On average women see their social friends every 3.5 days while men see their social friends every 5 days, but both sexes see their close friends once every eight weeks, only six times a year. Men typically have 20% more friends than women, and their friendships are marginally longer lasting, but men tend to have fewer close friends. Based, it appears, on a survey of 10,000 Brits in 2003.Some interesting thoughts about dynamics in friendships, though on the whole fair [...]

    18. A lot of real-life anecdotes cover a wide range of Stuff That Happened, but we never get to know any of the anonymized characters in-depth. Most of the stories had to do with drifting apart, not sharing each other's values, and garden-variety social offenses. The more gripping, knotty stories included the young twenty-something who skipped her friend's father's funeral even though all the other mutual friends attended, and the car accident victim who was willing to forgive the driver while the d [...]

    19. This book was excellent and just what I was needing. It talks about the grief that women experience when their close friendships end, and elaborates on the different reasons that friendships can end. I felt for the first time like there really were people who understood what I was feeling, and I appreciated the advice that the author (a therapist) gave on either ending or trying to mend a relationship.

    20. Revelations abounded while making my way through this book. Definitely recommend. Fabulous insights as to how we approach all relationships, not just friendships and not just female friendships. This definitely helped me through a rough patch, but it also helped me understand some other life situations and how to work on resolving them.

    21. I read this book twice, once 10 months ago when I was not sure if my BFF was on the same wavelength as me anymore and just now when I knew for sure we were not. Very helpful the second time around, it helped me clarify the niggles I had in my mind about the health of the relationship and how to heal and move forward.

    22. The only other book I've read on this subject matter was "The Friend That Got Away" which was an excellent collection of essays, but not as instructive, helpful and comforting as this book. It assured me that female friendship has seasons and unfortunately, they do often expire. However, it still remained positive and encouraging about the benefits of having girlfriends.

    23. This was a great age. I'm at a point in life that comes with a lot of friendship transition. This book was a helpful reminder that I'm not alone and gave strategies to navigate through it. Very quick read. Although this book is written with the audience of women, it could be a great read for many men.

    24. This was a really helpful book, even after a year after my friendship breakup. I learned some things about myself and about friendships I hold currently and in the past as well. I'd recommend this to any woman as we all have friendship breakups at one time or any other in our lives.

    25. Not a book I normally would have chosen to read, but due to a breakup with my best friend last August I was searching for something. This book had a lot of interesting information, and several things that have helped me to come to grips with the loss.

    26. The book's main point is that friendships don't last forever and has sections devoted on how to navigate the changing nature of women's friendships. The parts I found useful were how to keep and maintain your friendships and ways to reconnect with people you used to be friends with.

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