Heaven: Stadt der Feen

Heaven Stadt der Feen Feenblut flie t in den Adern von Heaven Aber bisher wei das M dchen noch nichts von ihrer besonderen Abstammung Als die Jagd auf sie beginnt ist Heaven ist ganz auf sich gestellt David dagegen findet

  • Title: Heaven: Stadt der Feen
  • Author: Christoph Marzi
  • ISBN: 9783401063829
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Feenblut flie t in den Adern von Heaven Aber bisher wei das M dchen noch nichts von ihrer besonderen Abstammung Als die Jagd auf sie beginnt, ist Heaven ist ganz auf sich gestellt David dagegen findet sein Leben ziemlich normal Gut, seine Ex hat ihn gerade verlassen, aber kein Grund f r ein Hollywood Drama Doch dann trifft er hoch auf den D chern Londons Heaven UndFeenblut flie t in den Adern von Heaven Aber bisher wei das M dchen noch nichts von ihrer besonderen Abstammung Als die Jagd auf sie beginnt, ist Heaven ist ganz auf sich gestellt David dagegen findet sein Leben ziemlich normal Gut, seine Ex hat ihn gerade verlassen, aber kein Grund f r ein Hollywood Drama Doch dann trifft er hoch auf den D chern Londons Heaven Und Davids Leben ndert sich f r immer.

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    1. 3.5 stars.The night that Heaven lost her heart was cold and moonless. But the blade that sliced it out was warm with her dark blood. Forlorn, bewildered and throbbing fearfully, the heart was mirrored in the curved, silvery knife.Heaven by Cristoph Marzi is a very unusual and refreshing modern day fairy tale. It was originally published in German in 2009, then translated to English and published by Orchard Books in 2012. If there’s one thing I love about Orchard, it’s that they’re not afra [...]

    2. Inhalt: London – das ist seine Stadt. Über den Dächern von London – dort hat David sein zweites Zuhause gefunden. Hier oben kann er den Schatten der Vergangenheit entfliehen. Bis er eines Tages auf ein Mädchen trifft, das alles auf den Kopf stellt, woran er bisher geglaubt hat. Ihr Name ist Heaven. Sie ist wunderschön. Und sie behauptet, kein Herz mehr zu haben. Ehe David begreifen kann, woraus er sich einlässt, sind sie gemeinsam auf der Flucht. Und sie werden nur überleben, wenn sie [...]

    3. Imagine you're for some reason climbing on a roof in the middle of the night when you stumble over a panicked teenage girl. She tells you someone attacked her and cut out her heart, though she's still alive (obviously). This is what happens to David, and guess what he does? He accepts it, because he has afeeling*facepalm*. I don't know if I should feel sorry for David or not, because he's obviously too dumb for his own good. Had a stranger tried to convince me their heart was missing, in the mid [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book.It is a charming fairy story that revolves around our protagonists David and Heaven.Heaven is found on the rooftops of London by David, crying because her heart has been stolen. They are on a quest to escape from the thieves and retrieve her heart at the same time. Their relationship, although develops quickly also develops realistically I thought. Especially when it came to each others reactions initially to such a strange and dreamlike situation. They each have their [...]

    5. I've been running around this book for weeks. Always reading in the back and never buying it. So yesterday I decided I wanted to get it and it wasn't in the bookstore. It was supposed to be there, but the guy in the store didn't find it, so he ordered it. Today I went there to pick it up and was told that it wasn't in the boxes that were delivered today, but that I should ask the nice man in the fantasy section, maybe he could find one of the two missing ones for me. Instead my uncles wifes sist [...]

    6. This was completely OUT THERE.What do I mean by that? WELL, it's just, gobsmacking. It's nothing like I've ever read before. The idea, plot, STORY was one of a kind, unique in the fact that the concept is so original. I enjoyed this it was new, unpredictable and FRESH. I loved and I mean LOVED the ending. The ending the crucial part of a story for me. The book can be amazing but if the ending doesn't meet my exoectations the book may as well be terrible.I had one big cheesy monster grin on my fa [...]

    7. I really wanted to like this book. It reminded me a little of Stardust by Neil Gaiman, plus my hardback copy has a really beautiful cover with silver detailing. Somehow it left me disappointed, though. Maybe it's because I didn't really warm to the central characters, David and Heaven. David is wandering around on rooftops when he stumbles upon Heaven, a girl who was attacked while stargazing on the roof. She says she’s had her heart cut out, but she’s clearly still alive… and the pair set [...]

    8. I wish this photo of the cover did it a bit more justice because it's odd and strangely beautiful, which perfectly sums up the story it enfolds.Obviously the premise is really unusual, paranormal without any kind of power struggle or super powers per se. Fantasy, but not really. Romance, but not in the stereotypical YA way. Instead this story reads a bit like a modern fairy tale, poetic, both scary and full of unpleasantness but ultimately a beautiful tale that feels like someone is reading it t [...]

    9. Christoph Marzi. *seufz* Meine Beziehung zu diesem Autor ist kompliziert. Als Teenager habe ich seine vierteilige Reihe „Die Uralte Metropole“ gelesen und von Herzen geliebt. So sehr, dass ich sie sogar mehrfach gelesen habe. Bis heute gehören die Romane zu meinen All-Time-Favorites. Leider konnte Marzi danach meiner Meinung weder mit dem Zweiteiler „Fabula“ noch mit dem Einzelband Grimm an seine eigene Brillanz anknüpfen. Dreimal hat er mich nach „Die Uralte Metropole“ enttäuscht [...]

    10. Ich habe dieses Buch doch noch (endlich!) beendet. Ich musste mich förmlich zwingen weiter zu lesen. Dennoch hat das Buch einige gute Ansätze. Die Grundidee gefällt mir ganz gut, aber die Beziehung zwischen den Beiden geht viiiiiel zu schnell voran, denn die Geschichte (Epilog nicht mitgezählt) spielt in 3 oder 4 Tagen und sie lieben sich schon? Und da kann mir niemand was von der Liebe auf den ersten Blick oder der tiefen Verbundenheit erzählen. Die Buchhandlung 'The Owl and the Pussycat' [...]

    11. This was such a thrilling story that sucks the reader into a whirlwind of mystery and fantasy that leaves you feeling for your own heartbeat. The adventure starts with page one, where the protaganist, David, discovers Heaven on the rooftops in London after she's just been attacked and had her heart cut out. From there, its a chaotic race to find the answers to what Heaven is and elude the two men who are out to finish the job. There are ghosts, hybrid creatures, whimsical fairy tales and a bloss [...]

    12. Sometimes one comes across books by happenstance.I spotted Christoph Marzi's Memory in Hachette Australia's teen newsletter. Liked the cover, liked the summary, and decided to look up the author. My consortium of libraries only had Heaven, a stand-alone.It's that very odd kind of novel, with a concept I wasn't sure I'd like, but it completely won me over. Christoph Marzi is the missing link between J. K. Rowling and Holly Black, and Heaven is truly an urban fairy tale. From the rooftops of Kensi [...]

    13. This book was ok. For me there was a lot of description and not enough action.The action was over as quick as it started.And the ending really annoyed me, for me it was a cop out. the lines of "and it was all a dream" or "an then they died"The last 2 chapters sort of made the rest of the book a complete waste of time as it told you everything you needed to know and resolved the story. It left me asking a lot of questions like "what was the point of?" "why didn’t he do this instead of that" etc [...]

    14. Das SuB-ABC: A – Bücher angefangen, beiseitegelegt und nie beendet, lies ein anfangendes Buch nun zu Ende.Ja. Hm. Ich will nicht sagen, dass es ein schlechtes Buch ist. Ich sage nur, dass es weniger lustlose Bücher gibt, die nicht voller Plotholes und Mary-Sues sind. Das Buch ist okay, nur nichts besonderes.

    15. Like this review? I have more! Visit & follow me at Pen to PaperI am currently holding a giveaway of this book, which is running internationally until February 20th 2012.___________________________________________I was really looking forward to reading this one, and it definitely didn't disappoint me. The novel eases you in gently and so subtly, that by the time the plot begins to get a little stranger, and darker things begin to unfold, you are already accustomed to the oddity of it all, wi [...]

    16. Vor 20 Jahren verschwand ein Stück Himmel über den Straßen Londons. Wo Sterne sein sollten ist heute nichts, und die Welt steht vor einem Rätsel.Als David, ein junger Ausreißer, der ein neues Zuhause als Botenjunge in einem Buchladen gefunden hat, eines Tages über den Dächern von London über die 17jährige, mysteriöse Freema Mirrlees, genannt Heaven, stolpert, sollte dies sein Leben für immer verändern.Heaven ist ein ungewöhnliches Mädchen, reich, schön und herzlos, im wörtlichen [...]

    17. Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsYou know when you've read something entirely different from what you always read and you can barely sort things out in your head because it's so unique? That's how I feel about Heaven.Heaven's heart got stolen, literally. That one night she was up the roof, admiring the night sky and the stars, solving the puzzle that has turned into a mini obsession for the last few years, she bumped into David Pettyfer, courier of hard to find, obscure books. He didn't believe h [...]

    18. Der 17-jährige David führt ein eher unstetes Leben. Über den Dächern von London fühlt er sich Zuhause, dort ist er frei, dort kann er ohne Zwang sein. Um sein Leben zu finanzieren, liefert er seltene Bücher aus. Bei einer solchen Lieferung zieht es ihn wieder unweigerlich auf eines von Londons Dächer und dort trifft er sie: Heaven. Das Mädchen, das vor zwei Gestalten flüchtet und das behauptet, man habe ihm das Herz gestohlen.David ist fasziniert von diesem Mädchen, doch glaubt er ihr [...]

    19. I was really afraid to read this book mostly because I love the author and thought the setting (contemporary London, complete with rooftops and fairies!) incredibly fascinating, and was afraid the book wouldn't be able to live up to my expectations. I'm pleased to report that all my fears have been laid to rest :). I adored the writing (well, naturally ;) ), I felt like having a real connection with the two main characters (even sharing my birthday with Heaven herself <3), and thought the co [...]

    20. Can I just say that Heaven was one of the weirdest yet interesting books I've read. Don't get me wrong. I say weird in the nicest way possible seeing as I have I really enjoyed reading Heaven. It was a fascinating read!Let's elaborate on the 'weird' shall I? It'll probably be a tinsy winsy bit spoilery but it's only after reading this will I believe you'll really want to just get into it. So this is how it goes, exactly. It's the beginning of the story and there's this guy that's a Hunter. What [...]

    21. Firstly I have to say this book has more Doctor Who references in it then any other book I have read. David is using his preferred mode of travel across the rooftops of London when he literary stumbles across a beautiful girl named Heaven. Heaven informs him that she has just had her heart removed by two bad men. David of course doesn't believe her but takes her to the hospital because she seems unwell and that she does better in the cold then the warmth. It is at the hospital that David realise [...]

    22. It's an ok book, really, but I was a bit disappointed. I had thought it was a kind of Gaiman-esque novel, but it wasn't. The book has a sort of forced and stilted feel to it. It seems like Marzi is trying too hard to do something he can't quite manage. And there were way too many similies. WAY too many. At one point I counted five weird similies that made no sense at all, in the space of a page. It might have something to do with the translation, but I doubt it. They were seriously distracting.T [...]

    23. I'm just really conflicted about how I feel about it. The writing and dialogue was really clunky, especially at the start in the character introductions and extra especially in the epilogue which was, I think, a fairly unnecessary contribution to the story. But also, the clunkiness could just as easily be an issue in translation as it could be a writer's flaw. But conceptually I really liked where it was going. It follows the YA Urban Fantasy formula to the letter, but the premise was honestly r [...]

    24. Christop Marzi har skrevet en bok full av henvisninger til andre bøker og til sanger. I tillegg minner boken meg om Neil Gaimans Stjernestøv. Heaven, hovedpersonen i boken, har en bit av himmelen i seg. Og den biten er det noen som gjerne vil ha.Hele min omtale finner du på bloggen min Betraktninger

    25. Not a happy camper. I'm feeling unsatisfied after reading this novel. It left too many gaps and the antagonist was just meh. I even feel sorry for the guy who was working for him, because he was doing all- what I have christened- the 'evil carrying'. There was a lot of potential for me while I was reading this, but the delivery was just too tame for the chilling storyline I had imagined for it.

    26. Adventurous PoetryI recommend reading this book, not just for the mystery or the adventure, but for the meaning of it all! This book is for pretty much any type of reader. I am sure you will not be disappointed. 🌃

    27. Interesting , different and kinda gripping story. For sure I didn't read something like this before. Light read . Really enjoyed this book.

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